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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Listen To English - Late and Live from England - Football - Moths - Heat - Separate Taxis

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so it's Wednesday again yes these weeks keep flying by

did you see the football match last night some people believe that Colombia

should have won the match whilst others believe that England played a fair game

anyway England are through to the next round of the World Cup even I watched it

and I'm not even a fan of football coming up later we have mr. Steve who

will be here to talk about all sorts of things and of course you are here on the

live chat and you are more than welcome to say hello during this special

livestream after all it's Wednesday night it's just after 10 o'clock here in

the UK and this is Late and Live English

doop doop doop doo doo... how are you today

oh yes what a week it's been for the whole population of not just England but also

the United Kingdom it's been a very interesting 24 hours hi everybody this

is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy I really really hope so yes I am feeling so happy today

and I hope you are too because well did you see the football match last night

there is only one story in town as far as the population of this country is

concerned I'm not sure about the other country I'm not sure about Colombia hmm

apparently all of the presenters last night who were commenting on the match

we're all pronouncing the name of Colombia wrong it's true so here we go

again it's Wednesday night and this is live English late and live and of course

it's myself mr. Duncan how is my hay fever I can already hear people asking

yes there it is there is the question how is your hay fever mr. Duncan my hay

fever isn't too bad it is there but it isn't causing me too many problems at

the moment although having said that anything can happen because this is late

and live English and of course we can't start off the show without having a look

out of the window so here is the view earlier tonight so here is something I

recorded earlier looking out you do window and there you can see the

sun is about to set and you can also see lots of flies and insects flying

around they are a real pain in the neck at the moment I must admit they are an

absolute pain whilst outside earlier I was being bitten and all sorts of

insects were trying to suck my blood from my body and I was saying go away go

away you annoying insects you can't have my blood I need it and here is the view

outside right now and there it is now you can see that the sun has gone and

it is starting to get dark so there it is the live view looking out talking of

live views at half-past ten mr. Steve will be talking to us live from outside

yes I thought tonight we would do something a little different so for the

first few moments of mr. Steve's arrival here tonight he will actually be outside

and I thought it would be interesting to see if we can actually do this so it

might all go wrong so if you are looking forward to seeing something go

completely wrong you've probably come to the right place because it might be a

complete disaster so please stick around for that I know that people love to see

the views in my garden so I thought it would be nice to see some more shots in

the garden as well okay then here is the view tonight

around the garden the view this evening when the sun was still in the sky there

it is and the garden looking very nice in fact mr. Steve at the moment is

outside watering the plants he's actually putting water on the plants

because many of them are starting to dry up as you will see in a few moments you

want to see what's happened to the poor Dahlia

it does not look very well at the moment but there you can see many of the plants

don't seem to be suffering very much because of the heat yes the heat wave in

the UK is still continuing it is still happening and today it was very warm

about 26 degrees and there you can see if you look closely you can see that the

grass is looking very dry and this is something that is happening across many

parts of the UK at the moment many areas have become very dry and you can see

there the grass that the back of my house is looking very dry and in some

parts of England there have been serious fires across areas of grassland and

there have been some terrible fires and can you believe it one of the fires was

started deliberately someone started the fire on purpose now can you believe that

can you believe that there are such silly people around that would do

something like that to start a fire during a heatwave crazy and there you

can see languishing and enjoying the evening sunshine you can see the cows

and also the bullocks as well enjoying the evening sunshine

so there they are this evening I didn't see them today until until this evening

they suddenly appeared so I think I think the cows and the Bullock's have

been hiding in the shade that's what I think anyway so there it was would you

like to see mr. Steeves de leus oh dear it's such a sad thing poor mr. Steve's

wilting dahlias look you can see mr. Steve's dahlias have been suffering from

the heat they really do look in a sorry state if something is in a sorry state

it means it looks awful maybe it looks untidy

or maybe unhealthy so you can say that something is in a very sorry state and

that means that the thing in question the thing you are talking about doesn't

look very good maybe it looks unwell so there you can see the dahlias are really

suffering they are a very sorry sight they look very dry and as you can see on

the screen they are wilting wilting if something wilts to wilt means to lose

your springiness or your energy you start to collapse you start to fade away

you start to wilt and also wither oh dear that doesn't sound very good does

it so there you can see the sights tonight

in the garden and everything is very dry mr. Steve was outside earlier watering

his flowers and we will see mr. Steve in 15 minutes time

outside he will be outside hopefully we'll be able to see him because it's

starting to get dark now so it'll be very interesting to see how how well it

comes out one thing I'm forgetting of course we can't forget about the live

chat and there it is yeah who was first on tonight's live

chat I don't know I'm going to have a look I think yes Pedro Pedro Belmont is

first on the live chat Francisco is also here hello Francisco and also hello to

all of the classmates watching tonight thank you very much Julie Julie Ramos or

Ramos is here also Gretel Gretel Luciano says hi guys

hi to you as well also Arslan ours LAN Ali says hi to everyone that's very nice

I always love to see your warm welcomes I always like to see all of the lovely

greetings at the start of the live lesson because it makes me feel very

very welcome just as you are Fran's civil friend civil oh I like your

name by the way France of all France evil Pig Sato I

hope I pronounced your name right and also Nicole is here buzz Wow mr. Duncan

I'm happy to see you again are you happy yes I'm very happy because England won

the football match last night so they will be playing I think it's the

quarter-final is it the quarterfinal I think it is

so hopefully England will get through to the semi-final so all remains

be seen oh did you hear that something very strange is happening in my studio

at the moment I have a new mobile phone at the moment and unfortunately there is

something that's built into the phone that keeps talking to me even though I

don't want it to I'm sure if you own an Apple phone you

will know exactly what I'm talking about if something is in a sorry state it

looks awful yes you are right to be in a sorry state yes an idiom that

means to look unwell or to look as if you might be losing your energy or your

life or maybe you look untidy you are in a very sorry state

hello mr. Duncan and mr. Steve were you crazy last night over the England team

win well I was watching here but mr. Steve wasn't here last night he was

actually away on conference but he went out with some of his work colleagues and

they were watching the football match in a pub and Steve said it was very very

noisy people were getting very excited and even Steve got a little bit excited

as well about the football match which is very unusual because neither Steve

nor myself neither of us follow football so yes

very interesting so the live chat is up and running and as you can see you are

more than welcome to say hello on the live chat

and of course I am here as well mr. Duncan is my name and teaching English

is my game I've been on YouTube for over eleven years it's true I'm not joking

and you can catch me live on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time and as you can see now you

can catch me every Wednesday at 10 p.m. UK time so now it is 20 minutes past 10

o'clock and for some people some very lucky people you will have live

subtitles at the moment so not everyone will have them some people will and some

people won't but is a new it's a new feature that YouTube has just introduced

I'm living some of the messages by the way on the live chat oh yes mr. Duncan

you must cut your wilting flowers so that the other birds will grow yes you

are right Nicole that is true yes that's exactly what I'm going to do I will cut

the old flowers off and then I will add some hopefully some new ones will appear

hello mr. Lincoln from Bolivia rose yellow is here hello red jello nice to

see his hair there and also I'm trying to get another message on the screen but

it's not working at the moment how annoying mr. Duncan I was shouting

loudly because the England team won yesterday Thank You Gretel for that yes

even people who didn't support or don't support England we're getting very

excited yesterday by the football match and even I was getting a little excited

so I was watching it here mr. Steve was watching it in another part of the

country but for those who are looking out for mr. Steve don't worry he will be

here very soon Steve was very busy earlier he was outside in the garden

do you want to know what he was doing he was doing what he does every evening he

was watering the flowers in fact he's still out there now doing it and we will

join mr. Steve in the garden in around about 9 minutes time it's very dark

outside so I hope we'll be able to see mr. Steve that's all I can say and

there's mr. Steve watering his plants and last night whilst mr. Steve was away

I was left in charge of the plants so it was my duty last night to water all of

Steve's lovely plants and there he is he is now filling up his watering can with

water from the tap fortunately this week we have water so we actually have water

tonight thank goodness if you remember last week we actually

had no water the water actually ran out last week so that was a very good but

tonight we do have water fortunately there is not a water shortage at the

moment here in the UK so you'll be pleased to hear that everything there is

all right oh look do you like that that's a little conifer a baby conifer

and that one gets dry every single day during the heat wave because it's very

small I like mr. Steve shoes do you like Steve shoes they're rather

nice they are their sandals sandals I love mr. Steve's sandals come on Steve

hurry up get that watering done so there he is

or should I say there he was earlier in the garden and we will be joining mr.

