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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Job Interview Questions and Answers - Common Interview Questions in English

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unit 1 introduction


good morning miss Anderson how are you

today fine thanks Alou I'm fine thank

you please follow me

we'll meet in the conference room okay

are you mr. Thomas yes I am thank you

for coming of course would you like a

glass of water or a cup of coffee before

you begin no thanks I'm fine all right

then please come with me sure

hello mrs. Dewey yes could you give me

one minute I'll be right with you sure

thanks okay thanks for waiting please

follow me please sit down

how are you doing this morning I'm doing

fine thank you

thanks for being patient things are

quite busy here right now it's no


hello yes hello may I help you yes I'm

here to see mr. Davis about the

accounting position right

I'm mr. Davis glad to meet you glad to

meet you

sit down could I have you fill out this

application form

sure take your time just let me know

when you're finished okay unit 2



so tell me a little bit about yourself

well my name is joy Brown I'm 27 years

old and I'm single how would you

describe your personality I'm

hard-working are you gonna learn I enjoy

working with other people and I love

challenges could you tell me something

about yourself yes my name is Julie

Thompson married I have three kids one

son and two daughters how would you

describe yourself I like being with

people and helping people I enjoy

problem solving and challenging work and

I'm serious about my work but I also

like to have fun tell me a little about


my name is Annette Johnson but most

people call me and I'm originally from

Boston but I've lived in Fianna for

eight years now may I ask how old you


I'm 24 have you finished your studies I

graduated from the University of

Washington in June and I hope to find a

full-time job now could you describe

yourself briefly sure my name is Andrew

Wilson I'm 30 years old and I'm single

are you originally from Los Angeles no

I'm originally from San Francisco I

moved to Los Angeles over ten years ago

as a student describe your personality

to me well I'm a dedicated worker and a

people person I enjoy working as a team

I also like to be in contact with the

public can you tell me something about


yes I graduated from Stanford University

with a BA in management after I

graduated I worked in hotel management

for six years in New York City and I

also enjoy working with PR and customer

service do you

any family obligations yes I'm married

with a two-year-old daughter and I also

help support my parents unit three

educational experience please tell me

about your educational background I

graduated from Cornell University in

1994 with a BA in computer science why

did you choose computer science well

ever since I've been young I've been

interested in computers so when I

entered University I thought that a

career in computers would be a good

choice have you ever studied outside of

the university yes I've studied on my

own and I took an evening course at a

small computer school tell me a little

about your educational background sure I

received a bachelor's degree in history

from Houston University in 1990 after

that I studied at the University of

Texas and received my MBA in 1993 why

did you choose the University of Texas

for your master's degree I visited the

campus and I met some of the professors

and I really liked it how will your

education help you with this position my

education has taught me how to work hard

and how to succeed that also taught me a

lot about society and business

environment please tell me about your

formal education well I just graduated

from Kansas State University two months

ago with a bachelor's degree in business

administration how was your experience

there it was a very good experience for

me I learned a lot it was challenging

and rewarding can you tell me about your

education yes I studied political

science at Michigan State University and

Lansing for four years I got my

bachelor's degree in 1990 for the past

two years I've been attending Union law

school on the weekends but I haven't

finished yet

do you plan to finish your law degree I

hope to finish this year tell me about

your educational background I graduated

from Texas Christian University with a

bachelor's in the county

I also minored in business technology

how is your education helped with your

work it taught me the basics of

accounting and also about business it

taught me how to solve problems and how

to work hard unit for previous job

experience can you tell me about your

previous job experience please sure

while I studied at university I worked

as an intern at Avery publishing I

worked in the main office after I

graduated I worked in the same place

full time I worked in administration at

the main office I was there for four

years tell me about your experience

there as an office intern I just helped

with office support when I became

full-time I was an administration

assistant I helped my boss with her

projects how did you like the company I

liked the company very much the people

were very nice and we all work together

very well please tell me about your

previous job experience yes well I've

been a secretary for 10 years now I

first started in 1991 with Johnson &

Johnson I worked with them for six years

I left when I got married and we moved

to Denver then I worked with United

Parcel services for four years has her

experience been good yes yes I've

learned a lot about management and

