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Reactions of whatever happened at the auctions.

PDogg, before we get into our insights and our little bit of set-off.

We have some fans and their reactions.

So, we have fans from MI, SRH, KKR, RCB and CSK, of course.

We will check out and find out how they are feeling about it.

But first things first. I must tell you that I have done extremely well at the auctions compared to you. What are your thoughts?

Yeah. When it comes to domestic players, I think you were spot on.

But when it comes to Australian batsmen, when I said no one is going to get sold.

Probably, Steve Smith just jumped off the well and got through to Delhi Capitals for 2.2 crores from 12.5 crores from Rajasthan Royals.

I also got a bit right here.

See, it is very, very easy to go out and say, Riley Meredith will get sold. Jhye Richardson will get sold. Jamieson will get sold.

All these people will get sold. This, everybody knew. I mean, that is no rocket science.

But saying how the uncapped players will sell is a bigger art.

Exactly. When you said about Ribbon Patel...

Ripal Patel.

Rajat Patidar.

Few of the guys. Whatever you said. Mohammed Azharuddeen. So, the local guys whatever you have said. You hit them on the head actually.

Vishnu Vinod. I told you about Vishnu Vinod.

Right. These are all interesting names that did well in the SMAT. And have been doing the rounds for a while now.

In fact, Vishnu Vinod was with the RCB. So, if we get a fan reaction.

If somebody is gonna join us, we can find out what they are feeling about it before we get on to our show.

I think we have Tejas, who is a fan of MI and SRH. He is basically from Andhra.

But he is a fan of Mumbai Indians also. We will try and find out. There is a face coming up.

But I dont know when it will turn into reality. Oh, there he is.

Hi, Tejas. How are you doing?

Yeah. Doing good, Ashwin. I am currently staying in West Mambalam. I have been in Chennai for the past 15 years.

But supporting Mumbai owing to Sachin. Started way back. 15 years back.

Ok, how do you manage to live in Chennai? Being in Chennai and you are supporting Mumbai Indians. How do you manage to do it?

Thats a big problem. Because my entire friends circle are CSK fans.

And the only reason why I started supporting Mumbai was for Sachin.

And once you start supporting, you dont change it.

Right. PDogg, your initial thoughts on how MI has gone about their auction?

Look, I told you what MI exactly wanted. To be honest, it is foreign seamers. I was expecting them to go hard for

At least one of Riley Meredith or Jhye Richardson. But if we see the picks of the Mumbai Indians what they have gone for: Adam Milne.

Its going out. Yudhvir Charak, Marco Jansen and Arjun Tendulkar.

Arjun Tendulkar, I had predicted yesterday that he will go for MI yesterday itself. Who is Marco Jansen?

We didnt speak about him yesterday. He is from South Africa. He is your neighbor or relative, right?

He is very highly talented. He has got an action similar to Mitchell Starc. He can bowl quick.

And he can hit some big sixes. He is an athletic fielder. But I am not sure whether experience counts here.

They have again gone back to Nathan Coulter Nile, which was a big surprise for me. And they have gone for Jimmy Neesham.

I am not sure what role exactly he is exactly going to play.

One thing is expected is to be honest, that their spin attack, their strike-rate is very less.

But they have been economical. Krunal and Rahul Chahar. So, they did want some to experience to hand in.

So, they have gone for Piyush Chawla. So, that is a great pick.

To be honest with you, all these 13 years of IPL, this, to be honest, is the least favourite picks for Mumbai Indians, is what I feel.

Still, they have got the balance to go all the way.

In fact, look, it is very, very silly that you say that. Because they were competing against a lot of bigger priced franchisees.

Tejas, your reactions? What do you think? Are you completely happy with what Mumbai has got?

Its a kind of mixed emotion. Actually, I thought we will go all in for Jyhe Richardson actually.

I think you did go all in for him, right?

Yes, we did. But we were short of funds. Good that we went for Adam Milne. More of a like to like replacement for Pattinson.

And Piyush Chawla known not for being economical. But still, he picks up wickets in between.

What I am looking forward is actually, Yudhvir Charak, the uncapped player. Because, MI has the knack of picking up

Yeah, thats exactly what I wanted to ask. Do you know who Yudhvir Singh Charak is?

I have no idea. I just started googling after they picked him up.

But I am excited about him. Because MI has this knack of picking up players before they become stars.

So, out of all the people, I am more interested in Yudhvir Singh. How he is going to perform, given a chance.