Steve very very soon hopefully he will have something very interesting to talk

about because of course today it is July the fourth the fourth of July and for

those who know their history you will probably know why why July the fourth is

a special day for some people Pedro says I was watching Oh watch the football in

the British pub looks very cool yes I'm not a big fan of pubs especially when

they're very busy and noisy but yes Steve said that everyone in the perb

last night was getting very very excited so I think it's safe to say that many

people last night were screaming and shouting and they were hoping that

England would win yes mr. Steve is a very busy bee at the

moment hello mr. Duncan Morocco is watching

Mohammed Toby hello to you and thanks a lot Gretl says I was so annoyed for you

and mr. Steve because of the last class there wasn't any water in your house yes

that's true last Wednesday last Wednesday we had no water can you

believe it but tonight we have water mr. Steve has been in the garden busy

watering his flowers would you like to see

my socks because I was out in the garden today in my socks I didn't put any shoes

on so here are my lovely socks the socks that I'm wearing tonight and there you

can see I am standing on the dry grass so that is the dry grass in the front

garden and you can see it is very dry very

burnt by all of the Sun we've had recently and it doesn't look very

healthy you might say that the grass looks like a very sorry sight a very

sorry sight mr. Duncan I can hear the sheep in the distance probably yes you

can probably hear the sheep in the distance because there is a microphone

outside right now ready to pick up mr. Steeves lovely voice that happening very

soon so yes you are right you can hear sheep in the distance it really does

sound like the countryside a beautiful place and so many plants and of course

this week it is the 70th anniversary of the NHS the National Health Service and

that is something that was created 70 years ago this week and it is something

that has helped millions literally millions of people during that

particular time so yes it's safe to say that the National Health Service is a

very good thing indeed I hope you were enjoying the sounds of mr. Steve moving

around so those sounds you could just hear weren't me they were mr. Steve he

is preparing to go live yes America celebrates its independence day

on the 4th of July yes so the 4th of July is seen as a special day in the

United States because that is the day when it became an independent country

and of course around the world many countries have become independent what

about you have has your country in recent years become independent born on

the 4th of July is is it a movie title yes you are right yes there is a movie

called born on the 4th of July and as I remember it is all about the

Vietnam War

aren't you hopped wearing your socks mr. Duncan yes I am a little bit hot I've

still got my socks on now but I am wearing my shorts so don't worry too

much about that yes quite a few people have got it right yes

the 4th of July today is the anniversary of American independence after the

Revolutionary War which took place between 1775 and 1783 so yes thank you

very much for all those who guessed correctly wow so many people tonight on

the live chat ah we have someone who has had an

Independence Day yes in Peru we celebrate our Independence Day well in

fact it will be this month on the 28th of July so on the 28th of July in Peru

they celebrate their independence day it is coming up to half-past ten half-past

ten is on the way I can see that mr. Steve is ready so without any

or delay we are going to do something very unusual I've never done this before

we are going to go outside into the garden and join mr. Steve in around

about 25 seconds time

do you this should be very interesting now this will either be successful or a

huge disaster so let's press the button and see what happens mr. Steve outside

with the beautiful sunset behind him you can see the red sky are you there I am

here mr. Duncan can you hear me I can you are very loud wait there a moment

now you don't have to turn me down mr. Duncan I know you like to be louder than

me on the live chat to everybody out there around the world and a special

welcome from me and to anybody watching in America the you are celebrating the

4th of July which I heard mr. Duncan talk about so congratulations on beating

us 200 odd years ago well he did are the French to help you you know what Steve

what's interesting is that the perception the view that people have of

the American war with Britain is not quite as people imagined because there

are other things involved did you know for example that the war was never

actually won did you know that in fact what happened was that the American

country they prolonged the war for as long as they could so the resources of

the British would be used up and when I say resources I mean money

well we weren't we were we were fighting see there the French turned to the

Americans and the French of course hated his back then they probably still do

because we were beating them left right and center so they they teamed up with

the Americans to try and try to try and to try and beat us but we were also

simultaneously fighting wars with France and Spain and other parts of the world

at the same time so all our resources as you quite correctly said mr. Duncan were

being used up to fight all these other Wars and also we were

to defend England at the same time so we just spread our resources too thinly and

in the end we lost but apparently in the beginning the the states that wanted

independence from the UK didn't really want complete independence they just

wanted us to give a bit more control to them and this is interesting because I

was at work as mr. Duncan said this week in Manchester Manchester which is sort

of north in the UK and probably the third largest city and so I was at work

and we was somebody who works for as is American and he was telling me all about

this and of course they have all these big celebrations don't they mr. Duncan

on the fourth of July they're parades in the streets have fireworks all the

families get together and they have parties and picnics it's a big

celebration day and would it be nice to be there of course we had a big

celebration yesterday as well I heard you're talking about the football match

that was very exciting I've never been in a pub surrounded with hundreds of

people when England have won a match I tell you if they hadn't have won I think

there have been riots in the street oh yeah I don't think I'd have got back

safely to the hotel in fact you were a little bit you were a little bit worried

weren't you because you thought III don't want to walk around Manchester

just in case England lose but fortunately fortunately

for Steve England actually did win and I think they are playing on I want to say

Saturday I think it's Saturday they're playing and they're playing Sweden I

believe they are I mean this is incredible we don't follow football at

all and we're finding out all sorts of things about it that's the wizard season

80 Steve that's the weird part you and I

are actually getting excited by football I know do you know we don't follow

football but yesterday when England won I actually stood up and cheered and I

was I was going all that patriotism came

rising to the surface that patriotism that there's always there because when

you grow up in a country and when when one country is is is pitted against

another in in what is you know the this huge match football match one country

against another all this patriotism rises in you and you get carried away

with the crowds and feel sorry for Colombia but someone's got to lose

unfortunately and we never normally win when it comes to having to score goals

penalties because it went to penalties England traditionally we always lose

because they're not very good at the penalty shootouts

yes but yesterday we did extremely well so well done I think it's a spooky out

here mr. Duncan because it's dark I've noticed like and behind you there's a

beauty you can see the sky is lovely and red look at that it's red as the jacket

that I've got often that the polo top with no stripes tonight but yes and it's

a bit I can hear Al's hooting I've got I've got sort of moths flying across my

field of vision there's things crawling around and in the bushes here and I've

got three watering cans by the side of me because I haven't finished my

watering yet being late back but you mr. Duncan while I was away I instructed you

to water all my plants and you've done very well you've done a very good job

thank you because they're all still alive I Kate I thought I'd come back

viewers and expect all my plants to be dead and wilted and dried up and

shriveled in the Sun and lo and behold mr. Duncan done a fantastic job well

well done mr. Duncan earlier in my plant earlier we were watching you watering

the flowers and also we had a look at the Dahlia and the Dahlia looks very

very unwell at the moment it looks very shriveled so the flowers are sadly

wilting well I've got to cut off the dead and dying flowers they call it dead

heading that's good cut off the dead flowers because that

will encourage the plant to produce new flowers so that it will continue

flower all through the summer and actually I went by train yesterday to

this meeting but my friend who gave me the day Lea brought me back because it

was on his way back home yes so he brought me back so I could show him the

daily that I've been looking after and he congratulated me and it was very

jealous and wanted back but no you're not getting it back it's mine now what's

funny Steve is that that he's a big collector of that particular type of

flower and he said how did you do it how did you make this flower look so amazing

and how did you manage to produce so many so many flowers he was quite

impressed do you want to have a look at my watering can yes because we were

watching you earlier for you you're watering your plants didn't know you

were watching me and filming me secretly mr. Duncan I'm always watching you he's

always watching me mr. Duncan I I can't get away with anything

right I've got three different sizes can you believe it or not I don't know how

interesting this would be but he is number one there we go that one holds

five liters is it full it's full up mr. Duncan it was quite heavy

then I've got a medium-sized one that holds I'm not sure I can't read it

it's writings too small but watering can looks huge wait till you see this one

mr. Duncan well that one is even bigger and that

holds ten liters so do you want me to go on water something you might disappear

into the darkness but let's try let's see I'll go over here I don't normally

water these plants but they're shriveling up a bit so I'll give them a

bit of water see you in a minute yeah so mr. steve is now going across

disappearing into the darkness as is watering the plants this might be one of

this there we go that's done that mr. Duncan

Pence's that'll keep those alive for a few more days I like the dramatic way

you threw the watering can away I always do that so you might come back inside

mr. Duncan yesterday actually looks very nice actually Steve it looks very very

effective with the the Sun set behind you

haven't you done well yeah mr. Duncan now yesterday you had to do something

which was very very unpleasant you mean go on public transport poor mr.

