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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 Catfish Couples Who Actually Ended Up Together | MTV Ranked

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- Well, why don't we just let them now just chat?

Why don't you guys sit down, catch up?

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

- Thank you, guys.

- I can't believe it!

It was him!

This feels like a love story.

- [Max] This does feel like a love story.

- [Nev] Now it's all up to Zak.

You all right?

- Yeah, I'm just freaking out.

Oh my God.

- We should probably keep moving.

- Okay, I'm sorry.

- It's okay, you got this.

- [Leuh] Hey.

- What's up?

(dramatic music)

- Hey, man. - What's going on?

- How you doing? - Good.

- Good to meet you, Nev.

- Justin.

- All right.

- Max. - Justin.

Nice to meet you. - All right.

- Sorry to sort of sneak up on you.

We spoke to Todd.

He said you guys were out here surfing,

so we just thought we'd give it a shot.

- I mean, this is a little overwhelming.

I'm sure I got a little bit of explaining to you guys

and obviously to her. - Not to us.

- Well, I mean, you know. - Yeah.

- Is there a reason you didn't wanna meet up with us?

- It's just, I didn't wanna do the show.

Like, I've seen the show.

I know how people tend to look on the show.

I was looking out for what I thought was our best interest

by not doing it, and you decided differently.

- Yeah, but I've tried meeting up

with you twice before this, so.

- I know that I mean.

- I tried to give you a fair chance.

- I know.

I mean like when she came out here,

I was in a relationship.

- [Leuh] Wow.

- We live on opposite ends of the country, you know.

I had a real life in-person relationship going on

and I have to still live my life.

I wasn't gonna go behind that girl's back either you know.

- Well yeah, I mean there was like a plan.

She tells you she wants to come out here

and look at schools and visit you.

And you were very encouraging of that.

And like yes, this will be great, we'll hang out.

If you knew at the time that you were in a relationship

like that's kind of messed up.

Because you know, you kind of put yourself

and her in that situation. - Right.

No, I mean I understand it's just,

timing wasn't the best.

And you know when she was in Vegas,

my car wouldn't make it.

Like these are like actual reasons.

I'm not you know bull (audio beeps) you guys.

I'm telling her (audio beeps) and I told you that.

I'm not trying to do that.

- She was under the impression

that you were also single right now.

And she's single right now.

- Are you single?

- I'm not dating anyone right now.

I mean that's not,

I'm sure you guys assume that as well.

But that's not the case.

- Then why did you not want to meet up with me at all?

- I was nervous like--

- I'm nervous. - I know.

I know, I mean this is you know.

This is like a big deal, you know.

Like I'm a very private person when it comes to that.

(reflective music)

- Hi.

- [Hosts] Hey!

- How are ya? - I'm good, how are you?

- You look very nice. - Yeah, you look beautiful.

- Yeah.

- Okay, let's cut the chit chats.

What's going on with you and Justin?

- So everything worked out really well.

He's actually made an effort to like

video chat with me and just call me more and stuff, so.

- That's awesome, yeah.

Is Justin your boyfriend?

- He hasn't asked the question but I'm moving there

in less than a month.

- Wait, really, what?

- Are you serious?

- Yeah.

I got my one way ticket to California.

- Oh my God, that's so cool.

- He'll be my boyfriend soon, I swear.

I got it in the bag. (laughs)

- (laughs) Oh okay.

- Hey yeah, I think it's cool, you're going for it.

- Thank you guys so much for helping me meet him.

- That's what we're here for.

- Bye.

- Okay, bye.

(video chat notification beeps)

- [Hosts] Yo!

- Hey.

- Just had a nice chat with Leuh.

We here she's moving out.

- Yeah, it's pretty exciting.

- I mean you know she's like moving

to California to be with you.

- Yeah, I'm pretty jazzed about it, I'm not gonna lie.

- You promise you're not gonna mysteriously disappear

when she gets to California?

- I promise you guys, I will be there.

You guys have my word.

I'll pick her up and uh,

you know you'll get an invitation to the wedding.

Don't worry.

