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that hasn't been chewed enough ah i don't know why mine went up a little big i'm gonna work at it

i'm on a struggle bus right now so more gum in my yeah than i'm gonna have in my

mouth you're gonna be captain gumby or tonight oh no aboard the struggle bus

we get a call for a two-year-old that the parents noticed some swelling she has some hives so

possibly having an allergic reaction hi what's going on

shrimp she might be allergic to shrimp we're gonna take her to the hospital okay she's got a little

bit of swelling under her eyes and i can see some hives and redness on her skin so i would call it

you know an allergic reaction definitely i'm just warning you sadly we're about to make her cry

because we're gonna have to start an iv on her and give her some fanathrill you want to sit let me

slide right over there baby allergic reactions and children are scary can i see this arm

i know peanuts and shellfish both can cause anaphylaxis very quickly oh my gosh oh my gosh

what is it i know it's wet you see that you're terrible at distracting watch that

water treats food water treats food oh gosh oh my gosh oh my god i know it i'm so sorry

that's it no more that's it i'm so sorry i'm not her friend anymore she ever had shrimp before

yeah you want to sit in a big girl chair allergic reactions are so weird you can have that first

initial one put you in anaphylaxis and you can die from it let's go um one to two milligrams

per kilogram or you could be one of those people where you have that mild reaction first and then

if you come into contact with it again it's a little more severe and then more severe

until eventually if you come into contact with it it'll cause you anaphylaxis let me see

yeah it's actually common for the throat to itch a little bit right afterwards

plus be her being upset she'll pass in just like two seconds i saw that screaming yeah okay

here you go i gave her the benadryl and you know she started to vomit a little bit which is fine

that's a normal side effect especially for kids it's okay it's okay still you know watching this

cute little baby vomit and get a little shaky from the benadryl it makes you a little bit

sad to be the bad guy it does you want to hold it for a second would that make you feel better okay

and look she might get a little tired too okay that's pretty normal so she might actually even

go to sleep all right anytime we get you know such a sweet you know pediatric patient it's

like a little break what kind of birthday party is she having mickey mouse clubhouse your skin

looks better already you're gonna be perfect for your party tomorrow you're welcome you know

you're dealing with grumpy adults or very sick adults and so to get you know that little breath

of fresh air and to just have the chance to laugh with a child and you know play with them a little

bit and things like that it's definitely a break in the night why are you so cute

be safe be strong let's do this get that stretcher in here you're going to bleed to death

they're not dead i can work with that

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