Steve yesterday he was suffering so much now now it's fair to say that neither

you nor me travel you or I we don't do we we rarely travel by public transport

no because i-i've got a car which I don't have to use for work so I use it

during my private time you know when I'm not at work and so sometimes there we

have meetings in the centre of cities like London or Birmingham or Manchester

and if the hotel where we're staying is right in the center of the town it's not

a good idea to drive sometimes because difficult to park lots of traffic so hop

on a train but I don't do it very often so I did do it this time and well it was

two hours to get there by train and I thought oh this looks this should be

alright as soon as I sat on the train i sat down it was very busy and I was sat

next to somebody this was 8 o'clock in the morning who let's just say must have

had a good night out the night before because he was very drunk muttering to

himself sleeping and I thought any minute now he's going to vomit all over

me but I'm going to arrive at the work meeting covered in sick but thankfully

he didn't he kept himself quiet but I had the smell of body odor and alcohol

all away for two hours on the train so when

my friend offered to give me a lift back I accepted because yes it's quite

strange going on public transport if you had to go don't go on it for a long time

you don't know what the etiquette is how you're supposed to behave where do you

look you look at people do I look out of the window or whether it's quite strange

it's years since I went on a train I can tell you what happens it's very similar

to the London Underground everyone pretends to be doing something so some

people pretend to be reading a book some people put their headphones or their

earbuds on and they they listen to music and then that will draw them away from

what is happening around them especially if the train is very busy and packed

full of people like like yours yesterday it was and it would be interesting to

see because obviously lots of people on this train do this trip every day

they're probably going to work or on business trips and they very used to

traveling on public transport so if you're interested to see how people cope

if anybody has any tips on how to cope with you know the etiquette or how

you're supposed to behave because what I think out I think I was getting some

very odd looks I think people could tell I don't normally travel on public

transport sounds a bit snobby I don't mean to sound snobbish just that

normally where we go a train isn't suitable because unless you're near a

train station where you're going to visit customers or we've got work

conferences that might not be in the centre of a town it's not suitable to go

on public transport so I'll just go in the car and you feel so much safer no

wonder people like driving in cars and don't want to give them up I can

understand Steve that's the reason why there are so many cars on the road and

that's the reason why everyone hates they really hate using public transport

in the UK it's the worst thing it really is but I think in other countries like

France Spain other Germany it's the public transport is better organized and

it's cleaner and more punctual I mean the station's itself where I had to

check change trains if it was winter it would

have been very cold waiting around for half an hour but anyway this is this is

what millions of people do every day and anyway I survived which sounds a bit

pathetic but I didn't come back my friend gave me a lift mr. Duncan it's

getting very it's getting a little chilly out here I feel a bit spooky like

something's gonna come out of the dark and attack me well don't forget at night

we get bats flying over yes they might they might they might try and land on my

neck and take some blood well and I can't see the live chat either mr.

Duncan so I'm I feel completely cut off well it's for everybody watching Steve

it's funny you should say that because people are complaining now because they

want to say hello to you and they can't because you're outside I'm coming inside

mr. Duncan will you let me come inside will you unlocked the doors I can't even

get in he's told me I've got to stay out here for the whole hour but I'm telling

you now I'm going to break a window to get in that's not true

no that isn't true I won't do that because it cost too much to repair it

but will you allow me mr. Duncan to come in from the cold

I will I shall see you in two minutes you you can come in mr. Steve there he

is poor mr. Steve so mr. Steve is now

coming into the studio so I hope you are looking forward to that so exciting

isn't it so mr. Steve is on this way back in and then we will see what mr.

Steve has been up to and of course for those who are getting very angry they're

saying we want to say hello to mr. Steve so the live chat is now on it is on the

screen and finally you will have a chance to say hello to mr. Steve mr.

Steve is here hello hello so now we have the live chat and you can see it so

there we go mr. Steve calm down mr. Steve we didn't

watch any anything inappropriate when mr. Duncan

showed you in the garden yes we had a look at mr. Steve watering the plants in

his sexy shorts and his his sandals I could have been doing it naked mr.

Duncan for all you know oh dear nobody can see you so I could I could easily

have just been wearing very inappropriate clothing or nothing at all

all I can say is that would definitely make the plants start to wilt that's not

the only thing that will be wilting in this heat missus almost go into that is

- Steve you're being so naughty there we've got somebody new Leena or liner oh

no no I think they're talking I don't know no I think lean is talking about

somebody else yes it might be sue sue sue Oh sue Reema hello sue rim is it

your first time here because do you always follow these online videos of mr.

Duncan yes everybody does thousands do sue thousand thousands million millions

in fact billions as welcome and please tell all your friends as well

Pedro was getting very angry because he wanted to say something to you he said

yes you seem like a snob me a snob mr. Steve because you didn't like to share

the train no that's it I don't like you well when you're famous like I am

obviously sharing a train with the general public is something that you

know isn't easy to do and naturally of course I was very annoyed at all the

people that kept coming up to me asking for autographs because they said we've

seen you or mr. Duncan's live shows it brought the whole train to a

standstill so it just goes to show how famous you are no that's it I mean how

many autographs I signed I just can't I just can't believe there were foreign

people from all over the world visiting the UK and they instantly recognized me

on the train I was virtually mobbed look a mother's coming now I've got the

window there are lots of insects now flying around is here in the studio

I've never all gone for your lights talking of nature by the way mr. Steve

we had we had a little visitor in the garden whilst you were away do you want

to see the little visitor that came to say hello oh isn't that lovely there it

is now on the screen now this little Goldfinch chick flew into my window and

it was a little bit stunned Goldfinch chick it's a it's a nut Goldfinch sorry

green Finch it's a green Finch chick and you can see it's a little bit dazed

let's have another look so this is the same bird a little later and it's

sitting on your daylian my Dahlia plant it's on mr. Steve's Dahlia how dare it

sit on there but isn't it cute have it didn't damage the plant it is very cute

yes but it was a bit stunned it was shocked because it actually flew into

one of our windows so it wasn't very happy but a few moments after filming

this the bird flew away and it was fine and I hope that it'll come back but I've

noticed this quite often with Birds when they fly into the glass they they often

rest for a while because they they seem very stunned they seem very shocked by

the event I suppose it's a bit like a human being so if something happens to

us we tend to do the same thing we we sometimes have shock we go into

something called shock maybe you can't move or maybe your

body overreacts to to a situation especially if you've been in an accident

and you bang your head it's probably that bird probably got something that we

would call concussion concussion where you bang your head and you can't think

straight for a while in fact you sort of I don't think you go unconscious I think

with concussion you're just a bit dazed a bit confused if you bang your head

against something like a piece of glass or you fall over and hit your head or a

brick falls on your head that's quite dangerous concussion because you can

swelling on the brain and they now say that even relatively small bangs to the

head can lead to all sorts of brain problems when you get older so you know

it's not a very good idea to hit your head and football is that that head the

ball mm-hmm even even if they just hit the ball with their head yes apparently

it's been shown that that can cause over a period of years heading the ball into

the net can cause damage to the brain that certainly explains a lot he does so

no wonder they get paid well I like the way Steve is still hiding in the corner

you can come a little bit closer in yeah all right we've got all this lovely room

now to play with I mean Steve still in the corner like a little shrinking

violet but I just wasn't looking where I was you can see right there right there

there where I am mr. Denker I'm a bit tired you know there was I shall last

for the whole hour because I've been getting late nights last night I've got

to admit mr. Duncan I had a few drinks last night at the perb I did indeed

somebody mentioned earlier where's my vodka the person whose name we can't

pronounce yes said where's my vodka last night I was drinking cider and beer oh I