- [Hosts] All right.

- You guys would be the first Catfish wedding.

We're always hoping for it.

- It wouldn't happen without you guys.

I really, I really appreciate this.

- All right man.

Bye. - See ya.

(dramatic music)

- [Nev] Oh, wait a minute.

Oh, what? - Hey.

(dramatic music)

- [Nev] It's you, it's actually you.

Well come on in.

We didn't know if you made it or not.

- I landed and then I had the address so I just kind of--

- You just jumped in a cab?

- [Garrett] Yeah.

- Look at that.

Well, Max, Nev, Zak.

- Hi.

- We were concerned 'cause we hadn't necessarily

heard that you landed.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, you're here.

- Okay. (laughs)

- [Max] So what's the deal?

- Yeah, you seem exactly as you promised.

We're confused.

- [Max] Why didn't you Facetime him?

There's the whole mystery.

- There's a lot that goes into that.

This guy I was really into, lived in Georgia.

We did sort of an online long distance relationship.

We were together for about almost two years.

I flew him back to Wichita.

He stayed with me, everything was cool.

And then, he gets a call at three in the morning,

basically from this guy he was dating.

And I kind of flipped out.

- So your ex-boyfriend had fallen in love with someone.

- Yeah. - In Georgia.

What was up with this whole thing with him

hacking your profile?

- He got really angry.

And then basically hacked my Facebook account.

So I'm kind of hesitant

to the whole long distance online relationship.

- Sure but the whole shroud of mystery

and the double profile and not telling him

about your other profile.

- The other profile's sort of irrelevant.

The Gary one. - Right.

- That's how my family and close friends use to address me.

I made that profile as something I could use

to hide this part of my life from my family.

- [Nev] So you created a second more generic,

friends and family page. - Yeah.

- Just like Zak.

- So-- You guys. (laughs)

- I grew up in a very small Catholic town.

- What were so worried that Zak would be disappointed about?

- I just kind of felt that I didn't want to let you down.

That's why I didn't exactly show myself

the whole Facetime thing,

'cause I was so like trying to keep my guard up.

And I was kind of hesitant because you also

had two Facebook profiles.

- We spoke to Katy.

- My best friend. - Your best best friend?

- Have you ever told her about Zak?

- We talked briefly about him.

- So when we talked to her yesterday,

why did she say she didn't know anything about me?

- Because she doesn't really know anything about you.

She knows your name, she knows what you look like.

- She was cautious not to sort of--

- Yes.

She texted me afterwards and she was like hey,

so this just happened.

- I was like vague but honest.

I was like okay.

- Why did you take your Facebook account

and Instagram account down yesterday?

- I got the call and I was terrified.

And I freaked out.

- So hold on a second.

So there's big-- - Yeah what's the big deal?

- Crazy thing that you've been hiding?

- It's basically I just didn't want to be venerable

to another person.

Falling for someone online and being venerable to them.

Kind of, it's kind of nerve racking.

- I offered to come to Kansas to see you.

So why didn't you want me to come see you?

- Basically when I first came out,

my family told me to lie.

They told me to keep everything to myself.

Tell nobody.

And basically be like their straight son.

So I was terrified for our first time to meet

to be where they are at.

I wanted to meet you first

before I start telling my family,

there's this great guy that I met.

That I'm super into and--

- Is that true?

- Yes.

- That you're into him? - That you met a great guy.

And you're super into him?

- Yes.

- Okay.

Just making sure.

(reflective music)

Zak, how do you feel right now?

You've been very quiet.

- I'm kind of shocked that you turned out to be

who you said you were gonna be.

We probably have a lot to catch up on.

- Yeah, there's a lot we should probably talk about.

- Well why don't we just let them now--

- Yeah. - Just chat.

Why don't you guys sit down.

And catch up,

let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

- Thank you guys.

- I can't believe it.

It was him.

This feels like a love story.

- [Max] This does feel like a love story.

Now it's all up to Zak.

(video chat notification beeps)

- [Guys] Hey!

- Oh my God, they're together!

