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Hi, Im Bernhard Langer and were doing Basics with Bernhard.

Today were talking about the rules of golf. We have a special rule book, quite thick as you

can see. Lots of different rules in the game of golf. Theyre hard to know, everybody. But lets

say your ball goes in the water and youre not quite sure what to do. Well, pull out your rules

book and read up on it and find out. Play theball as it lies, play the course as you find it

and play fairly and you cant go wrong.

Youreprobably wondering: Well, whats the dress code? What do I wear if I go to play golf?

Lets talk aboutthat.

Its a sport so you want to feel comfortable. My typical outfit would be long pants most days,

polo shirt, sweater, depending on the temperatures.

I also have golf shoes. Theyve got some spikes onthe bottom for better friction

but you can play with just tennis shoes or whatever you have.

So today my sweater is red.

Tomorrow it could be blue

or it could be grey.

But red is still myfavourite.

So this was Basics with Bernhard. We talked about all aspects of golf.

I hopeyou enjoyed it and it was helpful to you.

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