develop my job school could you please

describe your previous job experience

yes I graduated from University in 1990

and started working for Sanwa Bank I've

been with sama Bank up until now why are

you leading I'm looking for a job with

more responsibilities and flexibility

see were you ever promoted yes twice and

how would you describe your experience

there it was a good experience the

people were great the benefits were good

but I'm still looking for a better


please tell me about your previous work

experience well I've been working in

sales and marketing for three years now

the first company that I worked for

media wear went out of business after I

was there just one year I then went to

work for Universal systems for two years

and have just been laid off can you tell

me about your past work history please

while I was studying at university I

volunteered at my local hospital

after I graduated I worked at Saint

Andrews Hospital for about three years

as a nurse after that I worked in

hospital administration with the Red

Cross and I've been there until now unit

five special skills


do you have any special skills that

would help you do this job yes I'm

pretty good with computers I've used

Microsoft Office a lot and I know how to

troubleshoot problems how fast can you


I can type about 60 words a minute any

other skills that would help you well I

speak fluent Mandarin Chinese and I can

read and write it fairly well do you

have any other skills that might help

you on this job yes I have a secretarial

experience I can answer phone calls you

as a computer type 60 words a minute and

speak French and Japanese I also have

good organizational skills how about

doing PR I also have experience with PR

when I worked in admissions at Carleton

College I dealt with the public daily

what scales do you have that would help

you on this job I have computer

experience I can use Microsoft NT Word

and Excel I speak some Japanese and I'm

good at sales and networking as well

what special skills do you have for this

job I have good organizational skills I

worked as head office administrator for

a while I had to organize the staff in

the office laughs do you have any

computer skills I'm familiar with

Microsoft Office and I've worked with

Windows NT do you speak any other

languages I can speak German and some

Russian do you have any special job

skills that would help you do your job

well I have many contacts in the

communication sector from my previous

job I also have knowledge of Japanese

culture and language I used to live in

Tokyo how are you research skills pretty

good I did a lot of research when I was

at the University and I also did a lot

of research on the Internet at my

previous job

unit six the ideal job


could you describe your ideal job yes my

ideal job would be challenging but

secure tell me more

why challenging well I'd like to improve

my secretarial skills and I'd like to be

interested in my work what kind of hours

are you looking for I'm looking for

full-time work I can work weekend but

I'd like to have evenings off what's

your ideal job I would like to be a

full-time computer programmer after four

working with a team but I also enjoy

working individually what kind of hours

would you prefer I'm flexible but I

prefer to have the weekends off would

you be willing to work one day during

the weekend yes that would be fine

could you describe your ideal job yeah

that's a good question I'd like to work

in a challenging job in marketing I

would like to work for an international

financial company I'd enjoy doing some

travel and meeting new people and what

kind of hours would you like I'd like

regular daytime hours on weekdays and

Saturday hours once in a while what kind

of job is ideal for you my ideal job

would be working as an office manager at

an international school I prefer to work

at a place where I can use my French and

English skills I would like to work city

hours without having to travel too much

what would be your ideal job I would be

a PR representative for major

international airline I'd love to travel

around the world and the all kinds of


unit seven describe your greatest

strengths and weaknesses what is your

greatest strength my greatest strength

is persistence I work really hard and I

don't give up easily can you give me an

example yes when I was a student I had

problems with a physics class I didn't

give up though

I got a tutor and studied really hard

finally I passed the class with an A do

you have any examples at work yes when I

was manager at charter insurance we had

a very important quoted deadline

I wouldn't stop working till we met the

quota I talked to the staff and we all

worked really hard to meet the deadline

what about your greatest weakness my

greatest weakness would be that I'm not

trained in accounting I can still learn

though how would you describe your

greatest strength I think my greatest

strength is my dependability you can

depend on me to be on time you can

depend on me to get my work finished on

time and you can depend on me to be

professional and what about your

greatest weakness hmm this could be my

experience I've only worked full-time

for two years now I think I need more

experience what's your greatest strength

I think my greatest strength is my

creativity sometimes my boss would ask

my advice on a project because of my

creativity can you give me an example


once my boss was quite upset because we

weren't filling our monthly quotas he

asked my advice and I told him some

advertising ideas we tried them and soon

a monthly quota was filled very good now

can you please tell me about your

greatest weakness