see and I had a pint of cider and half a pint of beer and it was very nice Oh

naughty naughty but you enjoyed the football match also Brazil have gone

through half a oh I see that that was tonight as osseous says Brazil and

Russia have gone through yes so could we still have that England Brazil final

that I talked about well that was what that saw scible that's what people were

saying last night during the match I said it first last week I said it first

mr. Duncan do you remember I said there will be an England Brazil final I think

you did say I did say it it's on record you go back and watch the live stream

from two a week or so ago if that happens all that's gonna be very

difficult because I said that if England get knocked out I would then root for

Brazil Oh but now if it's an England Brazil final

I'm sorry but it's got to be England so the problem re Belarus here I'm sorry

the Belarusian is from Brazil oh I think Belarus E is from I want to say

Argentina ah but of course your your loyalty will be split no

because I want to go to Brazil Zack have said it many many occasions so but

obviously I couldn't possibly dare not support England you imagine that if I

publicly supported another country mmm no sorry it'll have to be England yes so

we will see what happens this weekend I think they're playing on on Saturday and

and another thing to bear in mind that's a big moth mr. Duncan that's just come

in shall I shut the window no it's okay it does prevent any more from coming in

there is a huge moth that's a very big moth in the studio at the moment did you

see it it landed on me a dude takes I'll be back in two ticks

Oh mr. Steve's going you can tell that this is life by the way we have the

windows open and now lots of insects are coming into the studio to say hi I think

they want to join him with the live stream oh that was good Steve could you

press by the camera awkwardly again there he goes

oh that's classic oh it's so professional here thank you Steve

oh god there's a big moth in here by the way it's only a moth but it's landed on

me now did you see that yes it's alright so your moth I know it's only a moth

we're live it's distracting mr. Duncan well yes it's part of the fun I'll just

go and examine it with this magnifying glass Oh No right yes well we had a

giant moth and you identified it didn't you the other week I did it's funny you

should mention that because I had a photograph here of the moth so whilst

the moth flies around the studio here is the moth that we saw last week in the

dining room it was flying around and it was huge and there it is a beaut

we'll specimen that two foot across about a meter across wasn't it mr. don't

it wasn't that big but it was large I had to carry you off yes it carried me

half way up the hill and then dropped me to give some idea of scale there how big

would you say that moth was in centimeters that's across I have no idea

but it's big it must it was about three centimeters three or four centimeters

wingspan would you say that I think across it was about three or four

centimeters yes yes that's right it was a very big moth and it made a very loud

noise when it bumped into the into the furniture hmm right we thought it was

going to smash through the window should we have another look at the live chat

mr. doom can I feel as though I'm neglecting people tonight you want to

see the caterpillar that this particular moth comes from because it's very very

interesting and I haven't given the name yet

so there is the caterpillar and as you said the other day to me you said oh I

think the caterpillar has has a horn on its body and as you can see it does does

anybody know the name of that caterpillar

yes I'm off so there's the moth have we got any clever people have we got anyone

who can use Google oh right yes I'm sure people now are googling it would be nice

well yes so there it is there is the caterpillar

and there is the moth that comes from the kurta pillow but what is it how

BIG's a caterpillar that's a bath bobber that's five centimetres long they're

quite big actually I think the actual caterpillar is quite big caterpillar

I love caterpillars they're so lovely and the birds like them as well have we

got any answers to the question let's have a look at the live chat mr. Steve

can't wait to see what's happening on the live chat I can't I get very excited

about the live chat what is it I don't like a moth says mica no no I bet I

think in Japan they must have lots of moths with it being very warm and also

at night I think the moths must be flying everywhere

Marion senior Oxford Shinri oh and so she said she's got it

as well yes that is my dictionary and also you can see my thesaurus as well

it's a very big one Pedro says he thought caterpillar was a company yes

he's right they make they make sort of diggers don't they any bigger they make

tractors and excavators and things fall for digging the ground things for

pushing lots of earth around so yes heavy heavy machinery

I would imagine one of their main competitors is probably JCB yes just say

yes they make similar things don't know they do so yes but this yes this one is

definitely a moth Francisco give us a very interesting tip you need to put

some mosquito nets on your window to avoid the moths entering yes I think so

another particular insect that is very annoying not so much here but if you go

to Scotland and you know what I'm going to say if you go to Scotland during the

summer there are certain areas if you visit you have to actually put netting

you have to put a net over your entire body you have to wear special clothing

I'm not joking I was watching a TV programme a couple of weeks ago and some

people were traveling to Scotland and they went to this beauty spot and when

they got out of there their little van everyone around them was wearing this

these strange Nets over their head because apparently that the whole area

is is swarming with mosquitoes they do they do I've heard this they have a big

problem in Scotland at certain times of the year with midges and mosquitoes and

it's a beautiful place Scotland beautiful to visit but if you

go in the summer there is a huge problem with midget I presume it is it near sort

of water or lakes or yes all over yes I believe it's near near the

locks all we've got so many questions tonight mosquito nets at the window did

you ever see Nicole says do we have fireflies I don't think we have

fireflies in the UK we don't have a seen fire I would love to see Firefly or do

we well I've never seen them no we don't get fireflies in the UK no I don't think

we have them here caterpillar moth no no one's got the

answer to that yet Lena wants to know about British drama

and plays well I'd love to tell you about that but that's quite a big

subject but maybe maybe yes maybe we could do a little 10-minute selection of

British drama and plays on Sunday was another live stream we could do that

definitely we have actually a very busy program on Sunday because I'm also going

to be playing a special video that was made especially for me by a group of

people in Turkey they went on a very special holiday and they dedicated the

whole trip to me which which was very very nice I must admit

and they made a lovely video so on Sunday I will be playing the video and

also mr. Steve will be here we can talk about some famous plays or maybe some

famous stories maybe I could do another reading we can bring back Shakespeare on

Sunday yes about four times and then stopped eating and then we stopped you

could show some of your acting skills you know how I love to show my acting

skills it's true Carlos says if I come to Brazil avoid public transport because

it's worse than yours yes I'm not sure about that we are public transport

public transport in the UK is pretty awful for many many years that there has

been very little money invested especially on the roads and also on the

rail so railways and trains they they are in a very

poor state a very poor condition pagani says hello from Costa Rica oh very nice

I think I think there must be lots of fireflies there very exotic somebody has

said something earlier it's just got off the screen mr. doe let me see if I can

just rewind that will be lovely

there we go you see jeff says mr. steve shirt goes so well with the set haha i

know what you do again Jeff I know what you're doing is however a repetition of

your use of the word set from Sunday but never mind you've got it in and

that's all that counts I think I think Jeff is being very

sneaky I'm going to keep my eye on Jeff because I think Jeff keeps trying to

introduce uses of the word set I think it might have been just slightly further

oh there's something else you want to look at that was yes there was something

there no no maybe it wasn't baby is your imagination yes I probably read it out I

thought it was something to read out and I thought there was somebody new and I

thought I'd missed something I don't like to miss anybody know we have we

have we have somebody called Gretel hello Gretel I love your name by the way

there's a famous story of course Hansel and Gretel Dressel that Luciano I think

it is Luciano yes also we have Carlos here hello Carlos

so yes if you come to Brazil avoid the public transport yes I've just said that

mr. Dean I know I know I'm just I'm just sort of reinforcing the advice hello

Bella yes I've missed you too long time and it's

nice to have you back and Bella's been watching all the videos well that's good

we always recommend of course yes all of my videos are in the playlists which are

underneath this video so the video you are watching at the moment there are

actually playlists that you can actually watch and

cat you can go through all of the playlists and they are under this video

they are so there and for those who want to get in touch because there are some

people believe it or not who want to get in touch with me you can email me there

it is the address appearing right now as if by magic on your screams and I was

saying sorry did you want to say something then I said I think it was

Anna said ah I have we got mosquitoes in the garden I can tell you yes I've been

bitten oh I've been bitten by a mosquito while I was outside doing the watering

because they come out at night and they love me

mosquitos love me they go straight for my veins actually mosquitoes is very

injured can I tell you an interesting fact about mosquitoes it was Anna some

people say they don't get bitten by mosquitoes and other people say they do

get bitten by mosquitoes but apparently everyone is being bitten by mosquitoes

oh it's just that some people don't come up in there in their little red marks so

