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I didn't think of this,

Q. What was the hardest song?

I usually don't think every songs are hard at all..

But I thought I was going to die doing [Don't Call Me]


It's not about the dance but there were so many people and

the formation was really difficult so

It was hard while practicing and preparing for the song.

[Into The New World] was the hardest.

Once you dance, you can't dance from beginning to finish again.

[Into The New World] and

[Into The New World] and [Not Shy] were the hardest.


I'm going to pick [Spring Day] of BTS.

We crossed the river, and mountain,

When the car came, we stopped and filmed again.

[BTS - ON]

The dance was really hard.

It was really windy while filming so

So it was really cold and tough

and required a lot of strength.

Suga's part of [Dionysus]

Because there was a process of creating something out of nothing, I chose it as the most difficult choreography.

I think it was [NCT - 90's Love].

It was hard to follow TEN's unique flexible dance

It was hard to follow TEN's unique flexible dance in a short period of time.

After all,

After all, [Don't Call Me].

Everyone was physically exhausted during the shoot,

so we took a lot of break.

[MIC DROP] was the hardest for me.

It's not hard to dance but,

I had a runny nose because it was winter.

There was a lot of dust, so I had a black runny nose.

It's not hard, but the environment was dirty, so it's memorable.

The song that's famous for hard choreography,

I think [Into The New World] was the hardest.

It was a dance that was good for losing weight.

[I'm The One]

My body's broken after dancing that song and it's not recovering.


It was cold and I wasn't feeling well,

I keep dancing in a warm state, so I had a hard time filming it.

[Me Gustas Tu] was the hardest.

I knew the dance so that was okay but

(Vaulting horse) All I need to do was jumping but there were two people down there,

So if I made a mistake, those two could get seriously hurt.

So that kind of pressure?

I had to practice a lot, but I couldn't say it

because the people at the bottom are tired.

It's a song that was really hard on my own.

[Me Gustas Tu]

Passing under the vault...

It was a little psychologically

It was a little psychologically demanding...

and I was hurt so I bit the bullet.

[Can't You See Me] and

[Can't You See Me] and [Ponzona] that I did recently.

[Can You See Me] is the dance that's easy to get bruises on knees.

So it was hard because I got bruise deeply.

Ponzona was physically challenged.


my Achilles tendon is short,

so I fell a lot.

[Feel Special]

I don't usually get exhausted,

but when I do Feel Special, it was too hard

that I couldn't finish the song.

SoYoung.P was

having hard time, too.

The one that's memorable because it's the most recent,

and physically demanding..

I think [Don't Call Me] was the hardest.


Physically, [Don't Call Me] was hard,

[Feel Special] and

[Feel Special] and [Not Shy]?

It was so hard because it didn't the songs didn't fit me.


I had to do it quickly in such a short time, so it was really hard.


(It's been a while since I've been discharged from the military and) It was really hard to make impression.

[Dance The Night Away]

It was summer, and there was a heat wave warning.

It was 32? 36? degrees Celsius and

We danced running dance barefoot on the water park floor,

So I couldn't breathe.


I think it was really hard because of the choreography.


[HALA HALA], [Tiger]

and [Jopping], these three were the hardest.

The filming location was really high heliport? like that.

So I was a bit scared.

[MORE & MORE] and

[MORE & MORE] and [In The Same Place].


[NUNU NANA] and [ME] were the hardest.

I was struggling to memorize it because it was so different from my style

So I had hard time memorizing it,

I think I was flustered when filming? So it was really hard.

[90's Love]

Since I've started dancing,

it was the first time that I couldn't breathe at the end of the shoot.

[Don't Call Me] recently.

[Tiger] was the hardest.

Q. What was the easiest choreography?

[iKON - Why Why Why]

The choreography of all chorus were the same,

and there was almost no choreography for Bobby's rap in the second verse.

[Black Swan]?

If I only think of choreography,

If I only think of choreography, [Dolphin]?

It was so easy to memorize so I memorized it quickly and easily.


Because the choreography was easy.


Because it was dance routine.


I was a backup dancer, but it was fun and easy personally.

[MI Gente]

Maybe it's because it's short. I practiced a lot shorter than I thought.


I think it was easy to make impression because it's the style I like.

[AH YEAH] was the easiest.

BTS's [Dynamite].

I think it was easy because we finished the choreography in a day or two.

: I think there were a lot of repetitions and break.


I think the choreography itself was easy.

Though making impression was difficult.

I think [Power Up] was the easiest.

I think there's nothing. All of them were hard.



I think I got all three verses in half an hour.


[BBoom BBoom]

The choreography was really addictive,

I think it fitted me well, so it was easy.

This is not BBoom BBoom.

[Snap Shoot]?

It wasn't an easy song because it was SEVENTEEN's song,

but since I like refreshing songs,

I think it was easy to do it because it was fun.

I think [Why Why Why]'s choreography itself was the easiest.

[Why Why Why]

Because I didn't have a choreography in 1st verse.

I think the song [Why Why Why] ended very quickly.