Did you notice that line? Mumbai always tend to pick up players before they become stars it seems. Outstanding line.

Whatever he has told is very correct. Because thats what we discussed yesterday. Someone like Bumrah, Hardik Pandya.

Not many knew who they were. So, the credit has to be given to the talent scout. And they have been representing the nation as well.

To be honest with you, well never know. Like exactly what Mr. Tej is saying. All of a sudden, a superstar can emerge.

But what I felt was, they went hard for Chris Morris early on. That was a surprise for me.

Because, Chris Morris was kind of an all-rounder role. What they are looking at is, they want to replace someone like.

Earlier, they used to have someone like Malinga. They used to have tearaway quicks to join Trent Boult.

Because Trent Boult is a swing bowler. So, I was expecting them to go for at least Riley Meredith.

Rather putting money on Milne and the other guy put together for 8.5 crores.

I would have felt. I would have gone for a tearaway fast bowler like Meredith.

But as I said, their balance is too good. They will still go all the way.

There are 8 franchises sitting there not wanting to eat mixture and to get the right teams. You will not get whatever you ask for, PDogg.

Very true.

But all in all, a very happy Tej? With the way MI went about it?

Yes. Actually, pretty satisfied. Just that, Jhye Richardson, I was really expecting. But like you said, other teams wont be eating mixture when we go for them.

9 on 10 for the auction?

Yes. Definitely 9 on 10.

What about SRH?

SRH also is a little bit of mixture and pakoda. How did it look?

So, when SRH came into the auction, the expectation was mixture.

But I was expecting them to go for a decent middle-order batsman because that has been their pain point over the past.

They have solid openers.

Some Telugu please?

They had proper openers. Bowling attack: One of the exceptional. But middle-order has always been a pain point.

We cannot rule Kedar Jadhav out after one bad season. They went for the experience.

And that experience should make that middle order strong. And coming to bowling, they have added Mujeeb again.

Already, Rashid Khan is there. And they have added one more mystery spinner to the list. So, well balanced.

Well balanced, agreed. PDogg, they have batting Australia, New Zealand and England. Bowling: Afghanistan.

Middle-order: Indian. This is SRH, right? SRH looking good? They increased the price for Gowtham.

Look, they are the one as I said, had lot of Cappuccinos, they have been eating the roasted peanuts and all these things which was expected.

So, you need to give it to me that on that regard at least, I got it right.

You won that part, I agree. We spoke about one thing that they need that number 6 slot for Abhishek Sharma, Abdul Samad.

One replacement. They went for Kedar Jadhav. So, they have got that like-to-like replacement. Tick for that.

And the second thing, they have gone for J Suchith. I am not sure whether he will be required.

The third thing I was expecting them was to go with one of Moeen Ali or Shakib-Al-Hasan.

Because if the wicket is spinning, they might probably bench Jason Holder. But they have opted for Mujeeb-Ur-Rahman.

Probably, they wanted another mystery bowler. Already they have got Rashid Khan.

And when it comes to their auction, they have got very little to do. Only three slots to fill.

And then, they have done their job very well is what I feel. They have already got a packed XI.

I dont think these guys will be front runners to make it to the playing XI.

So, SRH has done a good job. Thanks, Anirudh. Both of you are nailing them perfectly.

Who? Tejas and Prasanna? I am just having mixture. Thanks, Anirudh.

Anyway, Prasanna, Auction strategy. Lets keep cricket aside. Both Tejas and PDogg. Cricket aside, just auction as a game.

SRH, not only today, I have been noticing it for the last two, three auctions, first, they wont bid for anyone.

Even today, when Mujeeb was first called, they didnt go for him. They didnt show interest. Then suddenly, towards the end, they bought a batsman for 2 crores.

Kedar Jadhav. When he was first called, they went unsold. At the last, when everybody finished buying, and the unsold people came back, and they got them for base price.

This is not the first time it is happening. I have noticed this strategy for a very, very long time.

And when it comes to auction strategy, I can give a 74 on 10 for them. What do you think about that?

You are right. In those days, there used to be a K Balachandar drama. Series named Marmadesam.

You will never know if its a villain or a ghost because of the darkness.

Tejas, Mumbai 9 on 10. How much for SRH?

9 on 10, again. Because they covered their middle-order.

Ok, right. Thanks for joining us, Tejas. Before we will get the next fan in, thank you for joining us.

One of the things that I liked during auctions. Right. Who is going to be the next fan who will be joining us and talking about their team?

