Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GCN+ Cycling As You've Never Seen It Before!

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[music] [cheering]

Speaker 1: This is everything I've built towards.

Speaker 2: I'm a little bit crazy. Speaker 3: I've never seen

anything quite like this. Speaker 4: Out of breath, high heart rate.

Speaker 5: We only get one shot. Speaker 6: God, come on.

Speaker 7: I'm really feeling the altitude now. [moan]

[music] Speaker 8: There was shades of '89 Lemond Fignon,

but this was something else. Speaker 9: 3D printing

is taking the world by storm. Speaker 10: It was an amazing time,

I met amazing people. Speaker 11: Hello and

welcome to the world of cycling. Speaker 12: I wanted to do the

impossible challenge. Speaker 13: Look

at this. [music]

[scream] Speaker 14: Oh,

the suspense has broken. Oh, my word. Speaker 15: He's got some wild.

[moan] Speaker 16:

Like a gold mine of carbon fiber. Speaker 17: The mountain takes no prisoners.

Speaker 18: Through the sprint, they're thrown to the line.

[music] [00:01:32] [END


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