they don't react they don't react to the bites other people react to the bites

the mosquitoes are in fact biting everyone but the people that some people

don't notice it because they don't itch and they don't come up in the red mark

some people react more to the mosquito bites yes so it's a little bit like a

reaction if you had say an allergy it is a bit like that mr. Duncan I believe

when you come up in it in a red mark such as I have because I've been bitten

but you for example might go out there you might get bitten but you might not

cover come up in the red mark yes I don't I I I'm sure tonight I've been

bitten when I was outside earlier setting up the camera yes

setting up the camera even I'm doing then you're doing it now I'm doing it

now and it's a problem in countries where there's mosquito-borne diseases

such as malaria or yellow fever hmm because

some people go on on holiday from the UK and go to countries where there's

malaria or where there are mosquitoes that can transmit all sorts of nasty

diseases and they say oh I don't need to have and I don't need to take the

tablets against malaria or I don't need to have an injection for yellow fever

because I don't get bitten but they are being bitten they just don't realize it

so they're being bitten but the skin isn't reacting so they could get the

nasty disease it's a very dangerous way of reacting to something so you think

you're okay but you still might be being bitten and I think if you live in the

countries and are born in the countries with lots of mosquitoes your body

becomes used to being bitten by them and you don't realize that you're being

bitten mmm but anyway that's a completely off-topic subject because we

were talking about American independence yes it is American independence day

today in the United States they get very very excited but don't forget it wasn't

just people in America that were against the British also the French in joined in

towards the end and and that's one of the reasons why we ended up withdrawing

but technically speaking the that the battle never ended it never actually

ended it just sort of fizzled out I think where there was one famous sort of

famous sort of battle that we lost we set fire to the White House that's right

we did we actually the original White House the British actually burnt it to

the ground did you know that I didn't know that no I guess I think I did know

it but I'd forgotten and little interesting fact Christopher Columbus

so Independence Day was 1770 1776 I've got it written down here and I've

forgotten it this is what I've got notes just as well a professional I am always

you can always have notes always have no 1776

apparently but Christopher Columbus the famous explorer sailing the globe in his

in his in his boats ships sailing ships his boats discovered America in 1492

that's Christopher Columbus he was a paddleboat his he was rowing his little

boat across the ocean and then suddenly his boats bumped into something

gum well I mean he probably wasn't the first person to discover America they

believed that the Chinese people Chinese discovered it well before we did but

officially what's interesting is I don't believe that he was looking for America

he just bumped into what was actually knowing what he was trying to find was

China I was he he was actually trying to find Indochina and obviously he went a

little bit off-course a little bit off-course and ended up

going that way weren't they looking for a short route

they what showing it for the spice trade or something like that don't want to do

with trade he wanted to go that way but instead he went that way and ended up

hitting the United Stated in have sat-nav in those days they didn't have

Satna what they had was the Sun and the stars and their their little compass

which would guide them but I think in the ocean of course if you if you end up

in the middle of the ocean you have no idea where you are just

exactly so after 1492 the Europeans then colonized America of course what were

and then it and then eventually of course they wanted to become independent

and but before then for fifteen thousand years bc the the natural indigenous

populations the indians were there in america so they were there over 15,000

years before we even discovered it and this is the part of this sorry tale

isn't it what this is yes this is a part of history that is a

little dark and something that people don't like to talk about but then if you

look at many countries certainly powerful countries they tend to have a

little bit of a unpleasant history including the British even the British

we cannot say that we didn't get up to two bad things in the past we did of

course as as some of the country's big countries did as well so and what what

used to happen a lot was that European countries I mean that was France Spain

and England the Dutch as well were sort of exploring around the world and

finding all these countries but then when they went to these countries these

indigenous populations when I say indigenous I mean the populations that

originally started there and they could have been there for thousands of years

certainly came into contact with people from Europe and caught all their

diseases yes this is actually a very good point yes one of the things that we

famously gave to other countries were with Believe It or Not sexually

transmitted diseases that's right which didn't exist in North America until

until we all started going there but plagued them even like the common cold

which which some populations I don't I don't think the indigenous Indians in

America would come I had the common cold or flu and wiped out a lot and it killed

a lot of them out they believed the Incas died so they said because of the

common cold the term is Native American Native

American yes Canada like to a notch well indigenous indigenous doesn't sound

very no indigenous is all right Pleasant I've never Kapadia so it must be oh well

if it's in if it's in wikipedia it must be true no I don't think anyway let's

not go down that route because you know what happens mr. Duncan I would say

something inappropriate you get you get all upset embarrassed

what I love is how you are so so fond of this table this in front of his use you

sort of almost it's almost as if you want to climb on it and sleep on it I'm

leaning I'm leaning cuz I'm very tired mr. Duncan had a late night a late night

last night celebrating with my work Holly celebrating getting drunk he was

what I wasn't drunk watching the football I wasn't drunk and not on one

and a half pints of cider you can't really get drunk that's a lot for you

that's a lot for me yes it is a lot for me I could have still driven back and

been under the legal limit I believe on that around hi from Argentina

independence is the 9th of July right fourth know in Argentina yes in

Argentina so what days it takes Wednesday is the fourth today I want to

say Saturday poor does one day Monday thanks Monday next Monday because we are

with you on the eighth so have you do you have the day off

is it a day where you is it a public holiday are you going to get a day off

do you get a day off do you have a day off for your Independence Day in

Argentina we'd like to know please tell us wait

somebody asked earlier we don't really have a sort of England celebration day

do we well we have sent George's death in George's death so sin George it SID

George is the the mythical person Saint the mythical sinked who is supposed to

have slain the dragon that's right mr. Duncan and that's why

when you when you look at certain coins or certain flags or maybe certain

emblems you might see the the George George and the dragon or maybe a dragon

on the on the coin or on the flag so yes sometimes you might see that it's that

Rowell from Argentina and of course sue cats from Argentina yes I don't see what

get it's from Argentina but she's only living in Argentina

and is that Raul of our pronounced set I thought I think that's quite good yes I

think Raul because last week we got we got into a

real mess last week trying to pronounce people's names people's names yes and

the person whose name I can't pronounce who always asked me if I've gotten vodka

so that we can join we can join in and oh so sue Kat is saying that they you do

have a long a long holiday in Argentina that's very nice I wish we had an

Independence Day but the problem is most of the countries that became independent

were becoming independent from us isn't that weird yes they were they were

kicking us out they were saying yeah yeah get out we don't what you limeys

here anymore limey they used to call his Lima Stern

yes do you know why yes because the problem with with travelling long

distances at sea is that you get deficient in vitamin C and is that wrong

no that's wrong I thought they had lime to get rid of in

sickness we actually used to force people to import lime lime fruit because

we wanted them for the same yes wouldn't get scurvy so we were forcing people to

grow and export these things under quite a brutal force as it were and that's how