my greatest weakness would probably be

my educational background I studied

music but I'm working in business now

can you tell me what your greatest

strengths is think it's my quick

thinking and decision making there have

been many times when I've been under

pressure and made the right decisions

how about your greatest weakness

probably my computer skills I know a

little bit but I need to learn a lot

more what's your greatest strengths as a

manager it's my ability to understand

and encourage people I enjoy working

with different kinds of people from all

kinds of backgrounds what about your

greatest weakness now I think this is my

experience I'm still young and gaining

experience in management unit 8

interests and free time


what are some of your personal interests

outside of work well I really enjoy

gardening it helps me relax I also enjoy

learning foreign languages but foreign

languages have you studied currently I'm

studying Chinese and Japanese in the

past I've studied German as well can you

tell me about some of your hobbies or

personal interests

well I'm usually very busy taking care

of my children and doing housework but

what I do have free time I like to read

and listen to music please tell me about

your interests outside of work I love

learning about computers sometimes I do

programming work for my friends but I

have free time what do you do to relax

or to have fun I like listening to music

and I enjoy playing basketball what are

some things that you do in your free


well I love cooking I've taken several

classes on cooking I also like to play


whenever I can I play tennis with my

friends what are some of your hobbies or

personal interests

I enjoy reading and playing the guitar I

also enjoy surfing the internet and

swimming unit 9 reasons for leaving a

previous job why did you leave your

previous job my company was downsizing

because of the economy so I was laid off

other people had been there for over 10

years and I had only been there for two

so I was laid off first what are the

reasons for leaving your last job they

cut my hours I wanted to work full-time

but they only wanted part-time workers

why are you looking for another job

there is no growth potential at my

current job I'd like to work for a

company that has more room to grow could

you tell me why you've decided to leave

your current job well there are problems

inside the company the some of the

managers do not agree with the company

policies can you be more specific

yes the company does not want to allow

foreign investment and management but

some of us disagree why did you resign

from your previous position my company

was opening branches in other parts of

the country my boss told me I had to

transfer I couldn't move

so I had to resign

unit 10 handling pressure


how do you handle pressure I work very

well with pressure I prepare for it

before it comes can you give me an

example when I worked at Citibank we had

many deadlines to meet I never waited

until the last minute to do my work

always finished it ahead of time how do

you deal with the public

I try to treat my customers with respect

and patience how do you handle stressful


I try to stay as calm as possible when

I'm with the customer I like to be

respectful and responsible

can you give me an example from your

personal experience yes we're not

working with universal systems as a

secretary a customer came in and he was

very angry about his build

so I spoke calmly and told him to relax

once he calmed down we talked about the

problem and solved it he walked away

happy and so was I how do you deal with

stressful situations at work

I've had many stressful situations at

work I always try to stay patient never

I'm feeling stressed I breathe deeply to

calm down is there anything else that

you do I try to talk to people to tell

them how I feel if I'm having a problem

with a customer I try to talk politely

if I have some other kind of stress at

work I talked to my co-workers on my

boss to tell the hi feel that usually

helps how do you work under pressure oh

I'm pretty good with precious

can you give me an example

yes as an accountant I have to meet

monthly deadlines this can make my work

very stressful I've learned that working

hard and staying calm always allows me

to meet these deadlines how do you

handle stressful situations I handle

them professionally and patiently I have

had experience with stressful situations

at work always try to prepare myself

before the stressful situations happen

then if they happen I can handle them

without any trouble

can you give me an example sure if there

are two phones ringing and a customer

waiting to be helped I ask the customer

if they can wait for a minute

I answer the phones and put them on hold

next I tried to help the customer

quickly and politely

lastly I'll take the phone calls unit 11

other questions are you able to travel

yes I am very traveling are you willing

to relocate yes I am

would you be able to travel sure I don't

mind travelling

what about relocating would you be able

to relocate relocating would be

difficult you see I have a family with

three children I guess I could relocate

but it would not be easy are you able to

work weekends

well I connect Saturdays but not Sundays

are you able to work odd hours I prefer

to work in the daytime but I don't mind

doing some odd hours

are you considering any other jobs yes I

have applied to several other positions

and I'm considering them as well we may

not be able to let you know about this

position until next week are you still

interested yes I'm still very interested


we'll be in touch by next week

