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I told you, I'm your son.

You really are my son?

I got married and did that thing to make you?

(Love Buzz)

I am 18 years old.

Darn spring is here.

Everyone but me is dating

so hard right now.

This stupid spring of my 18-year-old life.

I'm sorry.

I get rejected every single time.

-Are you crazy? -We're friends.

I'm always getting friend-zoned.

I want to date too.

Hey, it's him.

The one Ji Woo keeps talking about.

He's popular, that guy from Class 4.

Seung Jun Park.

What would it be like to date him?

My only pleasure these days is imagining that.

He and I were in the same class

when we were seniors in middle school.

Though I wasn't exactly pretty back then, I was kind of cute.

Seung Jun was good-looking even back then. And we were close.

So, I worked up the courage and made a move on him.

Hi, Seung Jun. It's been a while.

Maybe it'll be different this time.

Hasn't he texted you back yet?

He will.

Why do you like him?

There is no specific reason.

You said he didn't even read it for two days. Forget it.

Just lower your standards for your own sake.

Don't you agree, Ju Na?


Text me back.

Text me back. Please respond.

He read it!

(Hi, Seung Jun. It's been a while.)

Oh, hi.

Who is this though?

What? How come he doesn't remember me?

Was I that forgettable?

Ji Woo Kim.

Am I hearing things?

Ji Woo!





At the age of 18,

instead of the boyfriend I'd been praying for,

my son showed up.

What was that guy earlier?


Hye Yun, Ji Woo, look.

Come on. Look outside.

It's so beautiful outside.

-It's full of cherry blossoms. -Right?

Do you want to go somewhere tomorrow?

-Tomorrow? -Yes.

(April 15, Seoul, Sunny all day)

It's a perfect spring day. What does he mean, snow?

We've met at last, Mom.

Is he insane?

Wait. One second.

What's wrong with you?

Today's April 15, 2019,


Yes, why?

Where did you come from?


From the future.

What's he saying?

It's going to snow today.

The weather service will never be able to tell.

Ji Woo, you came up here alone again?

I'm sorry about earlier. I went too far.

Let's get out of here quickly.

That's so spooky.

Isn't he some kind of crazy pervert?

If you hadn't gone up there,

it would've been dangerous for Ji Woo.


Shall we go and buy pretty but useless things again?

-How about Friday? -Sure.

-Yes? -Let's go.

Hey, look.

Is this...


He was right.

It stopped already.

Where did he go?


You came back.

Who are you, really?

I told you, I'm your son from the future.

Did you really come from the future?

You want me to prove it to you in other ways?

No, I mean...

You really are my son?

I got married and did that thing to make you?


Did I really get married?

When? To whom?

To Seung Jun Park from Class 4.

Oh, my gosh.

You want to date him, right?

How do you...

know him?

Shall I help you?

Ji Woo.

Finish your lunch early tomorrow no matter what.

At 1:13 p.m., stand under

the second pull-up bar.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Fine. Let's just be crazy for once and do what he said.

Once you make it there,

turn your head to the left by about 45 degrees.

Yes, about 45 degrees.

No, just turn it all the way to the left.

If you drink something in that position,

it's a done deal.

Gosh, my uniform!

Sorry. Are you all right?

I'm really sorry. What should I do?

Are you all right?


I'm sorry about earlier.

Unbelievable. So unbelievable!

Does this mean Seung Jun is interested in me?


Maybe not.

How can you be so clueless?

It's obvious that things are going well.

But what if...

I ruin everything again?

No, you won't.

I came from the future, remember? Trust me.

I wasn't going to say this.

But you are super popular with guys in the future.

So, be confident.

What do I do now?

This is the second mission.

Tomorrow at 7:04 p.m., be at Seoyeon Library.

The third row from the right.

Find the seat with the smiley stickers.

Sit there.

Ji Woo?

You study here too?

Ask him to help you with a question.

People tend to feel closer when they teach

something to others.

Ask me anytime if you need help again.

Thank you. Do you want to get dinner together later?

It'll be my treat.

No, I'll buy dinner.

Didn't you eat with him already?

You're eating so little.

I should've gotten something better for you...


I love snack bar food.

Doesn't the liver look so gross?

I don't understand how people can eat that.


I held myself back and couldn't eat.

You're more attractive when you eat well like this.

You should've shown him this side of you.

It was hard to get a chance with him already.

Hye Yun told me

that Seung Jun likes calm and quiet girls.


Thank you though.

This is on me.

You ate it all anyway.

Is that how you should be speaking to your mother?

Ma'am, give us more lung and liver, please.

What do you want to do after? Do you want to go to the arcade?

How about Play Arcade nearby?

That place? I was the shooting game champion there.

No, I'm the champion.

That place exists in your time?

What? Of course.

There are so many newer machines now.

The arcade is doing really well.

Hey, I can't see.

Come on.

Gosh, hey. What's with you?

One more round?

-Woo Jin. -Yes?

I haven't seen you in a while. What happened?

I think you've mistaken me for someone else.

Oh, I'm sorry.

This isn't fun.

Let's go. Okay?

Why? I'm just getting started.

I won't tell you what to do with Seung Jun.

This is boring.

Shall we go?

Tomorrow, after school,

go to the science lab by 6:30 p.m.

