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Are you looking for the best Horse Bits?

You have come to the right place!

At Intrepid International, we have the most complete selection of horse bits on the internet.

We currently have over 1100 horse bits, spurs, and stirrup options available, including the

ever-popular, patented Robart Pinchless Bits, Coronet® Bits and Chucks bitsall recognized

names if youre in the market for English or Western stainless steel bits.

The Robart Pinchless Bit is designed to correct the horse by gently applying mouth pressure

instead of training or working the animal by creating pain.

Coronet bits have been manufactured by Intrepid International since 1984 using a lost wax

cast mold process before welding the bits together then hand polished.

None of the Coronet bits are sand casted, which is an inferior production method.

The Robart and Coronet® bits come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit horses and ponies

of all sizes and temperaments.

Order your horse bits from the experts.

Visit or call 800-347-0033 today for your nearest dealer!

The Description of Horse Bits - Over 1100 Horse Bits