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What's up everybody? So I think i am attracted to girls that are actually doing something.

one of the best case studies for this phenomenon is recently I met this girl

who was playing the drums

Granted, she was attractive anyway, and it was nice that she was also nice but

I was far more attracted to her while

she was playing her drums.

That sounded good...

Hey, do you play any instruments?

What do you do to make yourself more attractive? Let me know in the comments!

Maybe you are in a band or you play football or you write sad poetry and wear

black eye makeup

You have a really

cool avatar in world warcraft? Or you wear really short skirts... That's what I do.

Two days ago

met another girl named Lisa

later I found out her last name was Paulos.

Kind of exotic... She was all dressed up nice and i said, "What gives?"

She was like

I just gave a presentation on eating disorders, and so I said, "Eating disorders?!

Give me the presentation!" and I fully expected her to say "No!"

She didn't. She actually gave me the presentation.

And while she was giving me her presentation, making me aware of causes and effects,

I found myself so attracted to her

It was not

that she was the most talented presenter. You know she seemed a little nervous

She wasn't particularly articulate and a lot of her arguments didn't even make that

much sense. In fact, they were ill founded. If you think a sophisticated audience is going to

buy that kind of argument, you've got another thing coming... I loved it.

I just found her so attractive because she was doing something.

Girls that do more than just

hang out and exist.

It's hot.

Sometimes I am more attracted to superficial things. I am a sucker for accents.

German, Russian.

What do you think about this presentation?

All the scandinavian countries.

La La singing a song.

That's attractive.

But that might be just because

they are doing something again. I guess the other stipulation

in this whole equation is that

what they be doing

they be doing seriously.

Like you can't just be

playing croquet on a date

that's fine but you're not going to be more attractive to me just because your a girl playing croquet

on a date

and you don't care

about croquet

try taking the croquet seriously

Haha Yes!

You suck! Ha! I'm just saying.

You're not very good at this. This is something you're not good at.

Invest. Come on, I'm poison. If I hit your ball your out. Avoid me

Don't hit your ball toward me. There needs to be something that

they are passionate about.

Something that they believe in. You know those people

that just have to turn

light switches off and on 10 times before they can leave a room?

I am talking about that kind of dedication. There's nothing about seeing a girl in their

element like if you've watched

any of the Airbender movies. Except sometimes its less attractive.

like athletic girls. Like my friend Marcy has never been less attractive is when

she was playing ultimate frisbee, They get so

flustered and sweaty, her face was red

This V of sweat her shirt.

She was wearing a gray shirt.

Then again

when Marcy played tennis

she was really attractive.

I like tennis girls

It could just be the skirt. Any way boys and girls, what do you find attractive?

What do you like?

Who do you like? I promise I won't tell them. It's all different, apples and

oranges, birds and bee, were all different, were all learning, its beautiful. We're diverse

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I am attracted to you.

I said it.

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