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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The BEST Deconstruction Scene In Modern Animation | The Money | Gumball | Alpha Jay Show

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- [Jay] Hey oh, what is up, everyone?

It is the Alpha Jay of the AlphaJayShow,

and today we are going to be talking

about The Amazing World of Gumball.

I could have talked about any episode,

but I decided to talk about one of the best,

if not the best, deconstruction scene from Gumball.

Do you remember that scene from Chowder

where they lost funding and literally went

from animation to live action

and had to raise funds in order

to get their funding back?

This scene in this episode rivals that,

but first, I want to thank the folks over

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The app is so fun to be on,

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It's all in the links down below,

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and let's start off this second sponsored review.

- Look at me.

What do you see?

I'm still a child.

Nothing in my life has been decided yet.

I am free.

I haven't sold out to a job I hate.

I don't have to be a part of this dirty rat race

that ruined the world,

chasing money I don't need to buy stuff I don't want.

I'm free to make my own choices.

So, yes, Larry, I will have fries with that.

- [Jay] I kind of feel like this parallels me in a sense.

I've always wanted to do my own thing on this channel,

and many channels, even animation reviewers,

have thrived by doing this.

However, at the same time, the topical,

new, trendy stuff is there,

and some people want to do stuff like that

because people are searching for this,

and people can supply it,

and I've been in this gray area

because I do want to talk about topical content faster,

but at the same time, on my own terms.

I don't want to become ensnared

in whatever is happening now.

I want to be able to talk about

the latest episode of the latest series one day,

and the next day, talk about a '90s show,

and then the next day, talk about a few shows

in the late 2000s,

and I think I achieved an audience that accepts that,

but at the same time,

I cannot deny that there is a section

of my audience that probably loves the now,

in your face, videos about what's happening now,

and it's that back and forth battle

that made me want to review this specific episode here.

Nicole both tears down Gumball

when he gives this speech here

but also tears down Anais for tearing down Gumball.

Classic Nicole,

she tries to pay for the meal,

but the card has been declined for insufficient funds.

Richard, having transferred the money

into an offshore bank account

via not doing it necessarily properly

but throwing the money into an ocean

after transferring it to gold,

has made the family broke.

This entire sequence is why I love Gumball.

It's so quick.

It never feels like they're trying too hard

to make you laugh.

I love it.

Even the small things,

like Larry offering them a commercial deal

and Nicole replying to Larry

while still on the floor drinking the tears

that they are reduced to having

because they can no longer afford the water bill,

really make the joke work

and separates this show here

from the other comedy shows around it.

Some people may not even notice

the small things the show does really does to add up

to the aesthetic and uniqueness of the show,

and when some other shows deem

these smaller details unimportant,

it really does blow up in their face

how bland and unsuccessful they tend to be.

Gumball rejects being stereotyped

into an Elmore family that anyone can relate to

based off of market studies,

and the family surprisingly agrees with him,

which is odd but a good type of odd,

especially since they were calling him out earlier.

- What?

There's nothing in there.

- Exactly.

Where's all the food?

- Gumball, you're the one who wanted us

to keep our dignity and not sell out.

This is what happens when you can't buy things.

You don't have things.

- Then why'd you all listen to me?

- [Jay] Nicole explains the consequences

of Gumball's actions,

and both are upset but understanding

and supporting of the decision that Gumball made

that even he didn't fully understand.

Although it is weird that they don't have any food

in the fridge,

I guess maybe that explains why they went out.

So after some more jokes that are

in the classic Gumball style

as well as the power going out at comedic timing,

they decide to use the light of passing cars

to go about their day.

Let's take another popular comedic show,

everyone's favorite show and Nickelodeon's favorite show.

In both of these shows,

I bet that pain while in the dark would be

a heavy factor of their comedy.

Although Gumball is a pain magnet in the series,

the writers know how to work beyond that,

whereas Squidward or Beast Boy

would have gotten hurt in some way or form

for cheap laughs.

Maybe they would do some type of bait and switch,

where it looks like they're looking

at something frightening,

and it ends up to be harmless,

added bonus if there was something frightening

that ends up attacking them

that was originally depicted to look harmless

in some type of rule of three manner.

It's so predictable and paint by numbers sometimes

from these shows.

Not all the time,

but when you see the comedy in Gumball,

it feels like so much effort is put

into making the joke shine.