I think we finished the chorus perfectly in a day?



I think I did it quickly because the dance was simple.

I think the choreography that fits me well is easy.

The dances fitted me really well were

[How You Like That] and [Oh My God].


The dance was really easy.

I think [Hmph!] was the easiest.

I think [Bungee] was the easiest.

[HOME;RUN] recently.

Since I really like SEVENTEEN, so I think the choreography came into my head easily.

[STAYC - SO BAD (Tak Remix)] and


[12 O' Clock]

It was the most fun.

Q. What do you think is your strength?

I think I dance not in a not stuffy but cool way.

Not just hook but like this.

I didn't think of this,

In a good way, brightness?

In short, optimistic?

Trying to show various sides?

Affinity? Affinity.

Leadership and dance?

Leadership and dance? Dance line?

I think it's an elongated body.

I think it's the power to show you in the video when dancing.

As I have long arms and legs,

A cool dance line?

I think there's only strength...

Makeup or something that

fits the part(role) like something?


Good at talking?

I've won MVP in the 'A vs B Debate King'.


Brightness, smile.

Digestive power?


Good variety show skills

The thing that I hold up my end whatever the song I'm in?

(And) Bright energy?

I don't know if I can say it myself but

dancing in a cool way?

I think I'm good at using facial expressions.

I think it's a smile with eyes...

When I think about it, I don't know well but

Someone left a comment on my .zip video.

That I'm like an all-rounder.

I'm good at both as a support and main

So I think that's my advantage.

I think bright and positive are my strengths.

Of course, I'm young, but

I've heard a lot that I look a little younger than my age,

So maknae face that look younger?

The concept and the choreography absorbing power?

I think I'm good at that.

Of course it's flaming charisma.

Dance line?

I hope it's dance line?

Compared to the beginning, these days,

I know that on which side my face looks prettier

So I try to show prettier side more?

I think that's what happened.

It can be a drawback,

I'm pretty stubborn so

even if everyone tells me to take a break

I just stand firm saying 'I'm okay.'

I think it's a little bit of a foolish beauty!.

Super Ultra Sexy Dancer

Yes, that's it.

I think my strength is being very positive.


(Matnae lines are looking at him strangely.)

Q. What's your ideal type?

My ideal type is a handsome person.

Handsome and...

Handsome and... who's personality is not young.

Winsome, cute

Winsome, cute and someone older?

Oh, I'm embarrassed.

I don't care about one's appearance but

I think someone who has big hands

makes me flutter.

I like someone kind, bearlike

and cozy.

A woman who takes good care of herself?

Someone who has a manly face

And he need to be considerate. A kind man.

Someone who's cute, kind

Someone who's cute, kind and mild.

Funny guy,

Handsome guy..?

Someone who plays well with me.

I like people who smile pretty.


Handsome, tall,

In terms of animals,

someone whose personality is like a big dog?

I like that kind of person.

I want someone who's taller than me,

and whose personality is compatible with me.

I wish his personality is not too strong.

Calm style.

Someone has something I can learn.

Someone who can communicate with me well,

Someone with good sense.

Feisty beagle-like?

Feisty beagle-like? I can say like that.

Since I'm very energetic,

I hope she's a woman who can play with me.

I'm fascinated with cold and rough vibes.

Can I really say everything?

Someone who's sexy,

Someone who's sexy, in a good shape,

Someone who's sexy, in a good shape, courteous, polite,

Someone who's sexy, in a good shape, courteous, polite, who respects old people,

Someone who's sexy, in a good shape, courteous, polite, who respects old people, never uses bad language, doesn't smoke,

I just like someone who follow the basic rules.

Someone who looks great with glasses,

Someone who looks great with glasses, kind,

Someone who looks great with glasses, kind, a bit crazy

Someone who looks great with glasses, kind, a bit crazy but not weird.

Kind person.

I want someone shorter than me,

and who looks good with both short and long hair.


(It's not choosing from the members, but your ideal type.) Oh, really?

But still WoongGyeom, WoongGyeom.

I like someone who's winsome

and someone who I can get in touch with well.

Among actors,

Park Min Young who was on 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim'


You just need to be a little taller than me.

Someone who has such a clear plan for the future?

Someone who's good at cooking makes me flutter.

Someone who looks good on a mustang jacket rather than a cardigan.

I like someone has a chic image.

Someone I like.

My ideal type is divided into two.

Yoon Sanha of ASTRO.

I like round and cute image.

Second, actor Lee Kiteak, whose features are very clear.

Someone who has cat face and

Someone who has a cat face and big mouth.

I like Shin Sekyung.

I like friendly

I like friendly and caring person.

I don't have an ideal type

Someone who smiles a lot

Someone who smiles a lot and kind

I don't have an ideal type.

Someone who's skinny,

Someone who's skinny, kind,

Someone who's skinny, kind and who has a pretty smile.

Just someone I like.

I've been begging and begging and begging

Do you think there is?

No, there isn't.


I think I wasn't prepared well.

I really want to film again.

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