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Guys, believe it or not,

this was Nate's idea, not mine.

In today's video,

we are melting over a hundred lipsticks,

and then we're going to see

if there's anything else we can do with them after that.


We've got over a hundred tubes of lipstick here,

and they are in a nice variety of colors,

and I don't honestly know too much about lipstick.

And we're going

to learn a little bit more about that today, specifically,

what happens if you heat it up.

Lipstick, I know, has sort of a really soft,

like a crayon but softer oil pastel sort of,

a soft wax texture.

And I suspect that it melts down quite nicely,

and we're going to try melting it down,

and see what it does.

Here's the basic idea.

We have over a hundred lipsticks here.

We are going to put them all in a pot,

put that pot on the stove,

and after that,

we're going to see if there's anything else we can do.

We do have a bunch of different colors here,

and we want to see what happens with all of them combined.

We want to see if they'll mix well.

Does lipstick boil if you heat it up too much?

And if it does turn into a liquid,

can you then cast it into other shapes?

So every tube of lipstick that Calli has been opening,

she has all spent applying.

She has probably 25 layers of lipstick applied at the moment.

So these, these obviously

are not the highest quality of lipsticks that there are,

but the coverage happening here...

Yeah, it feels more like greasepaint than anything else.

Just one.

>> There's no such thing as one. >> Just one.

Shouldn't he put on just one?

I've put on like 50.

I'm taking one for the team.


There's mine.


Most of these lipsticks,

we're going to be melting in this pot

on the stove all together,

but I did first want to try and see what happens with just one

of them and a lighter,

see what kind of melting effect we get.

The first four ingredients in this is wax.

No, again, we weren't going for top quality lipstick,

so the pigmentation is pretty low.

But the wax content is very high.

So this is just going to run.


>> Oh, there's actually more in there. >> There's quite a bit more down in there.

You just can never get to it.

It's like roasting a marshmallow,

if a marshmallow was a piece

of pigmented wax you put on your face for fun.

There's a big bubble in it.

You can see.

That does look pretty cool.

I would say that's not the most

efficient way to melt these down however,

so I think now we want to take every one of these lipstick,

the colored part out,

and just put them into this pot.

So I've seen this done before,

and people will put them in a pot,

and they mix them all together.

No, no. I want to see

if we can get like a cool rainbow effect or something,

almost like hydro dipping but sans the hydro part.

Just make it look a lot cooler as its melting.

See if we can actually keep that effect.

Once it's melted,

see if we'll keep that same pattern.


All right.

So we've separated out the colors.

We're going to try to get that sort of rainbow effect.

So we're going to start from darker colors,

and work our way over.


We've got our lipsticks.

We've got them in our pot.

Let's melt them.

All right.

So we've got the tripod all set up.

We've got everything ready to go.

Everything's on the stove.

Let's melts lipstick.

I think we're going to want to go with the lowest setting to start.

Highest setting.

Oh no.

I'll turn it down low, just a little.

Like all the way below.




Oh, that is so much more liquid than I was expecting.

Super runny.

Oh, but it's like a bright galaxy.

That's kind of cool.

>> Oh,look at the little spots, yeah. >> Little bits, yeah.

Shooting up from the bottom.

It also smells a little burned,

but I want to see if I can get a swirl lipstick out of this.

But I don't want a regular mold.

Look at those cool swirl patterns.

Oh, that's cool.

So yeah, here's my prediction.

If you see what's coming off of the spoon after I dip it, it's--

That's clear.

There's not a lot of color.

So what I think is is all

of our pigment has sunk down to the bottom,

and that's what we're seeing bubbling up here.

So, let's see what happens if I try and pour this.

I might just end up with like a shiny lip gloss.


There's all the color.

Look at that.


But look at the stripes, that's so cool.

That's amazing.


I have an R2D2 lipgloss.

Before anything else,

we've got these really good swirls right now.

I'm going to see if we can pick up some of those swirls

on the surface of this glass Christmas ornament,

and hopefully,

it won't be so hot that it breaks the glass.


Lipstick ornament.


But yeah, you can see, that's mostly wax.

There's clear wax.

Like this is covered.

No pigment in it at all.

It's just, they're wax.

Guys, we sell these now in

Go buy yours.

This is going to be clear, mostly.

This is going to be kind of a shiny lip gloss.

I'm going to try and mix the pigment a little bit

more from the bottom, scrape it up off the bottom,

and give myself a stormtrooper actual lipstick.

All right, I want to keep some swirls.

So now that I've got some color coming up to the surface,

I'm gonna pour this.


Oh, I made a mess.

I made a mess everywhere.

This, this silicon mold has an issue.

It's very thin mold, but that's okay.

Maybe pour a Darth Vader across from it to even out the weight.

I know Darth Vader always wanted to be a lipstick.

But look at the difference between this color,

and the color of my R2D2.

But at this point, you can kind of see

that we do have sort of have one color.

All right, wait,

I'm dipping my entire glove in this.

I want to see.

Oh, yeah.


Oh, that was too hot.

It's too hot.

That's okay.

Best luck.

Oh, a lipstick handprint.


This will also be for sale in our shop.

Give me an ornament.

Hand me.


He's separating even more.

Oh, he's a galaxy.

That's so cool.

It's like algae growing in it or something.

It does.

I'll say this,

even cool, this stuff does not hold together,

even as strong as a regular lipstick.


Do you think anyone else

in the world has a stormtrooper lipstick?

Because I do, and I am thrilled.

Look at that.

All right.

I have to try it.

You know I do.


Seems to apply all right.

Maybe it's not like super great coverage but...

All right.

Now, this was pouring from the very top.

When we melt it down the lipsticks,

we ended up with that.

The clear coat sort of on top, just the wax itself,

which is what happened here with our R2D2.

Some color mixed in,

but definitely not a nice homogeneous mixture

like these ones.

Here's the interesting thing.

This stuff is just,

the colors not smearing nearly as easy.

You can actually

see my fingerprints smearing through this.

So this is just the very very soft wax.

So this is going to be like a lip gloss, lip balm?

Let's see.

Oh, but some pigment settled out.

That's cool.

Didn't see that coming.


Look at that division on the top, like...

Oh, I loveit.

The different layers.

All right, let's see what this guy looks like on the inside.

So white on one side.

You can see the color division.

So how the pigment is actually settling,

which makes me curious how lipstick is actually formed.

How do they keep it from doing that?


That really divided.

Yeah, but feel the difference in texture.

This side is very very tough,

and this side is just soft and squishy.


Well, okay, well...



Some sparkly bits.

I found the glitter, and that's in the center,

which is interesting.

Look at that.

Yeah, it doesn't really have it on the edges.

Yeah, it's the center.

I'm going to try and just snap it,

because I want to know just how brittle it is,

or if it's been like crumble.

Well, it's actually pretty tough.

But again, you can see a color division here.

It's interesting.

You've got the red,

more of the matte pigments is on the outside,

and then all of our sparkles are this weird inner layer.

Guys, that's not all,

we've always got more for you to see.

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Talk to you then.

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