Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best Cocktails served at West Hollywood's La Fête

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- I think the frappe is, I think that's the best one.

I think that's the most fun, you know.

It's kinda like an absinthe tiki drink.

It's very much an absinthe tiki drink.

I didn't intend it to be,

but it just kinda ended up that way.

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I like, you know, personally, I like more simple things.

I like, I put on a drink that's not even mine.

The Tuxedo is a classic cocktail so,

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It's always been one of my favorite Martini variations

where it's just gin, vermouth, a touch of maraschino,

a touch of absinthe, a touch of orange bitters,

so, I really love that one.

I got to pick...

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you know, using Sipsmiths,

VJOP, which is one of my favorite gins,

very heavy in juniper.

La Puente Nine, Vermouth in that, so you know...

I think the Vermouth Julep is really unique, you know.

There's a Julep cocktail that's like

a dry Vermouth cocktail with raspberry,

and I think, that's fun for me to make that.

I don't think you see that kind of thing too often, so...

My name is David Kupchinsky and this is La Fête,

and you should come have a drink with us sometime.

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