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"It was the best buy I've ever made."

Now, we all know boys love their toys, but this man has taken his love for his toy to

a different level.

Yeah, the owner of this 1966 Volvo has clocked up three million miles to claim a place in

the Guinness Book of World Records.

"When I first bought the car in 1966, I remembered I was just hoping to have an automobile that

would get me to and from work everyday without constantly breaking down, like the last two

GM cars that I had purchased. I was very happy when I figured hmm... I finally got a quality

car that's going to be reliable and dependable. Well, I'm still driving it today, so obviously

it's been reliable and dependable."

Retired teacher Irving Gordon from New York bought the car 47 years ago and has been driving

it ever since.

"The day I first bought the car, uh, I picked it up on a Friday night and started driving

around town, showing it off to all of my friends at local pubs and wherever else and uh just

kept expanding my ride and before I knew it, I was in New Jersey, up in Connecticut, went

back to my college in Massachusetts, um by the time I'd got through, I'd put 1,500 miles

on it. I'd been driving all weekend and that was the beginning."

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