Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 冬天麵團不好做,教你這樣烙餅,柔軟筋道又多層,吃一次就忘不了,10个不够吃【娟子美食】

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hello , this is Juanzi

today I am going to share with you the easy way to make the multi-layer cake .

crispy outside and soft inside and with many layers

let us get started

add 400g plain flour to a bowl

add a pinch of salt to make it more stretchy

add 260ml warm water to it

stir it in

stir it till going clumpy

then knead it to a dough

you can knead it again after resting it for 3 to 5 minutes if you can't get the smooth dough

knead it till smooth

leave it for 30 minutes

cut the spring onion

cut the onion in half

slice it

a half is enough

put it in the plate

add oil to the pan

add the onion and spring onion to the hot oil

cook on a low heat

fry to release the flavor of it

drive the water out of it

then gas off

transfer the oil to a bowl

take the dough out

roll it into a long strip

cut it into 3 pieces

roll a piece into a long strip

press it

roll it out

the thickness of 0.3cm is OK

brush the oil on it

it will be better with the spring onion oil

flour it to stop sticking

spread salt to it

cut twice on either side

then fold it from one side to create layers

seal it on the edge to stop from leaking oil

reshape it a little bit

rest it for 5 minutes

then roll it out on each side

make it even

brush oil on the pre-heated electric pan

put it in

brush oil on the surface to lock the moisture

cook on a high heat for 2 minutes

turn it over when golden

cook for another 2 minutes

it buckles up

it is ready when both sides golden

check it inside

with so many layers

so easy

crispy outside

soft and chewy inside

try it if you like

that is it for today .

see you next time

The Description of 冬天麵團不好做,教你這樣烙餅,柔軟筋道又多層,吃一次就忘不了,10个不够吃【娟子美食】