Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Samenvatting Ferguut (De Alphaman)

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The Alphaman presents:

Once Ferguut is ploughing the land but suddenly sees king Artur's knights appear.

he farmer boy wants to abandon his farmers' life and decides to run for knight.

At court he asks for Artur's permission.

Kai, the seneschal, mocks Ferguut and says that a real knight travels to the widely feared Black Rock,

to fetch a shiny cup and a headscarf for King Artur.

Ferguut is mad, but stays the night with the chamberlain of the king.

There he receives some knightly advices, weaponry and a nightly visit by the beautiful virgin Galine.

She is quite in love with Ferguut, and says her heart has been stolen by him.

Ferguut takes this a little too literally and answers he ain't no thief.

Pissed off Galine leaves for her other castle, Rikenstene.

Ferguut now travels to the Black Rock and defeats the black knight.

The loser has to bring the cup and headscarf to King Artur and should greet everyone except for Kai.

When Ferguut returns with the chamberlain he hears that Galine has left.

He immediately departs to find his loved back.

On his way Ferguut defeats a knight with a dwarf and some highwaymen.

He also gets the advice to first find the White Shield.

Ferguut now fights a couple of pirates and some giants at a castle

containing two beautiful damsels and a super-horse.

Ferguut there hears Galine is being besieged by a evil king, whereupon he dislodges the evil king.

King Artur holds a tournament, so that the best knight receives the hand of Galine.

Ferguut gets this message through another dwarf,

defeats everybody, marries his beloved and is crowned king of Rikenstene.

The End.

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