Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Skam Druck - 3x03 (4/6) ENG SUB

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Wednesday, 12:43

- Hey! - Hey.

Hey, could you quickly hold the books, here below...

Friday is the last day of school.

- Yeah, awesome, right? - Yeah.

Really awesome!

We wanted to ask whether we could have a small party at your flatshare?

Since it didnt work out that well last week.

Actually not, no.

Why not?

Because... I have roommates. They need their peace.

Huh? But Hans is totally up for graduates.

Yeah, but Linn is working a lot right now, so...

As if you knew what Linn is working...

- Hey. Is it about the party? - Yes.

Cool, dude, last time there was a sick turn-up.

So, were celebrating at your place.

Yeah, okay.

Everyone: Cool!

- Thats gonna be really great, believe me. - I think so too.

Okay! Cool, see you Friday then!




What`s up?

What`s up, everything okay?

I really got into trouble with my roommate, because of the kitchen.

It was cool with you.

I was just... so, apparently Im hosting a party on Friday and...

and if you want, youre welcome to come too.

I`ll see. Thank you.

Cool, then... maybe see you Friday.

Yeah, yes. See you around.

BGM: 21 Savage - Dead people

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