- Where are you guys?

- Delaware.

- Amazing.

- Yeah, he actually bought a plane ticket

to come see me after the filming

because we didn't get to spend enough time together.

- How do you like Delaware Garrett?

- It's ridiculously cold.

- Oh yeah.

- I mean this is great.

- Like are you guys in love with each other?

- Would you?

No, you can't ask that.

- Well if they are, they are, I mean.

- Well they don't know.

Do you guys know?

- I mean I tell him all the time I love him.

- Oh okay, well there you go, it's serious.

Oh that's sweet.

- There's nothing like it. - Yeah, look at these two.

- We are perfect for each other, I guess.

- [Nev] Little love birds, they're so happy.

- Aww. - Yeah.


- So what's going on in your head right now?

Are you really considering moving?

- I mean well eventually.

I mean I gotta sell the house first.

- Incredible.

- All right guys, well thank you both

for being strong and confident.

And showing your love for each other.

It's a beautiful thing to see so we really appreciate it.

Glad to have been a part of this love connection.

And best of luck.

- Thanks guys.

- Yeah, thank you.

(Lauren whispering faintly)

- Oh my God, it's really gonna be Derek.

Derek, come on.

Oh my God.

I can't turn around.

Oh my God.

I can't turn around.

Oh my God!

Oh! - You're shaking so much.

- I couldn't even turn around.

Wait are you real?

- I'm real.

- Oh my God.

Oh my God, babe in your my four.

- [Derek] This is crazy.

- (laughing) Oh my God.

(reflective music)

Quit shaking, quit shaking.

- [Derek] I can't.

- Quit shaking.

- It's eight years of shaking.

Done right there.


- Yeah, I need to see if this guy's real.

(Nev laughing)

- Thank you for bringing her to me.

- I can't believe it either.

- This is so great.

- Is this weird, I'm actually touching you.

- I know.

(reflective music)

- I don't even know what the say, like.

(Derek laughing)

- [Max] Thank you for being you.

- I told her, she didn't believe me.

- Well we'll get to all that.

Let's sit down.

Lots to talk about.

- [Lauren] Oh my God.

- All right, let's call Lauren.

See how things with her and Derek are.

(group exclaiming)

- What!

Oh my God.

What are you guys doing together?

- Just hanging out. - Visiting each other.

(reflective music)

- So how's everything going?

- Really, really well.

I met most of the family.

- My dad actually conversated with him.

- Ah, so Derek how was that?

- It was a little intense at first.

He was just like, so why have you talked for so long.

And I was like ah,

I can't really picture my life without her.

(reflective music)

- The future, what does it look like?

- We actually have some pretty

big plans for the future.

- We want to get engaged within a year, maybe less,

depending, I hope. (Nev laughing)

- [Derek] And within the year, we've been talking about it.

- What is happening?

I can't tell who that is.

(suspenseful music)

Is that her?

I'm so confused.

- [Max] That's Savenia.

- [Nev] Wow.

- Hi.

(sighing voice trembles)

Hi. (reflective music)

(Savenia sobs)






- Hey.

- His brain has just exploded.

There's like nothing in there right now.

- How are you guys?

- I'm Max.

- Hi Max, nice to meet you. - Hi.

- I'm Savenia.

- Hi. - Hi, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.

Your email really threw us off.

- I'm sorry.

- Is there someone else in the car?

- No.

- Oh, so you just came by yourself.

- Yeah.

- Maybe it was an auto-correct, I don't know.

(Max laughs)

- So what's the big secret?

- Uh.

The big secret is that like.

You know, I posted a lot of photos of me

looking really like good, like Photoshopped.

And I look, I'm not like that.

As you can see, I don't look like that.

- Shut up, you're beautiful.

- Oh my God.

(reflective music)

(Savenia sighing)

- I was just really scared to meet you

because I'm a giant and I'm just (laughs).

I'm sorry for laughing, I'm just really nervous.

- Oh.

- So the whole big secret is that like

you might look different in the pictures?

- I'm really self conscious.

A lot of my photos are super Photoshopped.