After this, you'll be all set.

When people run into someone by chance three times,

they start believing that they have

something special with that person.

Where are you, Ji Woo?

We're supposed to shop for our pretty but useless things today.

Hye Yun, can we push it to tomorrow? I'm really sorry.

-I... -What? What is it?

I'll tell you later on the phone.

Okay. I'll go today anyway. Call me later.

What will happen this time?

I'm glad that I gave my so-called son a chance.

(Saturday, April 20)

(Woo Jin Park)

I'm 28 years old.

It is true

that I came from the future.

This is the 18-year-old me.

He was supposed to

run into Ji Woo here soon.

And I came here

to stop that from happening.

You wonder why?

Because I regretted meeting you.

It was one regret

after another.

Turning everything back was simple.

Ji Woo Kim.

Hi, Mom.

You want to date Seung Jun, right?

How do you know him?

Shall I help you?

First, I needed to make Ji Woo trust me

by using Seung Jun, whom Ji Woo likes.

Then, I planned to undo the crucial moment

of our encounter.

(By the second pull-up bar)

1:13 p.m.

(The seat with the smiley stickers)

7:04 p.m.

Excuse me.


Could you put these in the science lab?



it's time.

(Saturday, April 20)

April 20, 2019.

6:30 p.m.

At the stationery shop.

The moment

we met.

What are you doing here?


I left something here earlier.

We're running into each other a lot, aren't we?

Everything has been undone.

Hey, Ji Woo.


What are you up to...

this weekend?

Do you want to hang out with me?

It's a success.

Now, I just need to get back.

Why am I still here though?


-Ta-da. -Oh!

Goodness, it's so cute. What is this?

You're meeting Seung Jun tomorrow.

Give him this and tell him how you feel.

Do it.

Gosh, I'm so moved.

-Did you get this at that store? -Yes.

-Isn't it cute? -It's so pretty.


Right. This reminds me.

That guy we saw on the rooftop.

Remember that perverted psycho?

He was wearing the Taesa High School uniform.

-Taesa High School? -His name tag said...

What was it? Woo Jin Park?

Woo Jin Park...

He was quite good-looking.

What are you going to do with Seung Jun tomorrow anyway?

I'm not sure.

Seung Jun, let's go.


Are you done playing?

It's not very fun.


What is it? Do you know him?

No, it's nothing.

Should we go somewhere else? Do you want to drink something?

Seung Jun, I have somewhere I have to be.

I'll call you later.

The real reason

I came back to the past.

I really loved Ji Woo.

Something that might only happen in dramas

happened to me.

I realized that there is not much time left for us.

You said you wanted to turn back the time.

You said

you regretted it.

It was one regret after another.


I've been looking all over for you.

What are you doing?


-Hey. -What?

I saw someone who looks exactly like you.



At the arcade.

Oh, right.

Is there another guy who is as handsome as I am?

You really came from the future, right?

I told you I did.

Should I show you something else?


Prove that you really are from the future

and that you are my son.

Didn't I prove it already?

I suddenly disappeared in front of you.

And I helped you with Seung Jun.

I'll get going. You should get back too.

What? Prove it already.

Woo Jin Park from Taesa High School.

Do you know him?

Who's that?

I don't know. You should know though.

Can I go see him then?

Can I?

Woo Jin Park from Taesa High School.

Can I go see him?

Can I?

Go see him then.

I'm so confused.

Come to think of it, I don't understand why you'd help me.

And why you'd say you're my son when you're clearly not.

I don't understand any of it.

And that guy who looks like you...

What is he?

Listen to me carefully. I can't tell you anything else.

It's true that I'm from the future. And if you go see him...

I mean, if you meet him,

you won't be able to handle the consequences.

I won't be able to handle what?

What do you mean?

Things went well with Seung Jun because you trusted me.

Trust me on this one last time.

I've helped you so far,

so help me this time. Will you?



Promise me.

At the age of 28,

I met the 18-year-old Ji Woo.

Oh, right.

What is this?

As a thank you.

I should go.

You can go first.

Okay. See you tomorrow.

Ji Woo.



He never showed himself before me after that day.

Why did he disappear like that?

Ji Woo.

Will you...

I didn't actually believe

the person who claimed to be my son.

Ji Woo, why on earth did you...

She'll remain single forever.

You liked him so much. What's there to think about?

If I get a chance to turn back the time

in the future, just like he did...


What's nothing?

What are you worried about? Just do as your heart says.

I want to go back to the moment I met him

and ask him who he really was.

It's so not like you to contemplate things.

I want to ask why he came to see me from the future

and why I keep thinking about

the times I spent with him.

-Sorry. I'll get going first. -What?

-Where are you going? -Hey.

That place exists in your time?

What? Of course.

There are so many newer machines now.

The arcade is doing really well.

(Out of business)

Come to think of it, a lot of things were off.

Just once, I need to see him for the last time.

Hye Yun, where was that shop you mentioned?

I bought this here for my sister,

but she said she got something similar.

Can I possibly exchange it?

-Yes, of course. -Oh, then...

Can I exchange it with this one?

(Woo Jin Park)

Yes, just a moment, please.

Thank you.

Excuse me.



(Love Buzz)

(Love Buzz)

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