we became known as limeys so if you ever hear a British person described as a

limey it's an insult limes of course are full of vitamin C

and sailors used to get a disease called scurvy which you can still get today

because if you don't get enough vitamin C in your diet all your teeth fall out

I don't want government's go funny I don't want scurvy you don't want scurvy

and your skin goes all rough and hard and if you don't eat enough fruit and

vegetables you gets you get vitamin C deficiency anyway we don't want to talk

about haha I love the way your voice is sort

of fading away lady away I'll contain you back up again mr. Dover that is that

a moment's notice so that isn't earth that's just shouting that's my normal

speaking voice but when you were talking just she was sort of talking like this

and then he was sort of just so slowly disappearing as if you were going to

fall asleep I am you know what I start to flag towards the end of a live stream

like a uni flag that means I'm just getting tired and losing energy flag you

are you are just like it smelt the same way I think as in it is in a flag as in

the flag that the Americans will be waving to no day for Independence Day

flag but flagging talking of flagging look looking mr. Steeves poor wilting

daihlia well it's not wilting mr. Duncan they

had just dead flowers that need cutting off but it doesn't look very well

they just need cutting off that's what you do you cut off the old flowers

deadhead as it's called you deadhead your flower your flowers your flowers

which means cutting off the the dead flowers and then that encourages new

ones to grow from the base so you're using that as a verb so when you

deadhead something you are actually using it as a verb it means to cut off

the dead flowers from a plant so the new flowers the new birds will will grow or

grow yes and then you'll get it flowering

throughout the entire season because it thinks it's got to keep making new

flowers because that's what plants like to do so if you keep cutting them off I

think so I've got to keep growing new flowers because I'm supposed to turn

these flowers is supposed to turn into seed pods because it wants to reproduce

so if you cut the dead flowers off it can't make seeds so it just makes new

flowers all the time you're kind of you're kind of really making fun of the

plant really aren't you because they're going to so much effort to grow and then

all you do is slice everything off and then they have to do it all over again

so that poor plant is just trying to reproduce yes

the same with roses imagine if we did that with human beings

if you if you went round to someone's house and they were they were about to

go upstairs to have a little bit of fun time and then suddenly you went into the

room and threw cold water over them and told them both to to leave in separate

Texas that's the same thing it's the equivalent of what we do to the flowers

we're just saying look flowers we're not going to let you have any fun not sure

that's the equivalent it's exactly the same I heard David Attenborough talk

about it he's wrong he did he mentioned he talked about pouring cold ice on on

copulating couple I remember I remember him saying they always take separate

taxes separate taxes I remember him saying that what you're talking about me

it is a David Attenborough said that they always take separate taxes the the

lovers who have just been split up because they wanted to have some fun

time on the bed but someone threw water over them and stopped them and that's

what David Attenborough said when he was talking about it he said they always

take separate taxes make of that what you will

it's on Wikipedia make of that what you will I have no idea what you're talking

about but never mind it's all the fun of the light its scientific mr. Steve will

you speak more slowly it's a while since somebody asked me to speak more slowly

some people asked you not to speak at all we went through a phase when people

get complaining I was talking too quick could you ask mr. Steve not to talk at

all but if I talk too slowly I will fall asleep and and then you will accuse me

of looking disinterested you're not the only one but you're not the only one

falling asleep no miko' we don't have any water shortage anymore in fact the

water pressure is the highest it's been yes we have lots of lovely water at the

moment so I'm sorry I can't pronounce your name but your your little symbol is

pink at the side can't read your name because I can't

read whatever that is that is Arabic Arabic so I'm very sorry I can't speak

Arabic would you like to write your name in English please and then we can read

it out we'd love to do that have we seen the ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

says suit cat we used to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm but we went off it a bit oh I

didn't I didn't like I didn't like some of the characters they they introduced

their just found them very annoying and and then some of the episodes were just

the same every every time they were very similar so ah yes Larry David goes to

someone's house and then he does something that he's not supposed to or

says something by accident and then the other person gets annoyed and then they

all start using swear words and then he walks out looking very confused and

bewildered we ought to give it another go Nicole of course they brought up

another big news item in Thailand yes there's poor children trapped in a cave

an incredible story yes some some young children decided to explore a large cave

unfortunately the rain came along and the cave became flooded and they were

trapped and they'd been walking for a very long way so they were very deep in

the cave underground and several kilometers Anthony because the water had

filled all of the cave then they couldn't get out that's it they were

trapped there so all of these very brave divers the leaders of the divers by the

way British are they yeah so a British team of divers were there helping out

and they're the ones that made the first contact with the young boys

well apparently yesterday on the news mr. Duncan they said that these children

because of the floods they may have to stay down there for several weeks or

months yes they think it might be maybe two or three months but the reason is

because all of these caves are very narrow so some of the areas are very

narrow very dangerous and an hour full of water

another full of water so you imagine trying to swim through water while at

the same time having to navigate through all of these small caverns and now see a

lot of the children can't swim yes well I'm not surprised

so maybe but maybe they could maybe the divers could take diving suits down to

them all and then lead them all out one by one maybe yes but it's still not easy

to do because you need breathing apparatus solve the apparatus all of the

things that you have to wear take up a lot of room a lot of space on your body

and some of the gaps are only about maybe to a couple of feet and then what

are you sitting on like this small area of ground yeah they'll have to take them

some bricks and mortar they'd have to build a little house down there it's a

little they found some high ground well apparently they've taken food and warm

clothing and all sorts of things to them and of course medical equipment has been

transported very slowly but a thousand people have been taking part in this

rescue so yes it's incredible so human endeavor

once again human endeavor people joining together to help one group of people and

there you go that's the result I still haven't watched it we've got a

confession to make the suit cat we still haven't watched that what's that car

program something something licious I still haven't watched it yet pet foolish

of sexual issues I know the name of it that's right I'm going to write it down

pet religious I know I'm going to screw that up into a ball I'm going to throw

it on the floor yeah and then when I walk out of the room I think well that's

what is that doing there and it will instantly remind me of petrol issues

because that's what I do now if I want to remember something I throw something

on the floor and that reminds me I don't know how it works but it's quite a good

it's quite a good aide memoire you could say so they don't you remember

an aide what aide memoire I think it's French but it's a it's a it helps you

remember something it's an aid to your memory oh I see but it's a I think you

say aide memoire it's a very posh way of saying reminder a reminder yeah so

something simple like that sometimes I mean you can obviously write it down but

I haven't got time to do that now sometimes if I'm sitting watching the

television and I want to go upstairs and do something but I don't want to do it

right then and there just I might might have remembered all I've got to put a

bottle of water in the car or I've got to phone somebody I will just throw

something on the floor that isn't not so that when I get up to walk out it's on

it that's and then when I see that thing on the floor it certainly reminds me I

don't know how it works but it works yes oh yes I want to remember I've got to go

and do that yes I think we understand so yes memoir there's a new name for

tonight let's see if it comes up on the on the the subtitles

yes but it's it's certain on the it's on the live chat now petrol Isha's nicole

says aide memoire with with the wealthy punctuation as well Oh memoir must be

French of course yes well a memoir is just like a recording of maybe your life

or the things you've done yes so it's very similar memory all based on the

same route I think it literally means aid to your memory yes so reminder is

like remembering something again so you remember you it is a reminder

sook at stepmother is in London and somebody else said I know what I

remembered I wanted to sit somebody who watches us is is in some we'd have to go

all the way back now to look there's somebody else that watches us who is in

England right at this moment mm-hmm it was on there and III saw it of course

what happens is the live chat it's it's comes thick and fast

yes it's busy because we're so popular I would if we can go back because somebody

well where yes go go a little bit snow Oh mr. Duncan somebody was watching

us this is interesting for you Steve but not for people watching at home and they

are visiting us it's quite a long quiet a bit further back than that mr. Duncan

who are visiting and I can't remember where it wasn't it just it just oranges

rather than limes yes point plenty of vitamin C in there okay I'm reading

other things as we go along Nicole's talking about the latest nerve

agent poisoning that's the other thing that's happened today is much about it's

been a busy week keep going mr. Duncan somebody's visiting us and they were

quite pleased about it I hope it's still there or else shall we have some music i

do ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ii today today today today today today today