I am very sure CSKS fan will come at the last. We have Anjan from RCB.

Hi Ashwin, Prasanna. How are you?

Ee Sala Cup Namde?

The cup is always ours, buddy.

Please talk about the team, guys.

Ok, Anjan. How happy are you? Well rounded off?

Absolutely thrilled. Having 'The Big Show' The auction was thrilling. I think I speak for a lot of RCB fans as well.

So, very much excited. We had Kohli, ABD. So, one more superstar addition. Due to COVID, we dont know where all the games will be played.

But in case, if it happens in Chinnaswamy, extra fireworks we have ordered for all the group games and also for the finals wherever that is played.

So, that is the main buy. So, yeah. Really excited.

Virat, ABD, Big Show, the ground might be Chinna (Small) Swamy, but these are big names.

Anjan, I have really got to give it to the RCB fans. One of the greatest. I mean, obviously, CSK fans are amazing. MI have got great fandom.

But RCB fans are one notch higher. The way they support their fans. The way they make songs and all last year.

All those things and now you are coming on where a player of DC is sitting and you are saying This year, the cup is ours which I quite like.

But obviously, keeping fun aside, very, very happy to get a fans perspective. Auction and strategy.

How many marks will you give them?

Look, I think considering the purse we had. The strategy where to buy one or two big players must have been the plan and that is what we have done.

Again, like I said, Maxwell is a very good buy. Thats what I feel. I also speak for a lot of other fans.

Kyle Jamieson, when it comes to T20 and also, in subcontinent pitches, we are yet to see. But thats an exciting addition.

And not just Kyle Jamieson, we have got Dan Christian as well, who is on the back of a fresh He is a serial winner.

We can change Dan Christians name to Round the wicket Christian. Full BBL, he bowled round the stumps. Once, he went outside the pitch and also bowled.

So, he is a serial winner. So, he is going to bring that winning mentality into the team. So, that is also an exciting addition.

And also, just a while back, Prasanna was talking about the domestic players. And one of them was Mohammed Azharuddeen.

I read somewhere that we will finally see Sachin, Kohli and Azharuddin playing in the same team.

Sachin Baby, Mohammed Azharuddeen and Virat Kohli.

Azharuddeen scored a century in the recently concluded SMAT.

So, I think he is going to be He can be a handy batsman among all these superstar batsmen.

We still have Padikkal in our team. So, this season, we will manage with him. Hopefully, next season, we can get more local players.

Amazing to see the passion. PDogg, thoughts?

Beautifully put. But Sachins Baby: Arjun Tendulkar has been bought by Mumbai Indians. So, a correction on that.

Sachin Baby is a Kerala player, dude.

Washington Sundar and Padikkal has to open. Then you have got a powerful 3,4 and 5. There is no need for anyone at 6 or 7 to do anything.

If AB de Villiers, Kohli and Maxwell, all three fail together, you have to accept it that Ok, today, we have got a bad day.

I dont see all three fail together. It is going to be an explosive unit. One more thing I am telling you as this gentleman Anjan rightly told.

Kyle Jamieson, for me, is an intelligent cricketer. How he is going to perform here is going to be difficult.

But they have got another guy who is really a weapon in the death overs. Kane Richardson.

He has got the least economy when it comes to bowling slower deliveries in death overs. So, you have got everything covered.

You have got Chahal, who is a genuine wicket taking bowler. Washington Sundar, who is the most economical bowler in powerplay.

So, they have got everything covered. They have got explosive Padikkal, who have come up a long way.

This RCB team is going to be a very, very hard team to beat.

Yeah, one thing about Washington Sundar is, I think he can be used similar to how Sunil Narine is being used as an opening batsman and as a strike bowler.

We have Siraj, Saini and Washington Sundar, who have a fantastic Indian performance behind them which will also boost their IPL performance.

So, we have got a strong core that we have retained and we have also added some explosive players.

Thank you so much for joining us, Anjan. I can see that you are extremely happy. If I asked you to give a mark on 10 for the auction strategies, will it be 11?

Absolutely. You guessed it right. 11, it is.

So, this year?

Cup is ours.

Thank you, Anjan. Thank you for joining us. And we will get the next fan in very, very shortly. Before that, Prasanna, looks like you are extra pumped up today.

You know I was part of RCB for 6 years, right? The loyalty, you see.

You two were conversing something in Kannada. Show is yours or mine?

He said Chinnaswamy. (Small) Swamy. So, I told after this team, its Dhottaswamy (Big) Swamy.

