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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Visual Vocabulary - To Miss the Boat - English Vocabulary - Speak English Fluently and Naturally

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Todays expression isto miss the boat.”

This is a very common idiom meaning to miss your chance to do something either you want

to do, or are strongly suggested to do.

Imagine youre in your home packing your suitcase for a 7 day cruise youve really

been looking forward to.

But when you look at your watch, you notice the ship is leaving in one hour.

You immediately race to the dock to get on board, but by the time you arrive, the ship

has already left, and youre left standing at the edge of the dock watching the ship

disappear in the distance.

Like missing an actual ship, any opportunity you can no longer take advantage of is an

example ofmissing the boat.”

to miss the boat

to miss the boat

To miss the boatis a phrase you can use in both professional and casual situations:

A: We need to move fast to close the deal.

B: Good thinking!

We dont want to miss the boat on this one!

A: I hope I didnt miss the boat.

Is there still time to buy a lottery ticket?

B: Sure.

Heres the last one.

A: I wanted to book a room at my favorite hotel, but it looks like I missed the boat.

B: Thats OK.

Youll find another room.

A: My son waited too long to purchase that stock before it exploded up and made a bunch

of people a lot of money.

B: Sorry to hear he missed the boat.

Im sure another chance will be coming soon, though.

Well, thats the end of this lesson.

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