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Did you hear this morning?

Mom is in debt because of our wedding.

I just heard this morning.

We are so careless.

Even if we knew, we couldn't do anything.

Our family only counts on the season's harvest.

You let me take care of this.

It's up to you. I don't know anything.

Mom and dad.

Please have some hot tea.

Let me pour you some.

Mom, have some.

Thank you.

Is there something wrong?

I have something to tell you.


I know you're still in debt because of our wedding.

Please allow me to give you guys this gold to pay off the debt.

This gold was given to me by my parents. There is also saved up by me.

This is our debt, you keep that to yourself.

I thank you for your thought.

This is your personal money,

you should keep it and use it for your kids in the future.

I'm a family member. I have to have the responsibility.

I don't want to see this situation.

You have to take this and pay off the debt.

We can still make more money.

If you guys loved me, please take the gold. Please!

She meant well, you should take it and pay off the debt.

We will work and save up money then we'll buy it back to her.

Thank you.

Let's consider this is us borrowing you.

We promise to pay you back.

Hi Hue!

Oh hey, Tien!

Where are you going?

I just went to The Committee. How about you?

I went to get some documents. Hop on, I'll give you a ride.


Tien! It's summer and your school still sends you documents?

No, my friend sent me.

Really? What's school are you going to?

I study at the University of Agriculture.

But I'm thinking of dropping out.

Why is that? I don't think your house can't afford it.

There is no one helps my parents since my sister got married.

It makes me worry.

So, why don't you get married?

Who's gonna marry me?

You're just joking.

Then you should matchmake for me?

That's the most stupid thing.

Do you want to go inside?

Other time. I have to go home.Y

I have something to tell you

What, just tell me?

But don't be mad at me.

I am not going to.

You shouldn't drop out.

People who can afford like you

There will be no future if you drop out.

I'm just telling you the truth.

I'll go now. Bye.

Hi, dad.

Sit down.

Who rode you home?

I was going home from the committee.

Then I met him, he gave me a ride home.

Why do you have to be so lengthy, just tell me the name.


Why do you have to interrogate her?

I saw her talking to some guy at the door.

Who was it? Why don't you tell your dad?

Tien just gave me a ride home.

Who's that?

Tien, Mr.Tam's son. You don't know him?


So it's Tam's son.

I don't know much about Tam's family like you.

You're doing that again.

Sick of you.

Are you tired?

No, I am not.

Where did Tien meet you?

I went to the committee to pay off the tax then I went home.

We met on the way home, so he gave me a ride.

What a coincidence!

Where was he going?

He told me he was getting the documents that his school sent him.


He's already in college?

You don't know. He's going to be a senior soon.

He's that good?


Why whenever we mention Mr.Tam's family,

dad starts to be very annoyed?

That's how he is.

He does that to everyone.

But I feel like there's something else.

There's nothing else.

Do you have time?

For what, mom?

If you have time then stop thinking about him.

I've been asking you for a while.

Why are you keep changing the subject?

I am not doing that, mom.

Have some tea, dear.

Good morning, mom and dad.

Did you just get here?

Yeah, mom.

You have to take care of yourself.

I think you're getting thinner.

Working on the field is very tough, isn't it?

It's not that tough.

My father-in-law and my husband do all the hard work.


How about the food?

We have enough food over there.

Especially since I'm pregnant,

so my mother-in-law let me eat everything.

You are pregnant?

Yeah, mom.

How far along are you?

I am three months pregnant.

I just went to the doctor this morning.

I think you should start to prepare to take care of your grandchild.

What did the doctor say?

The baby is good and healthy.

That's great news. You better take care of it.

Drink this.

Did you just get here?




I heard you're thinking of dropping out of school.



I'm thinking of staying at home to help out mom and dad.

Since you got married, it's been very hard for them.

Also, the cost of living in the city is getting too high.

The rent is raising, too.

We can hire someone to help mom and dad.

There are more people who willing to work than to study.

But I can't stand seeing mom and dad doing everything.

I told you.

It's not hard to hire someone to help them.

Our family can totally afford it.

See it for yourself.

Is there anyone we know that dropped out and became successful?

Education is everything.

Also, our family can pay for your study.

You don't need to be worried, just go to the city and study.

We only have you left.

We will focus solely on you.

Right here at Cu Lao Dua.

There's a group of young men always hanging out at the coffee shop

All-day, everyday.

Leave works at the farm for women.

Sometimes in the early morning, they play pool, cockfight.

or go drinking till late at night.

How could their lives get better?

The less educated people are the more chance they follow the wrong path.

She's right.

You go inside.

There are still computers left.

Why don't you go in?

I'm going to go to town to get some new games.

Let me go with you.

I'll play when I get back.

You want to go with me?


Sure. Let's go.

Muoi! Muoi!


Come here!

What's going on?

Look at them!

They're on the same bike, so what?