None of them bought Periyaswamy.

We tried our best to promote him. So, we will come to RCB. They have ticked all the boxes.

Rajat Paridar, Sachin Baby, Mohammed Azharuddeen. One of them can slot in at number 6.

Another thing is, I failed to mention is, Srikar Bharat has come a long way.

Konar guide and all, nothing. Kona Bharat. Thats it.

He can also keep wickets. Thats another advantage you have got. So, he can be the wicket-keeper and he can bat at number 6.

They can relieve the wicket-keeping duties from AB de Villiers. So, they have ticked all the boxes.

I thought they might have bought one of Meredith or Jhye Richardson. They did go hard. But they have made their auctions very well.

I think we will have another fan shortly.

When they asked Valimai update to Moeen Ali, I didnt know he was going to play for CSK.

KKR fan: Koushik. KKR fan, if you go back, it will be perfect for us. Cant see your face now.

Are you from Chennai?

I am a supporter of KKR because of their T20 approach.

Because they play the most aggressive brand of cricket among all the teams.

I know you have got lovely eyes. We can see only one eye. Come to the screen.

Yes, Koushik.

Go ahead. How was your auction? What went right?

How much will you give? How many marks?

So, as for as the auction is concerned, KKR is pretty much about filling the gaps and backups.

So, they basically did very well to plug holes in terms of, say, Shakib, as one of the all-rounders and also the left-arm spinner role.

Besides that, they also brought

Shakib is from East Bengal which is close to Bengal.

True. Add to that, we have Harbhajan Singh coming in. He can bowl in the powerplay and can be a potential replacement for Sunil Narine.

So, where can that could have an impact is, they can play Lockie Ferguson in place of Sunil Narine and that means two pacers.

So, that is becoming a trend now where teams are increasingly playing two overseas pacers.

So, that could be a positive in that aspect as well.

And Karun Nair, coming in as a backup middle-order player or top-order player also adds a bit more depth to it.

Too good. Shall we leave, Prasanna?

He has covered it all. It shows what kind of in-depth cricketing knowledge he has. What an ardent cricket fan he is!

You need to give it to him. He has made our job easier. To be honest with you.

They went for almost everyone. I didnt understand one thing.

Venky Mysore, who had been to our show, went aggressively for Maxwell. The way he was bidding, I knew they wont buy.

What do you think about that strategy, PDogg?

We discussed this yesterday. If they go for a Swayamvar, they will silently keep looking at all the forty possible brides or they might even leave without seeing one bride.

I told you this yesterday. They are experts when it comes to increasing a players price whom they wont buy.

They went for Maxwell and made everyone wonder why they are going hard on Maxwell.

Once he went to 14 crores, they were having groundnuts. They have this greatest skill.

To add on to what Koushik has said. They have a potential back-up for Sunil Narine. We spoke about it.

His batting has gone down over the years. Strike-rate has gone down as well.

They have now got Shakib who was always a part of their franchise in the past.

Another thing is, they have a back-up for the injury prone Andre Russell in Ben Cutting.

They have a backup for Rahul Tripathi in Karun Nair.

Back-up for Rinku Singh is Sheldon Jackson.

Venkatesh Iyer. I left his name in the list of my uncapped buys.

Madhya Pradesh batsman. He bats well too. Rajat Patidar and himself belong to same state.

They have Pawan Negi as well.

I like the concept that he said. Because Mumbais winning concept is playing two overseas fast bowlers almost every season.

So, if Harbhajan Singh or Pawan Negi, if anyone clicks, they might even think about dropping Sunil Narine and play two quick bowlers.

Cummins and Lockie Ferguson, both in the XI looks threatening actually.

If Russell is fit, he will also clock 140 kph consistently. So, they always got their balance back. I thought they will go for Chris Morris.

I know the obsession with pace is there due to Wankhede. But match will take place in CCI and DY Patil as well.

The bounce you get in Mumbai wickets, if you bowl 150 clicks, even outside edges and inside edged go for sixes. You guys know it.

If you spit behind the wicket-keeper, even that will go for six there. See, at some point of time, that is where the coaching staff come into the picture on what lengths you need to bowl.

Top of off stump there means it will go over the top.

Bangalore also where if you bowl top of off, you can easily smash them for six.

The idea to aggressively bid for Maxy was to increase his price.

Tell me, Koushik. What did you feel? What is the rating? How many marks will you give them out of 10 for auction strategy?