I feel like I was catfishing him.

My boobs are Photoshopped.

My butt's Photoshopped.

My face looks flawless.

I don't look human, I look like a super model and I'm not.

I'm really lanky and dorky.

And awkward.

And I just didn't want him to see that side of me, so.

- I kind of think we've hit the point though

in social media culture where we kind of just expect

that those photos that you're gonna look a little different

in real life anyway.

- You don't look that different.

- [Max] No.

- If I saw you I would recognize you.

- Okay.

- Modeling really tears you down.

I like struggled with my weight

and who I was as a person.

I went through a lot of stuff.

And I just have zero self confidence.

When I emailed you guys, I was only 17.

It was really a cry for help.

I wanted to meet him and I didn't know how to do about it.

- [Nev] So you're 18 now?

- Yes.

- And everything that Dylan knows about you

is exactly true.

- Yes.

- Why does your sister's Facebook page

have your phone number on it?

- Because a year ago, I changed like,

I needed a new phone 'cause my phone like

crapped the bed on me.

And I just took her phone.

And we just never really realized that it was still

on her Facebook

until like nowish, so.

- And she never spoke to Dylan?

- No, I don't--

- So it's been you the whole time.

- Yes.

- [Nev] Your profile.

- Yes, it's me.

- And your feelings for Dylan are--

- Extremely strong.

(reflective music)

I'm trying to really put myself out here

and like be upfront with you guys.

- The only person that matters

that you're upfront with is Dylan.

(reflective music)

- Do you have any questions?

- I don't know what to say.

- Well hey, I'm overjoyed.

I think this very rarely happens for us.

Why don't we go inside.

Figure out what we want to do next.

- All right. - Okay.

- [Nev] Come on in.

- [Savenia] Okay.

- [Nev] I got a lot of questions.

(reflective music) (video chat ringing)

- [Group] Oh!

- What's up? - What's up?

- Oh my God!

Wait a second.

Where are you?

- We're in Virginia.

- Virginia?

You already went down there?

- [Couple] Yeah.

(upbeat music)

- This is amazing.

We gotta get a whole update here.

So what are you?

- Yes! - Yeah, we got one.

(couple laughing)

- [Max] That's amazing.

Congratulations guys.

- This is great, oh yeah!

- I can't believe that like.

- It's crazy. - I know.

- We always talked about this.

I love you.

- I love you more.

- That's bull (audio beeps).

- No it's not.

- Yes, it is.

- Savenia, you were thinking about this

whole Coast Guard thing.

Any update?

- Yeah they called and said I didn't get in.

- All right, well, their loss.

- Their loss.

- So now you're free to go anywhere.

- So, I'm gonna be going here, Virginia.

- Woe.

Dylan, you're into the idea of Savenia

moving down to Virginia.

- Oh yeah, 100%.

- Like 110%, like he's like ready to go.

He's like, you don't even have to go back.

- So this is the neighborhood my dad lives in.

It's a pretty nice place.

- Like the nearish future,

I think I would stay at--

- [Dylan] My place.

- [Savenia] Yeah, you're place.

And I'll pay part rent

and then you'll pay part rent or whatever.

- But yeah, like uh future,

this is actually the kind of area

that I would want to settle down to.

- We've gotten to know each other even more.

And we've got like a special connection.

It's different when you're talking on the phone

and then when you're literally next to them,

it's a total different experience and it's awesome.

It's kind of weird that we've only like been physically

with each other for like five days overall

but like, we can have--

- It's comfortable.

- Yeah, it's like, it's oddly comfortable.

We practically know everything.

- Does your family like Savenia?

- She gets along with my family a little too well.

(group laughs)

- You want to hear some embarrassing stories?

(overlapping dialogues)

- Yes, yes, yes, we need some embarrassing stories of Dylan.

- No, no.

- How about a smooch?

There we go.

- [Hosts] Oh!

(group laughs)

- Well don't let us waste any more of your time guys.

- Just keep on doing your thing.

You guys are great.

- And thank you.

- Bye guys.

- Bye. - See ya.