okay thank you very much thank you for

coming what are your salary requirements

I'm looking for at least thirty thousand

this position starts at thirty five

thousand is this okay yes that would be


are there opportunities for advancement

yes you are evaluated for raises and

bonuses every year unit twelve why do

you want this job


why do you want to work for us when I

saw the job advertisement I became very

interested I have friends who are

customers here they said that they like

doing business here as well

I also feel that I'm qualified for the

job why should we hire you because I

have experience and a strong desire to

succeed why do you want to work here

because this company has a good

reputation and why should we hire you

but I think I have the right personality

and skills and I also have experience

and motivation why do you want this job

because I know I can do this job well

why should we hire you because of my

drive and commitment can you tell me why

you want this job well the description

sounded very interesting and I think I

can succeed at it

why should we choose you for this job

I'm a very committed worker and I love

challenges like this why do you want to

work here I want the challenge of

working at a large international firm

why should we hire you over another

person because I'm qualified and because

I have the will to succeed unit 13 do

you have any questions


do you have any questions for me

yes what is the starting salary the

starting salary is $35,000 a year plus

benefits and what are the hours of the


well the office opens at 7:00 a.m. most

people usually take a one-hour lunch

break around noon and then leave about

4:00 p.m. but the office doesn't close

until 6:00 p.m. so you can stay later if

you'd like do you have any questions may

I ask what the specific responsibilities

for this position sure you'll be

expected to be in the office during

office hours which is from 8 a.m. until

5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

you'll also be expected to answer

incoming telephone calls and to help

walk-in customers you'll also be

expected to work with typing filing and

some data entry you tell me about the

history of the company

the history sure we started our company

in 1980 and we began in New York but we

moved here in 1990

since then we've opened in ten states

across the eastern US would you like to

ask me any questions what kind of person

are you looking for well we're looking

for a responsible person who can handle

pressure someone with experience and

training is good but not necessary you

offer any kind of educational or

training programs for employees

yes we offer free computer training for

full-time employees and there's also

some on-the-job training at the

beginning so do you have any questions


what is the focus of this company the

focus of our company is to provide the

best service to our customers in this

industry and what's the starting salary

the starting annual salary is twenty-six

thousand dollars we also provide health

insurance for our employees okay and do

you have the dress code

yes only business attire slacks skirts

or long dresses for women no t-shirts or

shorts sandals are alright but they must

have a strap on the heel do you have any

questions to ask me yes

is this a new position no actually it's

not the last person was transferred to a

branch in Canada we needed to fill this

position immediately in which countries

does this company operate we have

operations in the US and Canada but we

also have partners in Europe who do

business in Germany and the UK might I

be asked to travel or relocate it's

possible but not likely and can you

describe the corporate culture in this

company sure most of our employees are

from the United States but we do have

some people working here from Australia

Canada and the UK most of us are young

that we have people working here who

have been here for over ten years

we're very hardworking people but we

like to have fun sometimes we get

together on the weekends informally unit

14 getting a job offer


I'd like to offer you the job are you

still interested yes I am when can I


how is Monday

it would be good

okay then I'll see you Monday at 8 a.m.

okay see you then



are you still interested in the job yes

I am

good when can you start

well I have to give notice that my

present job first I'll be able to start

in two weeks time

Oh sounds good so you can start on

Monday the 20th then sure I'll see you

then okay Oh yep please remember to

bring your ID card and Passport

we need them to make copies for our

records sure no problem

I'll see you on the 20th okay then bye


goodbye mr. Smith I'd like to offer you

the job

are you still interested yes I am

great could you start tomorrow tomorrow

is fine okay why don't you come at nine

o'clock we'll give you a tour and have

you fill out some paperwork


please bring a list of references and to

passport photos okay I'll see you then


I've talked with the others and we've

decided to offer you the job

would you like to work for us

yes I'm ready to start as soon as


great we'd like you to be here at 7

o'clock on the morning of the 3rd of

next month

I'll see you then

is there anything else you'd like to


oh yes where can I park my car oh that's

a good question you can park your car

downstairs in the parking lot for free


I'll see you on the third okay see you

then okay thank you bye bye

I'd like to offer you the position do

you still want it

thank you but I've accepted another job

already oh well that's okay good luck to

you thank you

you're welcome



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