Surely in terms of filling the backups, I will surely give 8 out of 10. Because they did justice to, say, bringing Cutting, in place of injury to Andre Russell.

And also, have a potential backup for Sunil Narine in Shakib.

And also, playing Lockie Ferguson in place of Sunil Narine as well. So, thats 8 out of 10 according to me.

Thank you so much, Koushik, for joining us. Hopefully, KKR rocks. You will surely enjoy their aggressive approach.

PDogg, you can also try Ashwins hairstyle. Rambo Rajkumar, wear the same JIPPA and try the hairstyle.

I was that way during the 2018 auctions for Punjab. I will send him that picture, you tell him.

My hairstyle now?

Ok, anyway, KKR fan has come and gone. Its time to bring a CSK fan in.

After that, I have to properly sledge you. Because clearly

Hey, we have two fans or what? Face app or what?

Bro, I am not a CSK fan. I am a DC fan.

Which fan are you? Ceiling fan or table fan?

DC fan, bro. And this year, we are lifting the trophy for sure.

Tell me what we did at the auctions.

But they bought my favourite Ripal Patel.

We had the settled XI already and came into the auctions for the purpose of back-ups alone. I guess we bought an upgraded version of the released players.

We released Tushar Deshpande and got Umesh Yadav. We sold Daniel Sams and Harshal Patel to RCB, but got Lukman Meriwala and Tom Curran.

Left arm pacer and seamer at 8. Last year, when Pant got injured, we didnt have the backup. But this year, we have Vishnu Vinod and Sam Billings.

Last year, when Mishra and yourself got injured at the same time, we struggled without spinners, this time we have M Siddharth.

We have nailed our buys to perfection. We have filled the gaps that we had last year.

We released Jason Roy and got Steve Smith today.

Prasanna told my elder brother Steve Smith wont get sold today. Are you there, Prasanna?

Like I said, he was almost unsold and bought almost at the base price. Last time, he went for 12.5 crores and now he has gone for 2.2 crores. Do you think its fair?

You will come to my show and challenge me saying that he will go unsold and you guess you will get away with that?

I wanted to prove you wrong and thats why we bought.

He has beautifully analyzed everything. We spoke yesterday about either Billings or Glenn Phillipps or Van der Dussen being backups.

They have bought Sam Billings. His switch hits and unconventional sweeps will be very effective. Similarly, Umesh Yadav also we guessed.

My only disappointment is, their foreign fast bowler being Tom Curran. Because I was expecting them

Of course, they have Woakes with them, agreed. He is a kind of an all-rounder.

When you dont know about the availability of Rabada and Nortje, I would have probably wanted them to go for one of the tearaway quicks.

I dont know why they didnt go. They covered domestic backups beautifully like you said.

Vishnu Vinod, Meriwala, M Siddharth, who is also a very good buy.

Ribbon Pakoda, sorry, Ripal Patel is also a good buy.

Dont you dare get my teammates name wrong.

Meriwala, another good buy. If only, they had bought another explosive fast bowler instead of Tom Curran,

all the gaps would have been filled and that would have given them an edge. I just feel that they dont have it now.

Back then, since I come from a middle-class family, they used to buy Vegetables from the nearby Annachi shop.

The idea was that, if we had to go to a supermarket for this, it will be expensive.

We had a very few sum of money left in our purse. Every single fast bowler went for crores.

You are right.

We should talk about the tweet of the day. He tweeted that girlfriend saw the auctions and asked him, Why arent you a bowler?

That has to be the tweet of the day.

I replied to that tweet asking him to be precise. Any bowler or Australian bowler?

Too bad, buddy. Next year Hundred Ball league will happen and people will emerge from that tournament as well.

Because of the recently concluded BBL, Australian bowlers are getting noticed. Am I correct, Sajith?

Yes. We went till our allotted budget of 8 crores for all the bowlers. We went for Nathan Coulter-Nile also till 5 crores.

Our plan A didnt work and thats why we went for Tom Curran. And Tom Curran because, he could also bat at 7.

The entire set of Curran brothers play cricket really well. Sam Curran plays well; Tom Curran plays well too.

And we have a Ben Curran as well. He plays well too. Their father is a good player too. Their family is full of cricketers.

I dont like them mentioning stats during an auction. People with ordinary stats, you shouldnt buy, it seems.

But people who havent played at all, you can buy them, it seems. What logic is this?

You have more confidence on them or what? What, PDogg?

