Practice English Speaking&Listening with: White men who love black women (part II)

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Maximillion Cooper's relationship with Eve

is so inspiring that ABC was once considering making a sitcom based on it. It would've shone

a light on interracial relationships and plenty of other topics we can only dream of.

Olivier Martinez is mostly recognizable as

the guy shouting "100 MILLION DOLLARS!" as he got dragged into prison in S.W.A.T. But

it wasn't until 10 years later that he did what people will probably applaud him for

most. Marrying Halle Berry.

Marco Perego, the soccer player turned famous Italian artist, secretly tied the knot with

Zoe Saldana in London in 2013. He shocked the world, and Zoe, when he decided to take

on her last name.

Ever wonder what kind of a man it takes to get Naomi Campbell? Well, try a billionaire.

She had a happy relationship with Vladislav Doronin, a Russian real estate exec and business

owner, for five years.

Alfre Woodard has been married for more than 30 years. And the man who's been fortunate

enough to walk alongside her on all of these red carpets is writer Roderick Spencer.

Talent agent Mike Nilon was in a happy marriage

with Garcelle Beauvais for nine years. Until he cheated... But when things were good they

were really good. The two had twin boys and Beauvais said she felt like she'd won the


Broadway superstar Heather Headley and former NFL quarterback Brian Musso met back when

they attended Northwestern University in the 90s, eventually getting married in 2003. They've

now got two children together.

While it wasn't highly publicized, Ryan Phillippe and Rihanna were cuddle buddies for a few

months despite their 13-year age difference back in 2011.

After Mariah Carey's relationship with Nick

Cannon fizzled out, she moved on to the sixth richest man in all of Australia, James Packer.

The two have been engaged since January 2016.

Robert Pattinson, who rose to fame by being the guy that everyone wanted to hug, has been

in a relationship with singer FKA Twigs since 2014. The pair got engaged in 2015.

Whether you know him from Sons of Anarchy

or Hellboy, if Ron Perlman is anything like the characters he plays, he needs a lover

who is pretty damn tough to handle him. That makes his wife of 35 years, Opal, a really

tough cookie.

For a couple comprised of a famous screen writer and a famous actress, it's kind of

surprising that Ol Parker and Thandie Newton haven't worked together more. For now, they'll

just stick to being happily married and having babies in their bathroom.

Jacob Fishel met his ex-wife Rutina Wesley

while studying at Juilliard. She went on record to say she hated him when they first met.

Hopefully she doesn't hate him now, even though they ended their eight-year marriage in 2013.

The Power Forward/Center for the Oklahoma

City Thunder has been married to his wife Robbie since 2007. They had their daughter,

Emma, in 2006.

After Steve Nash and his wife called it quits in 2011, things got pretty serious with his

then-girlfriend Brittany Richardson.

While it was never officially confirmed, everyone with a set of working eyes could see that

there was something going on between Chris Evans and Naomie Harris back in 2008.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart may be a legend in

the squared circle - that's nerd speak for the wrestling ring - but it looks like his

most proud title is husband to Stephanie Washington-Hart.

Justin Bieber's had so many short-lived relationships in between the longer ones that he was bound

to come across a couple black women. Not including his unrequited crush on Nicki Minaj, he's

been seen out on the town with the likes of Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, Jordan Ozuna and

many others.

Mick Jagger's relationship with novelist Marsha Hunt was brief, but apparently pretty intense.

Hunt even claims that the Rolling Stones' song "Brown Sugar" was based on her.

Boris Becker, the one time No. 1 tennis player

in the world, was married to German-American actress/model Barbara Feltus from 1993 to


Bruce Sudano is a famous singer-songwriter who's written hits for the likes of Michael

Jackson, Dolly McEntire and his own late wife, the queen of disco, Donna Summer.

In 2014, it was confirmed that the former

Goldman Sachs banker was in a relationship with Kimora Lee Simmons that had lasted quite

a while.

Johnny Depp and 21 Jump Street co-star Holly Robinson got close to flirting back in the

late 80s. However, she said she could never actually date him because of her mother - a

talent manager - gave her the great advice to not date coworkers.

Richard Rudolph married singer Minnie Riperton

in 1972. The couple had two children, one of whom is the actress Maya Rudolph.

Hip-hop entrepreneur Steve Rifkind is associated

with acts like Wu Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Akon and more. Rifkind was in a relationship with

actress Sanaa Lathan, a woman who keeps details about her romantic life as private as possible.

Ted Danson was in a relationship with Whoopi

Goldberg at one time. The actress had been married three times before, all to white men.

Since her last divorce, she has dated Danson and Frank Langella.

Add Kevin Costner to the elite list of men

who may have had the pleasure of dating Halle Berry. While the two friends have been regularly

seen out together for years, many suspect they were dating after his 1994 divorce. There's

also speculation that they had a fling/affair in 1989.

In the 1980s, Dolph Lundgren worked as a bodyguard

for singer-actress Grace Jones and then began a relationship with her. The two posed together

for a pictorial in Playboy magazine and Jones helped kick off his acting career but getting

him a small part in A View to a Kill.

Actress Stacey Dash has been married three times, each time to a white man. Her last

husband was Emmanuel Xuereb. They divorced in 2011.

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