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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Went To Japan To Win On A Crane Game | Toreba Crane Game (React)

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- (FBE) We're doing this challenge in Japan.

- What? No.

- Ooh, let's go! No, don't worry about it.

♪ (8-bit intro) ♪

- (FBE) Today, we are back to replay

the Toreba crane game. - Oh yes.

I still have my Gudetama. It sleeps with me on my bed.

- The whole concept of Toreba is just absolutely wild,

so I love that game.

- (FBE) As you recall, Toreba lets you take control

of an actual, physical crane game in Japan

with your phone, tablet, and PC, where you win actual prizes

that they will mail to you. - Yeah, it was awesome.

- I really like livestreaming, just as a general concept,

and this is a new innovative way of using livestreaming.

- (FBE) This time around, you will be going head to head

against another reactor to see who can win

a prize first and the loser will have to take a punishment.

- All right, all right. I've never won anything,

literally, here. I don't wanna lose any more,

so I'm gonna try-- actually try this time.

- (FBE) One last thing, remember how we asked

you if you had a passport? - Yeah, you guys did ask.

Wait, what?

- (FBE) Well... - What?

- (FBE) We're doing this challenge in Japan.

What, no.

- What? Wait, actually in Japan?

- What? What [bleep] game show

am I on? This can not be real.

- Really? We're going to a different

country? Wait, hold on.

I almost broke the desk. Wait, are you lying?

- Yes! Oh my God.


- ♪ (chill music) ♪

- (FBE) Welcome to YouTube Space Tokyo.

- Hey, let's go. - Dude, do you see that?

That's freaking Tokyo Tower. We went up there yesterday.

It's gorgeous.

- Tokyo's been my number one place I've ever wanted to go to

since I was probably twelve or thirteen,

so the fact that I'm here doing this is literally a dream.

- (FBE) As a reminder, this challenge is head to head.

Rules are that you can switch to another crane

at any time. You got that?

- Ah. - Dude.

- I'm so nervous. - I'm nervous as heck, dude.

- First to get a prize wins, loser takes a punishment.

If neither win a prize in 30 minutes,

you both will take the punishment.

- Okay. - Oh.

- I didn't win the first time we played and that

became a super meme in between us, the reactors.

- He's fueled by the rage. - But here's the thing,

all the fans were super sympathetic, so I feel like

I'm carrying the nation on my back right now.

- (FBE) Once you've both found a prize to play for,

the race begins. - I like the plushies.

- An electronic money gun. I want!

I found mine. I found my prize.

- I'll go faster.

- Potato chip backpack. All right, never mind.

Okay. - A potato chip backpack?

- Oh, this is mine. Start.

I'm really nervous. Why am I so nervous about this?

- Starts this off. - Come on, baby.

Potato chips. Okay, I missed the first one.

- Hm, interesting. - Oh, you're scaring me.

- Interesting, interesting.

- Mine's the ping pong ball, which is what I won last time

and so you have to move it over and grab

a ping pong-- okay, it got one already.

We're starting it off. Let's do this.

- I just stabbed my hippo in the nose.

- Okay.

- Oh, ha. - Oh, I moved my penguin

so much. Did you see that?

Alberto, you're going down, bro.

- I know. - I'm almost there already.

- I'm just trying to line it up right now

and then after I get it in line,

I'm just gonna try to flip it from

the butt end. Ooh, okay.

Okay, come on. Give it a little flipsy.

That didn't do anything. Okay.

- I'm changing mine. I'm stressing out now.

Okay, I'm changing mine because I didn't like

the way it was.

- My prize is a shopping bag handle

that I'm trying to get the hook in,

so I can pull it up, but I'm not--

ooh, ooh! - Did you get it?

- Let's go! No, don't worry about it,

but I moved it. - Mine totally lifted up.

You make me so nervous. Literally him going,

"Oh, I'm so close, I'm so close."

Even though he's not making--

- Yes, I am! How do you know?

You can't see my screen. - My heart is going

so fast right now.

- Ah, okay. This is just a practice one.

- Okay, I got one. - We're just kidding.

Aw, his little nose. I feel so bad.

I totally messed up on this one.

Or did I?

- Come on, baby. You're coming home

to the states with me. - Come on, potato chip bag.

Just fall in the hole. I wanna wear you out.

I will show you a good time. We'll go dancing.

We'll go see a movie. I'm just gonna try

to poke it now. I'm just gonna punch it down.

I'm gonna lay down the smack down.

- I think my next strategy now is to pull

on the other red edge. Here we go.

- Oh, Brandon's is so close.