My only regret is Tom Curran. I dont have any other complaints.

Wait and watch for TC. Like I said, dont you dare say anything about my teammates.

Ash, from last year, DC made a shift when they brought you and Rahane in.

And this year, with Steve Smith and Umesh Yadav, they have got all-format superstars and it looks like a conscious decision.

We made the finals last season and this year, we will win the trophy, agreed. If we play a test series with IPL teams, we will win by an innings in almost all conditions.

We have an across the format Test cricket, ODIs and T20s.

Players who can perform well in all formats, we have started to back them. I am so happy with that.

Give him the appointment order already. Thank you, Sajith. Thanks for joining me. I welcome your thoughts. What will be your marks on the auction strategy on 10?

10 on 10. I have one request. From next time, dont reveal these Ripal Patel type gems before the auctions since someone might try steal them.

Actually, despite me saying, none of them came for him.

In fact, I will tell you guys. If you wanna know who Ripal Patel is, go to YouTube and check his videos.

He batted in Goa Premier League. The ground was small but you can understand his ability.

In the recently concluded SMAT, when 78 was required from 5 overs, he got that done in 3 overs for Gujarat.

Thats his super skill. Thank you so much for joining me, Sajith. See you soon. I guess CSK fan will rock.

She looked similar to you and it looked like a Face App.

He spoke well, right? Might as well give you a tough competition.

He spoke really well. All the fans were super today.

Next is CSK, right?

Must be.

Tell us about Punjab Kings and RR, PDogg.

I will come to Punjab Kings first. We discussed on how they needed a backup to Chris Gayle in Dawid Malan and they nailed it.

And then to partner Jordan, they needed a quick bowler with either Meredith or Jhye Richardson.

They nailed that one as well.

And then, Hooda, not sure if he will be banned or whether it will be lifted. So, they needed Shahrukh Khan as a backup, they got him.

They got both Richardson and Meredith. We also got the Indian picks right in Jalaj Saxena.

Either Jalaj Saxena or Harbhajan Singh because of the Punjab connection. Utkarsh Singh, I am not sure about him.

Saurabh Kumar is a left-arm spinner from Uttar Pradesh. Fabian Allen, I will pick him just for his attitude.

Last time, they picked Sheldon Cottrell for his salute and this time, you will see him performing dance after taking a wicket.

Why are you talking like Prabhu Deva master? That you will pick a player for his dance. Dont be atrocious, man.

Yesterday, you were spot on in telling us that Moises Henriques will be sold. I was not that confident.

We will get to that segment where we play Grand Master. Because I am the Grand Master. Whoever I predicted, got sold.

You do my job and I will go bowl for DC instead of you.

Try it, no?

Continue. What else did the Kings do?

They got Moises Henriques. But where is he going to fit in? Last time, they got Jimmy Neesham. Moises Henriques, off late, isnt bowling much.

He is an explosive batsman; I am not taking any credit away from that. He can change the course of the match.

One of the cleanest hitters. But when it comes to the all-rounder slot, you need to make sure that he gives you at least 2-3 overs.

Otherwise, he wont get the all-rounder slot. So, overall, they have filled all the gaps.

But in the last three years, they somehow miss playoffs berth by whisker.

But I feel, this year they will qualify for sure.

We will have a quick look at their lineup. Their plan looks clear. They will play two foreign fast bowlers.

Riley Meredith and Jhye Richardson. Jhye Richardson will bat at 8 as well. Two leggies in Ravi Bishnoi and Murugan Ashwin.

Moises Henriques at 7. We are going from the last to first.

Moises Henriques wont start.

They have Pooran and Chris Gayle. So, Moises Henriques wont start.

So, you think both Pooran and Gayle will start?


So, we will go from the first then.

KL Rahul, Mayank, Prabhsimran Singh at 3. Pooran at 4.

No. Gayle at 3, Pooran at 4, Mandeep Singh at 5.

Dawid Malan wont start. They will start with Chris Gayle.

KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Mandeep Singh, Deepak Hooda based on his availability.

100% Prabhsimran Singh will start. Mark my words.

Then Hooda wont play. One of them has to miss out.

Who is at 7?

Only 4 bowlers we mentioned, right?

They dont have a bowler in top 6.

Like you said, two spinners in M Ashwin and Bishnoi.

Jhye Richardson and Meredith. Four foreigners are done.

You left Jordan. They will start with Jordan.

It has to be either Jhye Richardson or Meredith.

Even then, we have only four bowlers, right?