today today today today today today Gary Macedon contented to do today today to

do it today there we go Look Now K going to did it

today to do to do to do to do did I think you imagined it know somebody was

visiting us and I want to know who it was did we should always recognize

people who watch us and then our visiting just at the same time to do I

think that's very important this is this is boring meme I'm getting

bored wow it's gone I don't know where it says

mr. Dunn because we're now actually at the beginning of somebody is visiting

the UK right now and we want to know who is it because you said that you were

visiting us and we want to know who it is I think you just imagine no I didn't

imagine it it's definitely there mister don't think I think what happened is a

few weeks ago you had a knock on the head there back then that I know we're

close this is the beginning of the lesson it's when you hit me over the

head well this is this

sweet mr. Duncan yes I think so I think obviously suffering from from some kind

of concussion Oh somebody's visiting how we can't find it mr. Duncan let's give

up you know I get the feeling that you may have wasted maybe two minutes of the

live chat yes very sorry but there was something there

I know it's gone it was further back than that

further back further board we've missed it it can't be further forward because

we've looked at everything there let's go back to let's see Rock though you

know what it is sorry bad viewers somebody is visiting I

do right now I do apologize for anyone who's just joined this if you now feel

like jumping out of a window III really wouldn't blame you for it to

be honest just cover it up and move on mr. Duncan it's just a professional

thing to do pretend that didn't happen okay pretend it didn't happen like like

that are we back to the beginning or the front end of the of the what the text

okay I just wondered whether your hand is all the way back that's why there's a

45 inch screen in front of us to show us those things I didn't I didn't see you

scroll it all the way back to pay attention well how can I pay attention

with you talking about Oh someone's hearing a sound of a sheep the person

with a pink thing at the size his name I can't remember yeah can't read out has

said can hear the sound of a sheep I think that's the moth what are you doing

mr. Duncan I'm putting a bit of Old Spice on my neck to keep the moths and

almost ice Raulerson I wish I could get a sentence out I really do oh dear Bella

wants to visit England so she heard what I said

but somebody is visiting and they put a post on tonight and I want to know who

it was it's not there I think you'd ripped it

are you sure are you sure it isn't a dream that you had last night

in bed amore says Brazil will win the World Cup I think you're probably right

and I'm secretly I won't mind see I don't mind if it's England or Brazil

I've got to obviously root for for England but if Brazil win I should be

very pleased as well but not if they're against England only if we're out and

then Brazil playing somebody else and then they win by Spain for example he'll

give us more music and less socks says Sergio

are you sure that wasn't less mr. Steve I hope not

uh-oh I see if I were to visit England I would like to visit you mr. Duncan and

mr. Steve you should never meet us you'll be very disappointed it's always

a big letdown trust me I'm much more handsome this way

than we are in real life you'll see all the wrinkles the flaws I mean the

amount of time it takes for mr. Duncan to put his makeup on you just wouldn't

believe before he comes on live that's nice yes I was putting Old Spice on my

neck aha sucats grandfather used to wear that yeah my father indeed used to

have Old Spice yes so what's the point you're making the point I think suit cat

and I are both making is that it's very unusual to see someone if such young

years as yourself mr. Duncan wearing something that traditionally is for

somebody I would say well I mean you know it was being used in the 70s and

1980s and do you remember that famous advert there was a man was he honored

what was he on a he was at sea wasn't he was surfboarding you you're telling me

well don't you remember the advert he was it was it was a man on a surfboard

I'm sure it was there he was although this he looked very very handsome and

very manly and he was surfing so that's a very manly sport and

then he was he on the Internet no he was surfing on the way he was he's

looking for after showing the wave was he looking for aftershave and all the

water was coming over him and then he was splashing this aftershave all over

him and the women were all after him but Old Spice has got a very distinctive

powerful smell what are you doing with it mr. Duncan it's got a very

distinctive powerful smell it's very cold

unfortunately when you put it on it just reminds me of my father so so I remind

you of your late father now it's the same bottle it's been around since the

1970s boy there is something very comforting splash it all over

wasn't that the wasn't that the phrase Old Spice splash it all over

no that was Brut was it yes oh no Old Spice the scent of a man yes yes the

scent of a man that's what they used to say so only men could wear that real

tough men men of the world like me well that was in the 1980s or 70s now if you

wear it it's slightly sad Oh spice Old Spice the word old in there yes you see

doesn't really convey a youthful image and also you've got spice it doesn't say

young spice spice like the Spice Girls cuz they're very old as well what they

could bring out a new version and call it young spice yes

or maybe that middle-aged spy middle-age spice or yes I'm not that old yet spice

young spice I think yes maybe but not spice sounds old doesn't it

the point I'm trying to make here is that this comforts me because I I ought

to remember my dad used to have this in the bathroom and I always like to have a

little a little sniff of my dads Old Spice I don't know why that out of

context that might sound very rude but I always like to go into the bathroom and

smell my father's old spice yeah that tsukete in the late sixties it's been

around for a long time but there was a famous advert there that the man was on

it was on a surfboard or something yes we catch it you've mentioned remember

that you've mentioned the surfboard about a hundred times now we understand

that there is a surfboard involved and it's the advert for this product I'm

sure it's on YouTube somewhere if you if you click away now stop watching this

now and go and go in find Old Spice advert from the 1970s and I think it is

the other one I remember the other one I remember as well that's the same moth

that's the same moth that we let out you know I think I think it's the Old Spice

it's attracting it might be a female moth everywhere yes the theme of the

month is attracted to my Old Spice thank goodness mr. Duncan yes it works so if

you're thinking of dating a moth use Old Spice because the moths will come around

you like moths around a flame can you see this moth anybody watching there I

think they can see you actually see it it just landed on me on you I think they

can see it yes I'm very excited mr. Duncan we're gonna have to let it I

think it's the same moth what do you mean it's the same old seed same month

it's got the same colours on it but you know it you know its name no it looks

exactly the same it's got that those red markings all over its wings oh I see you

think it's you think it's actually that's it me you get a smell you think

it's this moth the smell of Old Spice you think it's that moth I think it's

the same moth no it's not big enough it's crazy

whatever it is raise him off it's a crazy moth

we've got a crazy moth in the studio I've lost complete track of what I'm

doing there the math is very distracting this is

very weird that this giant moth keeps flying around my head I'm going to catch

it mr. doom today it's still now I'm gonna get a jam jar and I'm gonna catch

it so here we go we have a live capture of a huge moth it's about that big

did you see it it's flying around at the moment in fact they're a muscle it's

gone already there it's over there somewhere

I've got a jam jar you see I'm no catch it next time it was Landon is down there

it's behind us to catch it oh it's no it's all over the place I have to wait

till it lens ah it's over there now

yes it's by the window it's actually in the window where there there it's gone

again there's too many lights in here it's all it's all confused well yes

because moths go to the towards the moon don't they so it thinks there's about

six moons in here it doesn't know what it's doing moths moths go to the moon

yet though they see the moon and it helps to guide them somewhere the moon

why where are they going are they going into space hub are these little

astronaut moths that wherever they're going they go into the moon are they

they use the moon to navigate apparently yeah but you can only go up the moon

isn't always stressed at Duncan is this like Christopher Columbus surely if

you've watched David Attenborough challenge all about the moths and the

moon why they go to always delight because they're looking for the moon and

then I don't know how I don't know what they doing when they get looking for the

moon because presumably they're looking for another they're looking for a moth

to mate with and leaves dive-bombed this dive-bomb aspire by a mad ma this month

is crazy it is just landed them it did but it doesn't stay for long because the

lights are too bright I tell you what I'll do I will catch it and I will feed

it to one of the tarantulas mr. Duncan you can't do that yes we can feed it to

one of the tarantulas because one moth the spiders are still staying with us

and I think one of them is very hungry he seems to have lost some weight

they are looking a bit thing they are looking thin I think they need feeding

but the big question is what is the name of this moth before we go we will be

going soon this month just flew straight into my head so this particular moth is

called an elephant hawk moth elephant hawk moth so that's the name of it so

there we go this is this is scintillating I didn't realize when I

started - nice lies it's down there no

no it's gone crazy it's a crazy moth mr. doe it's a crazy moths a mad moth and mm

all its it it's down there okay than that when the moth lens this is how

Steve moves its flying around it a thousand miles an hour I can't move too

quickly mr. duncan studio because there's tripods everywhere why is

everywhere yes it's a studio and I'll have to soon it is oh here we go into

the into the jam jar wizard mark if I put some if I put some Old Spice in the

jar and can you kill it I'm trying to save it's beautiful life it wants to

find a mate I see is that why you want to catch it are you going to procreate

with a moth it's done what it did last time it's run out of energy can you

imagine can you imagine a little mr. Steve the the a moth with mr. Steve's

face very scary

live-chat dude come back is anybody at all interested in this moth I got

running rampant I would imagine everyone has gone to bed

because this this might be the most boring thing that's ever been broadcast

live or what it imagine imagine the interest well not really what is what if

you study insects what is the name of somebody

studies insects come on I've been trying to think of it all night think it begins

with an e it's an etymologist etymon or is it entomologists what one it one is a

study of language near the wrists deliver insects

so it's entomology then is the study of insane sex but I wonder if there is a

specific phrase people can probably see my eyes wandering around the room know

that well that happens normally somebody who studies moths normally you just look

around the room like you're in a daze so there's no difference I'm always with it

on the button in the moment none of those things are true it's gone again

but I've got I've got the jam jar just in case is the live chat still going or

has everyone unplugged their computers and sold them on eBay

although how would you do that how would you sell your computer on eBay if you

had a computer that you wanted to sell on eBay and then you put it in the box

to sell it how would you then sell it on eBay because the computer would be in

the box yes entomology enter model entomology yeah that's it the study

after study of little creepy crawlies fight with mr. steven lamothe says rose'

yes it's an epic story trust me the sort of virtue muff vs mr. Steve

trust me the moth the moth will win the moth will win it's a lot stronger than

me oh look frogs says it's 40 degrees in Vietnam

40 degrees 30 degrees that's hotter than here there's another month now there's a