- Oh boy, oh boy. - I'm gonna have--

I'm getting off of this. I'm quitting on this

potato chip bag. I'm out.

I need to find something real, real easy.

All right, let's try to win this piece of candy.

Ooh, piece of candy.

- I think I went too far. Oops.

It's hard too, 'cause they're in little plastic wraps,

which make it slippery to get them,

'cause they're furry, so I feel like that would help,

but they're like, "nah, nah, nah." I got this.

Literally, my heart is beating so fast.

I'm shaking right now. This is so dumb.

- I'm so-- (gasps)

- (groans) - Makena, look at it.

Makena, look at it. - I'm losing my mind.

- Dude, I'm so close to winning this.

- See, I've been saying that for the past ten minutes or so,

so I'm gonna just have hopeful thinking.

- (groans) - No!

Did you see how close that was?

- You better get close, 'cause your boy's about to win.

- No, you won't. - Your boy's about to win.

You better go. You better go quick.

Oh my God, he moved it so much!

Come on, claw. Reset, reset.

- There are two people watching me right now play this

and I hope they're as stressed as I am.

- There are three people watching me.

I feel like that's so cute. I feel like they're

trying to support me. They're like, "Oh my gosh.

She's so close. You need to get this."

- I hope that in their hearts, they're like, "You almost got this.

You're getting there." I did it, yes!

I'm sorry. I love you so much.

- Yeah, so there are three-- - Ooh, ooh, ooh!

- See, this is the thing. He keeps chanting like he won.

- It's hanging off. - Oh wait.

Oh my God, wait. Actually, you're right.

Wait, did I just win?

- (slowed down) It's hanging off. - Oh wait.

- I won. - Did she really?

- You literally screamed and distracted me

from my own win. This is what happens.

I won, guys. (laughs)

- [Bleep]. Whoo!

That's what you get. Go for easy dubs.

That's all I wanted. - I don't wanna leave

without taking this money gun home. Come on, just a little bit, baby.

- Oh! Whoo!

- Listen, I took an L today, but I'm still taking

that money gun home, baby!

- (FBE) Brandon, I forgot to mention, even though

you won that prize, since Tom was the actual winner,

that means he's gonna

get the prize. - No!

Thanks, Brandon. I love Japan.

- So Rae, in addition to the prize Toreba

will be shipping to you for free, we have a prize bag

for you of various other Toreba prizes.

- No way! Literally it's the little character.

The mascot.

- Okay, oh. These are hard.

- No, you got cool anime shirts?

- Yeah, dude.

- This is such a cute memento, 'cause this

is such an amazing trip and this just takes the cake.

- No! All right, so what do I get?

- (FBE) For your punishment, you must eat this

large spoonful of a traditional dish, Natto.

- Okay. - Oh, wait.

- I've never heard of this.

- Wait, that's cool. That's not even a punishment.

Natto is great. - Hold on.

Wait, 'til he explains it.

- No, this is fermented beans. One thing people say

all the time is that it's definitely not for everyone.

- (FBE) So, this is fermented soy beans

and we've added some wasabi on top just for fun.

- That's awful.

- You need to relook up your definition of fun.

Just for fun we threw some wasabi on that.

- Ah, it's soft and mucusy. Oh, okay put it back!

Put it back, put it back, put it back, put it back.

- You're getting it on my merch, bro.

- I'm moving away all the stuff I don't wanna

get throwup on. Eat your snot beans.

Uh, oh God. - (gagging)

- You got it, you got it, you got it, you got it.

Girl, uh uh. - I wanna throw up.

Oh my God. It tastes so bad.

- Three, two, one. Ooh!

How's it taste? Good, bad?

Thumbs up, thumbs down? - The wasabi.

- Oh, the wasabi killed it. - It's so bad.

I hate wasabi. - (laughs)

- No, it burns. - Bro, he's suffering.

Are you gonna throw up? Are you okay?

Oh my God, don't puke on me.

You're gonna cry. No, Alberto here.

Here, here. Comfort, comfort.

No! I'm so happy I didn't

have to eat those beans. Oh my goodness.

And look at all these toys that I got.

- Ew, I just burped and all the wasabi flavor

just came back up. Ah!

- I'm so happy right now. This is fantastic.

- I'm glad you're happy, bro.

- Hey everyone, Vince here, React Channel producer.

Thank you so much to Toreba for flying

us out to Japan. It's because of awesome

sponsors like them that we're able to continue

to bring you bigger and better shows, even in other countries,

so show them some support. Click the link in the description

below to test out your own crane game skills

and if you download or register now, your first

five games are free and you get free shipping

on your winnings once a week.

Have fun. We'll see you next time.

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