Jhye Richardson bats really well. Still, we have four bowlers only. You forgot Mohammed Shami.

So, Mohammed Shami is a guarantee.

Mohammed Shami, two overseas fast bowlers and two leggies makes it 5.

They can play only 6 batsmen.

KL Rahul, Mayank, Gayle, Pooran, Mandeep, sixth might be like you said, Prabhsimran Singh or Hooda.

No way. Prabhsimran Singh and Shahrukh Khan.

They bought Shahrukh Khan for 5.5 crores and wont play or what?

Anyone might come in that number 6 slot.

This is how they will pick.

Ash, the same logic that we picked for RCB.

KL Rahul, Mayank, Gayle and Pooran. If all the four of them fail, you had a bad day and you have to give it up. There is no point in fiddling around the combination.

They have got their combination right.

They have done a good job is what I honestly feel.

We need to agree on that. From last time, we are fighting it out that they have a strong side.

Time to bring in our CSK fan.

We will see what our CSK fan says.

It was a steamy day for CSK.

Oh, hi. Introduce yourself. Whats your name?

Hi, I am Shri. I am joining from Seattle. But Chennai girl. Where to begin? A bit disappointing auction to be honest.

Pujara Some might call it a good buy. He does have a T20 century and his strike-rate looks okish. Especially while batting first.

K Gowtham is a good buy. CSK have always preferred bowling all-rounders. And that was very evident when they went for K Gowtham.

Was a little disappointed that we didnt go for Shahrukh Khan as much as we did for K Gowtham, I felt.

Moeen Ali, great choice. But hopefully, he is played like we played Shane Watson.

If they dont, I dont know how his place will be justified in the playing XI.

And I still feel, we didnt pick anyone to fill that explosive top-order player.

They didnt pick anyone to fill that bracket at the end of the auctions. Anyway, well see.

And very happy that they picked a domestic Tamil Nadu player for CSK in Hari Nishanth. He had a decent SMAT.

There are two Coimbatore grooms in Jagadeesan and Hari Nishanth. What do you think about this representation from Dindigul Dragons?

If they play both of them, it will be amazing. But that wont happen.

How will they start? Please be logical. They have Ruturaj Gaikwad as well. I am surprised to see that fan not getting super excited about Moeen Ali.

He absolutely nails it for Worcestershire Rapids consistently with his fireworks.

But apart from that, we dont have anyone. Whenever Shane Watson didnt fire, we always kept failing. We clicked only in the matches he performed well.

This is too much. Looks like you want Hardik Pandya, Rohit Sharma and everyone.

You already have MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Jadeja and despite this, you are whining about explosive power.

What do you think, PDogg? This is too much, right?

To quote Thalapathy, we can only say, Huh? Cant hear you? Be louder. Thats all we can say.

Because, honestly speaking, we discussed about this. That they will go all out for Maxy like they did for Flintoff and Stokes.

They did go. But they couldnt get him.

They had 19.2 crores and if it was me, I would have spent the entire lot on him and said Bye bye and left the auctions.

So, that is what exactly the firepower they need at number 5 or number 4 to prop up that batting.

If you see their batting line up now, you have assured that Ruturaj Gaikwad will only open.

He is going to open with Faf du Plessis. Raina has been in indifferent form, off late.

Number 4 is Ambati Rayudu. So, number 5 is where they will use Moeen Ali.

But you called it rightly. For Worcestershire Rapids, he opens the batting and thats where he has his 100s and here, he cant open.


Otherwise, they have to bench Faf du Plessis.

The reason why they bought K Gowtham is again to bench Imran Tahir.

Because, they will play Moeen Ali, one of Bravo or Curran, Faf at the top and then they will play Ngidi, who is a genuine wicket-taker at the death overs.

Your client wont play again?

He will obviously tweet. Parasakthi Express wont take off though. It will be waiting for take-off. But I am not sure when it will.

But it will be waiting in the station. So, this is what exactly it is.

What all teams have done? They have beautifully filled their holes whatever they had which they needed to improve.

But they have unfortunately Say, Moeen Ali, where his success was at the RCB? Only when he was batting in the last few overs.

He didnt have any success in the middle-overs. But what they will do? They will send him ahead of Thala Dhoni.

If you are 78/3 in 12 overs, game over for them. So, you need to get a blistering start.

But in CSK, the top three are not dashers. What will I do? I will send one of the Coimbatore grooms and ask them to have a go at the top.