That means they're in love. I told you before.


So riding on a same bike means love?

If so, let me give you a ride someday then we'll see if you loved me.

Stop making fun of me.

I'm telling the truth.

Where's your sister?

We worked over Mrs.Muoi and she left early.

I thought she went home.

I didn't see her.

She must be over Hai Hien's Internet cafe.

Does she have a crush on Hai Hien?

No. She just likes video games.

People say playing video games is very addictive.

Mom, just eat.

We have to leave food for your dad and sister.

Oh, and also your brother.

I already left for dad and sister.

We don't have to leave food for my brother.

He never eats dinner at home.

Having a son like your brother is useless.

If you think so then there is a bunch of men just like him.

I know.

Only women from this town are this miserable.

Why did you give me this much rice?

I can't finish it.

Have some soda.

Thank you.

It's late. You should go home.

Are you kicking me out?

No, I am not. I'm just worried about your health.

Then, could you take me home?

Take you home?


Sure. Drink some water and then we go.


Ba My!


Let me ask you.

What's up, mom?

Do you where did your dad go to work this morning?

I don't know.

He didn't tell you?

He never tells me anything.

But he usually gets home by this time, not matter drunk or not.

Why hasn't he home yet?

Are you worried?

Yeah. I don't know why I feel so anxious.

Let's go find him.

Ut also hasn't gotten home yet.

And Hai is nowhere to be found.

Let me get a flashlight and I'll find dad.

I'll go with you.

Let's go.

Do you have a crush on anyone?

I do have one.

But...I don't have the courage to tell her yet.

What do you think about me?

I think you as my little sister.

Please stop the bike.

What happened?

Thank you but I can walk from here.

But the road is very quiet.

I have my flashlight.

Flashlight? So what?

I cannot let you walk by yourself.

I'm used to it. You should go home.

Check the field bank.

Also the gardens.

Don't you remember he always sleeps under a tree?

I keep getting worried.

About what?

I'm worried about your dad getting too drunk and fell into the field.

Don't say unlucky things, mom.


You know he always be like that.


There's a fork in the road, should we turn left or right?

Let's go straight.

Is that Ut Huong?

Mom! Sister!

Where are you going?

Where have you been?

I played video games. But where are you guys going?

We're looking for your dad.

He's not home yet?

That's why we're looking.

He's not this way. I'm just going from there.

Mom should go home.

Let us go. Here. Take my flashlight.

You go home. Let us do the searching.

Then you guys go. I feel quite worried about leaving the house.

Check the filed bank.

Got it.

Bye, mom.

You go out too much.

Let's turn.

Check carefully at the river bank.

Point the flashlight to the trees.

I'm doing it.

Check right here.

Don't say it's gonna be like the last time.

Dad sleeps and hugs the tree, again?

Don't say that.

But...think about having a husband like mom

So miserable, right?

I'd rather be single than having a husband like dad.

Yeah, for sure.

He uses all the money he makes for drinking.

She gave birth to us.

She has to work and raise us all by herself.

Why didn't Hai Hien take you home?

He did take me home but only halfway, then I asked him to let me walk home.

Why was that?

I just didn't want to.

I thought you like him.

He doesn't like me.

So, who does he like?

He likes you.

That's ridiculous.

No. I'm telling you the truth.

He only asks you out, not me.

I only went because you didn't.

Let's find dad, hurry.

Why are you sitting here?

How can I sleep? I'm waiting for them.

Where are they?

They're looking for your dad.

Dad isn't home yet?

That's why they're looking for him.

You go and help them.

Okay, okay.

To be honest, I wouldn't go like this without you.

Yeah, me too.

Not because of dad, I wouldn't go.

I rather go out than go around like this.

My feet are killing me.

It's been a while. I'm sick of this.

Someday when you get married to an alcoholic, you'll see.

Not in a million years. I'll never marry an alcoholic.

We'll see.

We don't know that for sure.

Being a woman is hard.

Who said that?



Point your flashlight down here.

There's someone there.

Ut Huong!

That's our dad.

Ut Huong!

Let me go down there.

What should we do?

Look carefully.

What are you doing here?

Dad is down there, bro.

What's with dad?

Dad is down there.

Hurry up.

Oh my god! Dad!


Thank you for being here.

Tu, please don't be sad.

Everyone has their own fates.

Please be strong.

There are still your kids.

Please stop crying.

Thank you.


Hey, take care of your mom.

I'll go home now.


Goobye kids.

Oh dear,

Why did you die so miserably?

Please mom.

You've been crying all days.

Only now I start to love him.

You wished for his death all the time when he was alive.

I didn't pray for that.

I was just saying that because I was so mad at him.

Don't you remember?

He had never brought any money back for me.

He was always drunk.

He smashed everything. How couldn't I be mad?

Even when I said so, I still love him, we were married.

We've worked so hard but there's not much money.

Our whole life, we've never had a day when we get full or wear pretty clothes.