smaller one we've got several moths yes they're all a little loss we've got big

moths that's what entomologist do if they want

to catch moths yeah they put big lights up don't they what do they do they do

they do they put on a live stream teaching English is that what they do

they they said they go to a lot of trouble don't need to catch these moths

they actually set up a studio there is another moth over there that's

we have got to get this moth what's gonna happen is that you're going to

forget it's here you're gonna come down in the morning and it's going to spring

out you're gonna open the door and it's gonna spring out at you and you're gonna

jump and scream like a girl that's true I do scream like a girl it's true I was

it landed on the back of my head it's not on the back of your head might think

that my head is the moon and then land on it it would just slide off tsukete

says that she's she's going to leave you there talking alone yes no how could we

do it we would never leave you talking alone so tsukete says well I will stay

with you I won't leave you talking on your own that's very kind of you thank

you very much meeow meeow greetings from germany

nicole says how how long could a moth live well the month of my studio might

live for another two or three minutes somebody new from Germany Mia Mia hello

Mia Mia Mia Mia greetings from Germany hello to you I haven't seen your name

before is it your first time on the live chat is it really what time is it there

it's quarter to it's quarter to midnight we are just 15 minutes away from 12

o'clock I don't think I'm off that lives very long because they I think it only

lives one because what happens is it that you've got the eggs haven't you

then the caterpillar hatches out eats all the that all the grass or the leaves

and then it goes into a pupa stage and then the moth comes out and I think the

moth is probably the shortest phase I believe so the moth then has to find a

mate and then it lays eggs and dies so I don't think the Mossville is very long

few weeks a month well some of them some some creatures at the mayflies only live

for a day don't they who do they live for a day he's a very short life I think

the moth phase is quite short I'm wishing I was a mayfly at the moment

because we really when midnight comes that's it it's all over what is me Amir

saying fear at time always ah there we go yes it's 46 minutes oh yes you're an

hour ahead of us in Germany that's what me and Mira's saying I believe oh I see

so it's yes midnight and 46 minutes 46 minutes so it's it's 15 minutes away

from 1:00 a.m. so you're an hour ahead of us in Germany so thank you very much

for staying up so late and watching isn't finding is and Chris Chris morels

hello Chris anthropology is the study of human beings correct the most interesting

animal and some might say the stupidest dumbest animal on the planet

I mean who sets fire to dry grass when there is when when there's thousands and

thousands of square kilometers of grass who sets fire to it when we're having

very dry weather someone did they started a fire stupid person so

sometimes human beings they've arrested somebody haven't they they've arrested

arrested someone yes we have fires because it's so dry and hot we are all

moths eventually says Sergio yeah there's a there's a nice way of ending

the show and sooo cat says fear a lot moth that lives between 3 and 16 days

unless it gets eaten by a bat mister don't go disappearing it's early morning

in the Philippines it's 6 a.m. wow you got up early Chris so we've got Mia Mia

who's not gone to bed yet in Germany because it's quarter to midnight

recorded of one and we've got Chris in the Philippines who's got up really

early because it's 6 a.m. then that's an amazing thing about this live stream

we've got people you know some people going to bed some people just getting

you up and we're about to go to bed well you are mister

I might stay up for a bit longer I was catching insects as meeker using a clear

cup and a postcard yes mr. duncan uses a CD instead of a

postcard don't you mr. Dale we're always still on yes I think we're still on PO

are still there people still commenting 23 degrees in Brazil that says that's

very pleasant 23 degrees with a lovely temperature that's very nice Oh 23

degrees is quite nice 33 degrees is is very hot Erica are you in Indonesia it's

6:00 a.m. and engine easier as well it's fantastic I have a secret method to

catch insects especially flies as Fernando what do you do open your mouth

and they fly in I'm only joking I'm only joking

what is it have you got do you use fly spray and then they drop down and you

can pick them up that way can you see them off mr. Duncan mr. Duncan hasn't

wandered off I think I'm sure he's looking for the moth he's having a cough

that's what he's doing I've got my as the moth got stuck in

your throat that's what you've gone I've got a touch of hay fever at the moment

550 in Vietnam cause the windows are all open and that moth has been dragging the

pollen in Brazil look at 7:52 in Brazil look at all the interest in times what's

happened to the live stream mr. Duncan the live stream it's still going I meant

the live chat there it is it's on the screen moon 18 degrees in San Jose aid

on campus what a lovely name citizen so well pronounced and it's 752 in Brazil

well all of these all of these time checks it's him it's amazing 48 degrees

in Argentina that that's very hot it is do you know what they've done this week

some school 2:00 a.m. in Cyprus some schools of an

bounced that they are going to stop girls from wearing skirts have you heard

this story about 40 schools in the UK in the UK have said they're going to stop

they're going to ban skirt is that because I bet I can guess why

come on see if you can guess is it the upskirting scandal what is it

all about upskirting people taking pictures of girls by horribly putting a

put in putting the camera and taking a picture up a woman's skirt is that why

no okay well you thank you let me but thank you

for introducing the subject upskirting yes it's a real thing that's going on in

the UK at the moment well it's not what is going on I haven't seen anyone trying

to take pictures up someone's skirt it's it's just happening here and there now

the way we read the way people are talking is it's as if everyone is doing

it is if literally every man is is wandering around with his phone like

this they're not I'm going to take a picture what's happening is that it's

happened a few times for a bit of a joke and now it's been blown out of all

proportion yes if the stories being made bigger than it really is because these

because it looks good on the television and people and and lots of women can get

all upset about it and feel empowered and I'm going to say

something inappropriate in a minute so no one is really taking pictures I think

I think well it happens but on a small scale yes so why are they going to ban

skirts in 40 schools in the UK it's all because of the the new thing now that

everyone's discussing then that's the gender neutrality oh for goodness sake

so of course there's men ladies and then there's ladies the men and

ladies and some that don't even know some that don't even realize yet so so I

mean I understand that it is a problem so that's not a problem I don't have no

problem with that for goodness sake don't please don't react and come round

and in push a pie into my face don't do that why are they banning skirts because

then it allows the girls to feel comfortable wearing trousers for those

who feel that they are really a boy so because there are some transgender yeah

carry on is this this is your want to feel comfortable yeah all the other

girls have got to be made to wear trousers

so yes surveys of a few people that's it that's it okay some might say that it's

a minority that is dictating to the majority but that happens a lot nowadays

what about that the girls who don't want to wear skirts because they want to be

girls and don't want to wear your house doesn't be like a boy what if I wanted

to wear a skirt well you do all the time every Saturday night so that's it you

see so I couldn't go to school in my lovely skirt that I spend all night

ironing to get all those lovely creases around the edge so I look like a

japanese schoolgirl it's just terrible anyway we ought not to comment yes I

think it's too late for that I think we may have already commented on their

anyway political correctness this is what we

have in the UK political correctness an app that could well be so our people

agreeing with it or are they disagreeing with it well as you general-purpose you

know what it's like Steve this is this is one of those stories that the media

loves to talk about because it gets everyone fighting so presumably nothing

is really happening they're just talking about but it is happening some schools

are going to ban skirts so so everyone can wear the same clothes trousers


but it doesn't address the issue of if if a boy wants to be a girl because then

maybe he wants to wear a lovely skirt yes you know what I mean I would imagine

I mean if I wanted to become a girl you know if I said to you mr. Duncan look I

think I'm really a girl and I won't need one to have a sex change which could

happen well it won't happen / I think I'd have known about it by now I thought

you know I thought you have had a sex change

this is a real thing and but I would have been I would imagine that if I

wanted to be a girl I would want to wear a skirt and not trousers anyway I

haven't seen the article so you shouldn't really comment about something

it was on the news it's probably going to just disappear and of course we

always get the the one person who says it's disgusting bando disagrees as

probably about the subject we're talking about the moth has vanished

the mothers disappear the moth has disappeared I think it's gone for asleep

or maybe it's it's reached the moon it sure they navigate with the moon it's

one small step for Mothe getting tired can I kind of just finish what I'm

saying are you okay I just want to say something this is one small step for

moth kind one giant flutter finished that is for moths we don't know where

the moth is it's vanished don't forget they all even separate Texas David

Attenborough told me that I still don't know what you're talking about

mister don't you know what it is the book did you ever play with dolls mr.

Duncan Nicole no we did not I did did you I played with dollies cuz I've got