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-Hey! What's going on?


-You look nice.

Thank you.

Going into this date with Ron I'm gonna tell you I was nervous.

After experiencing that ex-date and hearing

some of the things that he were saying I wanted him to come in

to tell him a little bit more of how I feel.

As I'm waiting for David to arrive I'm a little nervous

because I'm not sure of where he's at far as his head space.

We hadn't talked in a while so I'm not exactly sure what's gonna come out of the meeting.

I'm hoping that he will hear me out.

-Hey! -Hello!

-How are you? -How are you?

-How you doin'? -I'm good, have a seat.

-Good, good, good. -I wanted to talk to you about what you said specifically.

'Cause basically, you know, you met my ex and then we talked about a lot of stuff.

I guess I want a debrief from that.

I wanted to be able to be cordial,

but at the same time be transparent and be honest about my feelings.

The one thing that really bothered me was

when you met him you said you know, "you dripping in religion".

And I feel like that was kind of a condescending statement.

-I asked is he religious. -It was kind of judgy and it's I guess it's the thing that I

have worked so hard for you not to feel like.

So it kind of caught me off guard and then you know, the prayer thing of course.

Your number one thing is "I'm just gonna get it done".

That was hard for me to receive

because I need you to lead my home in that way,

and especially with my son, 'cause that's how I wanna raise my children.

I didn't say don't pray.

I'm a household leader, that's me and my divine masculine, which...

I don't know how long you've had that in your presence.

You know, on a daily basis.

Divine masculine, you wanna know

how long I've had that on a daily basis, wow.


Dismissing prayer at that time was a little insensitive

to Alexis because it has worked for her in the past.

You know, you do what works for you,

I do what works for me.

You could stay and pray for me but I'm out the door handling the situation.

-Thank you for coming... -Of course, I wanted you to-- meet with me.

I hadn't really talked to Liz since the date with the ex-boyfriend.

And so I'm ready to just kind of share my feelings,

my thoughts and really uncover some things.

-Um, I wanna share-- -I wanna lead.

-No, I'll lead it. Let me. -No, no, no.

-See, it's been a long time and I want to talk to you. -No, please.

-Liz, Liz, Liz, let me explain. -No, sweetheart.

-Let me talk at this time. -Liz, Liz.

This whole time, you know, you've been very consistent

and honestly for me it has been you. You were my number one,

and I was happy because it was like a man chose me.

-That... kind of rubbed me up the wrong way. -Hmm.

For you to say you were interested because I picked you.

-It was almost like you were looking for validation. -But wait a minute.

So are you on this haul I'm just picking her

or I'm saying she the one 'cause what she could offer me?

-Offer me? -You know what I'm saying? You know, hey...

-I'm just saying... oh I -You can't offer me anything.

Oh, hold on now. You say I can't offer you anything, what do you mean by that?

I'm saying, you might offer me like, what can you offer me?

That's kind of what I'm talking about.

I don't even know if you hear yourself when you sayin' it.

The way that you perceive yourself, it comes off like real condescending.

That's the only word I have.

-I don't do that. You do that more than me, than I do... -Okay.

-I wanted you here-- -Yeah, and I wanted you here too.

-All right, I wanted you here-- -I wanna share with--

Liz, I wanted to express some things.

You didn't let me finish talking 'cause I started to talk.

I wanna go for it David.

-We ain't getting nowhere. -You interrupted me when I was trying to talk.

Liz, will you allow me to do that?

Well, will you allow me to speak? You are a gentleman, right?

-You are a gentleman. I know you're a gentleman. -Liz, please listen.

-You will allow a lady to speak first, right? -Let's sit down and discuss.

Okay, no David.

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