- Just our stuff getting repossessed

by these low life, bottom feeding,

undereducated, unhygienic, slimy,

no neck, toxic, triple chinned,

oxygen wasting, crude, gutless,

foul smelling, buck tooth, corrupt,

felonious, disgraceful, disease ridden,

bow legged, yellow bellied, back stabbing,

ghoulish, vulgar, despicable,

worm headed, worthless stains.


- I'm only doing my job.

Why are you so mean?


- [Jay] Now, I've criticized the overly long gag

in Gumball's The Ollie

where Darwin expresses criticism

that Gumball's a skater

and Gumball does an over the top reaction.

However, there, I feel as though the joke

seemed very plain and had no layers.

I feel like here, because the guy looks intimidating,

because she said so many things that could be true,

because her face looks stretched out,

because it goes on long enough

but then goes on even further,

because of his reaction and then her reaction,

all of these come together for what is

their trademark style of humor.

Richard, being the lovable idiot that he is,

crashes the car and gets

what was probably a car worth thousands

for a mere 100 bucks at the junkyard.

We get some pretty depressing shots

of the now empty Watterson home

along with the Imaginate song

that I will link in the card.

Feel free to pause here if you want to hear it

in its entirety.

Not as great as Darwin's singing in The Matchmaker,

I don't even think anything in Gumball

can even top that,

but it's more comedic

and better than its comedic show counterparts.

They end up taking subtle jabs at product placements.

I mean, what kind of loser places

an advertisement in a video?

I bet it's the type of loser

that has a panda for an icon

and confuses Zane as the Ninja of Water.

- How about we do it in another country?

Nobody will ever know.

- (murmuring) Burger.

(speaking in a foreign language)

(murmuring) Burger.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- I know Nicole already had such a passionate fandom

for her specifically.

With this her fans probably went up

about six to weaboo percent.

Now after Gumball does a, and then the opposite happens,

joke correctly,

insert a take that joke to the latest

and hopefully last season of Fairly Oddparents,

we get this scene here.

This is a beautiful deconstruction scene,

and I want to deconstruct it here for you all.

So Gumball begins to lose his color

in a smooth manner as well as everyone else.

Darwin both loses his design

and his clear, crisp voice.

They also begin to lose their background assets,

background music, even the animation look,

as they go from storyboard to even doodles

on a Post-it note.

The audio also sounds very glitchy

and overall unprofessional.

All of this feels like they put effort

into appearing low effort and thus,

it gets a pass.

It doesn't feel cheap,

rather something that probably took a lot of time,

skill, cleverness, and creativity to make.

I love how Nicole screams in terror

when her hand is, quote, erased and, quote, re-drawn.

I love how Rocky kind of disappears

into nothingness as the bus goes

from fully done to not fully done

in a rather jagged, in a good way,

rushed and well done way.

I also love how during the Post-it note phase,

their lines became less professionally recorded,

most notably when Larry is talking.

The lack of hit detection and lip syncing,

the absence of color and texture

as well as the in betweens in the animation going away,

all of those little things that I said earlier

separate Gumball from the rest.

This scene is meta without being in your face about it.

This is how the story would go,

and it impresses people by being what it is,

a literal, over the top deconstruction

of the Watterson family without money,

both in universe with them losing the house at first

but also that added layer that without funding,

they couldn't make the crisp,

smooth, professional,

and well received animation that they do.

Let's not forget when the family signs the contract

and the transformation back

into their normal selves occur.

This is one of the many reasons

why I love The Amazing World of Gumball.

Gumball gives another speech,

which is weird because he kind of lived the life

of not selling out,

although Nicole could simply get a job,

but let's not think about that at all.

Let's not think about Nicole's job.

Let's not think of the source

where all of the money came from.

So Gumball sees the amount of money

they're offering and.

Some days you wanna take it easy and free

With some country goodness for your family

Kick on back and smile for a while

Have a Joy Burger

Do it in style

(upbeat beat boxing)

Finally a place I can call home

Thank you Joyful Burger


- [Jay] And that was Gumball The Money.

The episode really does well

with the concept of being meta,

and obviously the highlight of this episode

was the great deconstruction scene

at the end which again,

is one of the best deconstruction scenes

I've seen in modern animation.

The comedy flowed well throughout,

and the song,

while something I don't really care too much about,

didn't stay too long and isn't something

I wouldn't mind listening to again.

But what do you think about this episode?

Do you think that this

is a great deconstruction scene towards the end?

Do you find the irony of me reviewing this episode?

Let me know in the comments down below.

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