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Today I'm going to make a vegetarian home-cooked dish using eggplant fried tomato

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Let's start making vegetarian home cooking of eggplant fried tomato dishes

Prepare two eggplants

The serving size is 350g

Eggplant is very cheap today ~

I'm only 5 yuan in the market

So here is only 10 yuan

Now peel off the stem of the eggplant

Cut the eggplant in half

After cutting in half

Cut in half again

Next cut into the length of two knuckles

Put the eggplant into the dish

Prepare two tomatoes

I have cleaned it

The serving size is 360 grams

Peel off the head of tomato

Cut in half

The part here is cut into small dices

I have cut the diced tomatoes

Put it aside first

Next, let's cut king oyster mushroom

Here is the serving size

About 10 grams

Today I want to cut it into samll cube

Place king oyster mushroom in the plate

Next prepare 10 grams of ginger

Cut into minced ginger

Put the ground ginger into the plate

The ingredients of eggplant fried tomato are so simple

It will be ready soon

Can be cooked soon

Now our materials are ready

Just fry it together ~

Put some oil in the pot

Put the eggplant in when the oil is hot

Stir fry eggplant

Over oil

Let it fry

I'm used to frying for about a minute

Let it fry for another minute

Stir fry

You can remove the eggplants by frying them until they are half-cooked

After the eggplant is removed

Lets saute some ginger powder

Ginger was fried for about two minutes

Put Pleurotus eryngii

Fried for about two minutes

Put the tomatoes in

Fried for about three minutes

It's time to season

1 tablespoon of vegetarian oyster sauce

One tablespoon of soy sauce

A teaspoon of sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

The right amount of pepper

Fry the seasoning evenly

After the seasoning is evenly fried

Can add water

Add about 100CC of water

Let it boil

Already bubbled up

Put the eggplant in

Stir fry quickly

Super fragrant

Fry for about three minutes

You can turn off the heat

Wow! Eggplant fried tomato is done

Oily bright purple with appetizing red tomatoes

Match together like this

The color is beautiful and delicious

Friends who do not like eggplant can try this approach

The sweet and sour taste of tomato will make you unable that is eggplant

Eggplant becomes soft like this


It feels as smooth as it melts in my mouth

Thank you very much for staying to the end

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