Oh god.

Why being a human is so hard?

We're uneducated

Have no land

That's why we have to be employees. What else can we do?


I can't live like this anymore.

What can you do about it?

Maybe you want Hai Hien's shop.

You shouldn't say that.

He only sees me as his little sister.

He told me directly.

I don't worry about you girls.

In this house, you are the one that I'm worried about the most

Why would you worry about me?

So you are going to cockfight for your whole life?

Mom. In this town, people cockfight for a living.

They still doing fine.

What's gonna happen if you get married?

I'm still gonna live like this.

Only who is nuts that's going to marry you.

Please, mom.

Now your dad is dead.

You guys take care of your own future.

Big sis.

Why all of a sudden Hai Hien told you that he just saw you as his little sister?

I asked him.

Why would he say that?

Because I asked him. That's why.

How did he say exactly?

So that's true.

What's true?

So you've known he likes you for a while, haven't you?

That's why he's been flattering me.

That must be why he didn't charge me when I played video games.

He even bought soda for me.

Then took me home.

He didn't want to ask me out.

Why didn't I get that?

Whenever we met, he just asked about you.


But hey!




Let me ask you something.

It would be great if you marry someone like Hai Hien.

Stop it.

What would be great about that?

I'm telling the truth.

He has a decent job too.

Marrying him will be a blessing.

It's not like marrying someone

who is always drunk.

In this town, marrying someone who is not always drunk is extremely difficult.

But it still depends on destiny.

Who knows what going to happen?


I don't want to marry someone from the countryside.

Always average boring life.

So boring.

I like a more exciting life.

I think just like you.

How about we get out of here?

That's the only chance to get a better life.

How can we do that?

Did you burn incense for your dad?


Why didn't you pour him some wine?

I just bought it this noon.

You keep pampering him.

When he was alive, you didn't want him to drink.

Now he's dead, you buy wine for him.

That's weird.

Come one. He's already dead.

Have some wine, dad.

Remember what I pray to you.

Bless me with a win this noon.

You are going to cockfight again?

Yeah. I can't stop.

Here, mom.

Where's your sister?

She said she was tired and didn't want to go.

Today we're gonna work at Mr.Chin, right?


Let her rest. Let's go.

Where are you going?

Please give me a ride.

Here's my bag.

Why are you crying?

Please take me to the city.

Why is that?

I'm going to find a job.

Are you sick of being a farmer?

I'm not sick of looking for a new job.

If things keep going like this

I just can't take it anymore.

You are not wrong.

We go to work everyday and still barely enough to pay for food.

Then when are our lives going to get better?

If I only work enough to pay for food to live by.

Then why bother living at all.

What can we do?

So you want to go to the city?

Is there any bus left in town?

There are lots of them, available anytime.

Please take me there now.

But you have to stop crying.

I can't take you if you cry.

Stop crying.

Here a helmet.

Sit tight.


Hi Muoi!

Would you like some Banh canh?

Sure. I'd love some.

Where did you go?

I went to town.

For what?

I gave Ut Huong a ride.

Why did she go to town?

Not in town. Just a bus stop in town. So she could go to the city.

Why did she go to the city?

To eat Banh canh!

I'm ordering Banh canh. Stop asking. I'm so hungry.

I'm sorry. Coming right now.


Bon appetite.

But hey Muoi!


Why did Ut Huong left to the city?

I'm really hungry, stop asking me.

She's looking for a job in the city.

And hey.

I'm not gonna eat.

I'm eating. What now?

Why kids these days love to left to the city?

They find jobs there.

They keep going so all we have left here is the elderly.

How about we also left to the city?

Why would we?

To find a job.

We're too old.

Nobody is gonna hire us.

Where are you going?

No, thanks.

Where do you want to go?

No, thanks.

Where are you going?

Do you have a job? I can introduce you.

What's kind of job?

A waitress.

The salary is quite good.

Do you like it? I could ride you there.

Don't worry. This is a nice place.

Don't worry.

Let's go.

So, could you take me there?

Okay, let's go.

Come here, hurry.

Don't worry. The owner is very nice.

Hai! Hai!

Hai! Hai!

I found someone who could be your waitress.

Come closer.

Let's see.

She's so cute.


Get her bag.

Take her to her room.

Follow me.

How much money was my ride?

Leave it to me.

You just go.

Let's go.

What's this?


Ut Huong wrote a letter said she'd left to Saigon.

Oh my god!

How dare she ran away from home?

I think she went to Saigon to look for a job.

Is she really looking for a job?


Why there so much happening?

When dad died, you said we had to take care of our own lives.

That must be why she left.


Even though I said that.

I'm still going to take care of you guys.

She went to the city all by herself.

She doesn't know anything.

Okay okay. Let me go to Hai Hien's cafe to find her.

Hurry up.

How dare she did this?

Why am I so miserable?

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