Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Neighbours - Vatanim Sensin English Subtitles

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I want the list with all the Ottoman soldiers with take-leave, on the day the guns were layed down.

As you order, Colonel.

Take me to the Turkish woman that was arrested this morning.

As you order.

- Girls, isn 't Eleni with you ? - She is, she takes care of grandma.

What are you doing on the streets ? Go home.

What happened, Aunt Marika ?

It was forbidden to go out on the streets. Didn 't you hear ? They will arrest you.

Let them arrest us.Can 't I go out on the streets of my neighbourhood ?

Are you tired of life ?

You take that flag out of there. This is Ottoman land.

- Walk, Hilal ! - Let go !

Isn 't that a shame, Aunt Marika ? Weren 't you born and raised here ?

- Aren 't you Ottoman, like us ? - Hilal, leave the woman alone !

Are we looking for mother or you preach all the neighbours ? Walk !

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