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Hi, I'm Mendel,

Product Marketing Manager for Google Friend Connect.

With Google Friend Connect,

you can easily add social features to your site.

This means your visitors can engage more deeply

with your content and with each other.

Once you start using Google Friend Connect,

your visitors will be able to join your site.

Instead of having to create

a new account with a new password,

they're given the option of signing in

with their existing Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account.

This wall gadget lets your visitors

post comments and start a discussion on your site.

With this rate and review gadget,

your visitors can leave a rating.

New gadgets are constantly being created by Google

and the OpenSocial developer community,

so there's an endless number of other social gadgets

you'll soon be able to add.

Visitors can also engage with other members of your site.

They can find out more about them

or choose to make new friends.

They can even invite their friends

to come check out your site.

And the best part is that

adding Friend Connect to your site

takes no programming whatsoever.

Choose the gadgets you want from our gallery,

copy and paste a few snippets of code,

and Friend Connect does the rest.

So whether you run a blog,

a fan site,

a merchant site,

or a mashup,

your visitors can now engage more deeply

with your content and with each other.

Where can you find out more about Google Friend Connect?

Go to

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