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Hey guys I'm Peter Leeds. Historically platinum prices are about double those

of gold

however , right now platinum and gold prices are about equal.

Investors seem to have forgotten that platinum is about 30 times more rare then

gold. Platinum produced every year is only about six percent

how much gold has produced. Platinum has more industrial uses than gold

or solar for that matter. Over half a yearly production is consumed

by industrial needs. More alarmingly there's only about six million ounces of


in the entire world has been mined and brought above ground. If you took

all that platinum and put into a single cube that cube would measure 10 feet by 10


So in other words if you put it in a two-car garage you can put it in there

and still have room to park your car.

Given recent prices of platinum and gold there is only a

difference between them

about 1 percent. However, if you consider the availability

usage and historical norms of platinum you'd expect platinum to be trading a lot

higher than gold.

Long term it's my opinion that platinum is a great hedge

against inflation. It's a great hedge against global chaos

and we expect it to perform even better then what we're expecting

from gold going forward. We're talking about all the stuff over at Peter

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