Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bird on a Wire (3/11) Movie CLIP - Chased by the Cops (1990) HD

Difficulty: 0

You're both charged with the killing of Marvin Marsent.

You were identified at the scene of the crime.

Rick, tell them.

- What? - About the witness relocation program.

- You'll have time to tell us in jail. - Put both hands behind your head.


Get in the car!

Shut up and steer the damn thing!

- Did you kill the guy? - No, I loved him. They killed him.

Then you can plead innocent!

I never will. They'll kill me before I get a chance. The same goes for you.

Get your foot off!

Shit! Oh, God!

You're gonna break my legs!

Stop squealing!

Watch where you're going. Go north as soon as you can.

Get your face off my gas!


This can't be good for you.

- What are you doing? - I'm taking your place. Move over.

This is a rented car. We can get in trouble if you drive it.

- You're worried about Hertz? Move! - Give me my wheel!

You'll get us both killed.

Move over!


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