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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 手機什麼時候變成我們的好朋友了?

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I think the world's gone mad heartless

people ask me where I get my humor from

man and I say I just get it from

everyday things you know like friends

people come we talk and funny things



but the more I live I realized the world

has changed I used to think it was

romantic and full of like this other day

I met it with a friend who might haven't

seen for long

we had you know we went out to have

lunch you would think we would have a

nice chance everything just to catch up

but no none of that

first thing he says to me is is there

Wi-Fi here it's like what the it's

like we haven't seen in years and the

first thing you say to me is just your

Wi-Fi here what are you here for the

Wi-Fi or me so we both sat down but we

really didn't talk about anything it's

more like to scatter chat and then back

to their phones chatting on the phones

to people whom they never get to see or

talk to but you look around and

everyone's like it's like I'm right next

to you

a real friend whom you haven't seen for

a long time in all you do is play with

your phone playing with your phones

logging onto your facebook WeChat

moments and when the food's here he

doesn't eat it what does he do taking

out his phone and taking pictures

posting it on their way balls on their

Facebook's and on their moments and then

on their moment someone would say oh

that looks good where can I eat this and

then my friend comment and say oh you

want one it's good I'll take you there

next time why can't you have the

conversation with me right next why

would you say those things to someone

whom you never get to see or talk to the

most messed up thing is we're only here

for like an hour and a half just having

lunch together with with a real friend

that you haven't seen for a long time

you would think we should have a

heartfelt talk but no none of that he

said to me oh hey you got older or what

life's been tough on you Oh any good

movies lately

and then back to their phones but the

things that he's typing

I feel empty what to do you say those

things to people that you barely know

but to read your like old you got old

life been tough on you heartless I think

this is what the world has become cold

it's like what happened to real human

interactions we totally forgot what real

human interactions are that's sad and

because the world has become so

heartless and we see what's going on

around the world we can't explain it

we can't analyze it I think this cold

heartless world has invested into

people's senses that they don't even

know it

scary we asked how we voted a guy like

Donald Trump how we have so much racial

issues why we have so much hatred and

jealousy it's a contradiction world how

do we change it but I think we can do

something about it start putting down

your goddamn phones and start talking to

people who you really should talk to

whom you should care about or else I

don't even know what's going to happen

in 10 years can't imagine

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