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Shes the one I told you

who saved the man in the grocery.

Shes good, right?

Is she good

or is she beautiful?


If the doctor has my phone

It means the one were looking for escaped.

I can pay his obligations to you.

Guess what? Moira is there in the Emergency Room.

Moira Defensor?

The one who stole your guy while we were in med school?

Youre also mad at soldiers?

Not really but only a few.

Okay, Ill be honest with you.

Im an accountant.

The police must not arrest me.

If that happens, my job will be at put on the line.

I will only believe you once I see the CCTV footage

the security requested from the barangay where Marty got mauled.

We have a dengue patient who has thrombocytopenia.

Doc the ambulance got stuck in traffic.

I have a motorcycle.

Well just take this.

Is this the first time you hitched a ride?


Just hold on tight.

Can we still sneak in there?

Traffic is so heavy.

We need to bring this to the ambulance.

Ill just pull over.


Lucas, your wound.

Thats nothing.

The ambulance is there.

Just calm down, Ill take care of you.

Gloves please.

You can do it.



Blood pressure?

Thank you very much, Doc.

Thanks for your help,

Even if your wound is bleeding

You still accompanied me.

Thats nothing.

Look at you, youre injured

and yet you continue with your duty.

Are you okay?

Im okay.

Its embarrassing.

Im just happy that another life was saved.

Im happy because on both times that were together,

I saw how good a person you are.

Okay, take care.



Tamayo which is better? This?

That one is better. That suits you.

This one?

Not thatthe other one.

Are you sure?

Yes, that one Captain.

You look handsome with that.

Isnt this okay?

Where are you going?

Im going back to the hospital tomorrow.

Captain, we also have a clinic nearby.


why are you going back to that far away hospital?

Of course, Im the Captain

of the First Special Forces of the Philippine Army.

I need to go to the best hospital.

I need to be strong for our beloved country.

Thats right.

Thats right, Sir.

Just say the doctor there is beautiful.

There you go.

I knew it.

Theres no beautiful doctor here in our clinic, thats why.

No, theres a beautiful doctor.

Is there one?

There is, its Captain Moira Defensor.

Shes beautiful

but I heard her boyfriend broke up with her.

At least thats the rumor in the camp.

So if I see that guy,

Ill teach him a lesson.

BuddyHey Buddy.

What are you doing?

Just try it on.

But this is not mine.

Youre about the same size.

What are you doing?

Just try it on.

Did I say something wrong?


Ill go with you to the hospital tomorrow.

I need to do something.

What will you do there?

Thats all you need to pay, Sir.

How much?

One thousand six hundred.

So you better be a good boy.

You might do something foolish again

Youll have to answer to us.

Ill go ahead.

You still have change.

Heres your medicine.

You better drink them so youll recover soon.

I dont know how I can repay you.

You know I dont have money.

Are you doing this to teach me a lesson?

Youre wrong.

Go home now.

Wait a second.

About what I did to you

Im sorry.

Dont think about that.


just a brother advice,

Dont waste your life.

There are a lot of challenges, yes

But its still good to live.

Its not yet late for you to change.

I can help you.

Get your things.

Lets go

Dont block the way.

Via, I need blood.


Hey Officer.

Hey. What are you doing here?

We accompanied Chief for his executive check-up.

How about you? What are you doing here?

Im just waiting for someone.

Okay, Ill go ahead.




This is Maxine.


how are you?

How was your operation?

Yes, I heard you were here earlier?

My doctor stood me up.

That was an emergency.

So how was the operation? Is she safe already?


The one you operated on.

Yesyes, shes safe already.


So is this your number?


So you got my number?

Just save my number.


So you found my number.


Ill visit you tomorrow.

Are you always like that to all your women?

Hello, Ill have my wound cleaned.


yes, thats what Im about to tell you.

I dont think so.


thats the one I was about to tell you.

Are you taking your medicines?

If I dont drink them will this wound get worse?

Does it mean I need to be confined there?


What time are you coming over tomorrow?

Can I go there now?


You dont want?

Well, you can. If you want to.

Okay, see you.

Okay bye.

The Philippine Revolutionary group kidnapped Senator Ricardo Santillan

from his ancestral house in Zamboanga City

just a few minutes earlier.

They are against the proposed additional two pesos per liter

fuel excise tax for diesel and gasoline.

They are also asking for five million peso ransom

in exchange for the freedom of the Senator.

Yes, Sir, Im on my way.

Captain Lucas Manalo?


Its good to see you.

Im sending you and the rest of the Special Forces

to rescue the good Senator

and to crush those local terrorists.

Ill see you in camp in fifteen minutes.

Ill go ahead.

I still have a meeting with DND Secretary.

Ill let another chopper pick you up, understood?

Yes, Sir.

Yes, Sir.

Im on my way up, Sir.


are you already here?

Im sorry but I need to leave right away.


Where are you now?

Im on the rooftop.


Which rooftop?

What are you doing here?

Im sorry.

Im going to leave you now.

Maybe theres an emergency landing. Come on.

No, thats really for me.

For you?

My Boss asked them to pick me up.

For military use only.

You are not a soldier, right?

You are an accountant.

Yes, thats right.

My Boss

is connected with the AFP.

Hes a supplier.

He is talking right now to the Commanding General.

He wants me to be there.

He wants me to be with him so he asked them to pick me up.

So its faster for me to reach Camp Aguinaldo.


big time.


Lets have a date next week,




next week.

I still have to treat you, right?

I will be healed by next then.

Come on, please.

Even if we just watch a movie.








Thank you.

See you next week.

Doc Maxine, what are you looking at?

Whats in there?

Nothing, just an acquaintance of mine.

Why are you looking at the sky?

Who is your acquaintance? Is he a human, superhero or what?

The helicopter he took just left.

You know Doc Earl,

I think hes one of the kindest,


and the most gentleman guy that Ive met.

Whoever your friend is

he is a source of good vibes and positive vibrations.

Look at yourself,

the effect is very obvious.

Yes, you are very blooming, Doc.


What is his name?


I think I know him.

He is


You think in advance, Doc.

Come on lets go downstairs.

What are you doing here?



Maxine, Maxinemy ever beautiful daughter.

Did I surprise you?

You look thin and sexy now.


Yes. Oh, I miss you so much.

Its been five years

since you last visited me in New York.

Good thing I kept the key to the house.

I checked your closet.

You didnt wear the fabulous pre-collections

that I designed.

Mom, you know that I dont have a social life, right?

If Im not at home, my life revolves around the hospital.

I know

but we should change your routine.

Lets renovate the house.

Then lets consult my friend who is a Feng shui expert.

And what if you also have a makeover?

So youll have a boyfriend.

I knew it. Mom, Im okay.

Being single wont make you ugly.

And besides my ovaries are still happy.

Wait, why did you visit all of a sudden?

Let me guess.

You had a fight again?

Excuse me, of course not.

I just really miss you.



The truth is...

Im really worried about you.

Maybe you are depressed.

Im perfectly fine, Mom.

Thats good to know.

Good thing you can move on from the death

of your Daddy and your brother, Rodel.

Mom, the truth is with Dad Ive already accepted that.

But with Rodel,

I dont think Ill be able to move on that soon.

Are you still thinking that hes still alive?

Whatever they say,

even if the military says that Rodel is gone

I know

in my heart of hearts,

Rodel is alive.

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