(door creaks)

- [Nev] Hey?


How you doing man?

- [Jeremy] So nervous.

- Take a deep breath.

Come on, just step on out here.

(dramatic music)

- Good looking guy?

- Right?

Really, like.

(dramatic music)

- This is Tony.

This is Colleen.

So hello, how you doing?

(dramatic music)

- Nervous.

- Yeah, it's all right.

I think you're only slightly more nervous

than Colleen is.

- I don't know if that's possible right now.

- [Nev] What's up man, how you doing?

- I'm awesome.

- All right, well that's nice.

- No one has ever walked out the door

and said, I'm awesome.

- Nice to meet you finally.

- Nice to finally meet you too.

But why did you say that, I told you I was 25.

I never once told you I was 25.

(dramatic music)

And when did you send me,

hundreds of dollars?

- I apologize.

Honestly, I was just scared.

I kind of just made it up as I went along.

It wasn't the most honest thing to do.

I have a lot of self esteem issues.

And I was kind of insecure that you wouldn't

accept me for who I am.

- Who are you?

- Jeremy Antonio (audio beeps).

- So your name is Jeremy but you went by Tony.

- My middle name is Tony.

- The phone number you have is from Washington.

Have you previously lived there?

- When I was 18,

I moved to Washington.

And I instantly loved the place.

I just always felt like,

I wish I would have been born there.

And I knew I was gonna come back but

I wanted a reason to.

- So that's why you were looking

to meet women in Spokane?

- Yeah.

- Why were you pretending to be this other guy

on Plenty of Fish?

- It wasn't the most honest thing to do.

(dramatic music)

I just wanted to see if it would work.

I'm not a stereotypical black guy.

It makes me more incline to date Caucasian women

because I feel you know I can be myself,

I can dress like this.

I can watch science fiction movies.

And do whatever it is that I want to do.

I don't want to be viewed as a stereotype.

- [Nev] Do you find that's your experience?

- That's commonly the case.

- So non-black women

generally sort of assume

that you're a certain type of person because of your skin.

- Yeah.

- We have a lot in common.

I mean why wouldn't you let me be the judge of everything?

- I'm sorry Colleen.

No, I just,

I just pray that you can forgive me.

- I really wanna.

Just gotta promise me no more lies.

- I'll get on my knees right now.

(dramatic music)


these last couple of months changed my life.

I never want to lie to you.

I just wanna make you happy.

I'm sorry.

I'll do anything to keep moving forward with you.

Still wanna marry me?

(dramatic music)

- Yes.

(reflective music)

(Max laughs)

(reflective music)

- I don't wanna give up on you.

Something's telling me not to.

- Can we celebrate, I don't know.

(group laughs)

I mean this is amazing.

You guys seem to really have the connection

that you felt for the past three months in person.

And yes, there's gonna be some adjusting

to the new reality.

But this is exciting. - Yeah.

(video chat ringing)

- [Hosts] Hey!

- There she is. - Colleen.

- How you doing?

- Doing really good.

Me and Jeremy are trying to work it out.

In fact, actually he's right here with me.

- What! - Oh!

Oh my God. - Hey hey hey!

- [Hosts] There he is.

- [Nev] Look at this guy.

- Oh my God, you actually went up there?

I'm impressed.

Are you just up there temporarily

or are you like staying there for a bit?

- Well I've got an interview at a pizza place

out here so hopefully that goes the way I want it to.

- I mean this is what you wanted right?

You wanted to move back to Washington.

Your plan really worked out.

- [Jeremy] Yeah.

- I thank you guys everyday for bringing me to him.

I want you guys at our wedding

when and if we do get married.

- Wow, we'd love to come to your wedding.

What is your relationship right now with your family Jeremy?

- I'm trying my best to communicate with them

but they're being a little reluctant to talk to me.

- Well this is a beautiful thing.

Be fruitful and multiply.

- [Nev] Yeah, good luck with everything.

- [Hosts] Bye guys.

The Description of 5 Catfish Couples Who Actually Ended Up Together | MTV Ranked