I have very high confidence on Hari Nishanth. Even though he has got a long way to go.

He showed the glimpse of his attacking capabilities when he played in the Dindigul Dragons.

Abdul is saying correctly. Abdul Wahab Saheb Mohamed Feroz. Name might be lengthy, but he is right.

The Knowledgeable Chennai Crowd have asked Valimai update correctly to Moeen Ali, it seems

Is he right? You guys knew it already or what, Shri?

That you guys will go for Moeen Ali?

We guessed we will bid for him. Because after Watsons retirement, we had a huge gap in our foreign slot/ explosive batsman. Valimai update, we can please stop asking him.

No, I meant whether the fan asked him because he foresaw Moeen Ali playing for CSK and whether thats why he asked him.

Otherwise, all the bases have been covered, right?

In fact, Pujara has a 60-ball-100 for Saurashtra last year.

I will put my hand-up and say. I was so happy. He deserves to be there. He was there with us in RCB.

First, he will come and ask our coach Ray Jennings, Coach, What is the role I need to play?

Go and give it a go Ray Jennings will tell him. He will never say that he is a defensive player or anything.

Let me go and give a go. He is such a committed cricketer. I wont be surprised. If I am in that set-up, I want him to be the first choice to open the batting for CSK.

This is going to be a surprise for lot of people listening to what I am saying.

That is the kind of player who has been a champion in test cricket. Its not at all a big deal for him to adapt for T20 shorter format.

He is a quality player. And he has played against all great bowlers in the world in trying, different, testing conditions.

So, I will put him on top. That is one of the greatest buys. Lot of people might disagree to what I am saying. Pujara is a great buy.

Before we let go Shri, your auction strategy marks on 10 for CSK'S strategy?

I would put it at 5 or 6.

We could have gone for few players aggressively is what I felt. So, I will just give it a 6.

They might have had a certain budget for a certain player. And if that player exceeded that budget, they might not have gone in for that player.

Anyway, thats an explanation because I know and Prasanna has also been in auction strategies.

He might be aware of this. But anyway, thank you so much for joining us, Shri.

Two years back, all of you said the same saying you were unhappy when the auctions got over. But ended up winning the trophy.

As a DC player, I am worried about that.

Shri, dont worry. The God is on our side.

Whistle Podu.

Thank you so much.

PDogg, extremely delighted for Pujara, right? I am so happy for him. I am so pleased.

I dont know how to whistle. But my daughter has this small whistle kind of thing.

I took it from her and blew loudly once they bought him. I want him to play. I want him to succeed. I am a big fan of Pujara.

See, what I feel is, you cant replace anyone. You can only be the best that you can be. Definitely, Pujara can play a certain role in that side.

He has the ability. He can certainly do the job whatever that the team is expecting him to do.

So, just because he is not batting aggressively in tests, you cant judge him based on that.

PDogg, on a lighter note

Will Hazlewood bowl to Pujara in nets?

Definitely not! He wont bowl to him ever again.

He would have gotten bored already.

PDogg, yesterday, we predicted certain things ahead of the auctions. I won this fair and square in this Grand Master game, according to the public. So, whats your take on this?

Ripal Patel, Rajat Patidar, Shahrukh Khan. All of them got sold.

Lukman Meriwala. You said no chance. The only guy whom I hyped up and yet didnt get sold was Vishnu Solanki.

You need to understand that elders will understand kids behaviour and accept for the sake of them that they have lost.

So, I will do the same. You have done a great job.

I am a kid and you are being a gentleman and conceding defeat, right?

Of course. I have known you from a very young age.

We will talk about few players. Kuldip Yadav was bought by a team. Who is Kuldip Yadav?

Honestly, I have no idea. I was shocked as well to see if it was Kuldeep Yadav since I havent heard any news on whether he was released or not.

Then only saw it was Kuldip Yadav. I dont know which state as well. To be honest with you, I was surprised.

I was surprised that even I didnt know him. Akash Singh, RR only had him. He is a left-arm seamer. They released and bought him back.

A fan yesterday asked about Chetan Sakariya and he was bought by a team as well.

Chetan Sakariya is a left-arm seamer from Saurashtra. Your thoughts on him?

Good bowler. He bowls from round the wicket and nails those Yorkers. He is very deceptive. Might not be genuinely quick.

He can bowl his 4 overs for 31 type runs with his experience and capacity. Superb pick.

Any other pick that we are not aware of? Some new picks were there, right?

Utkarsh Singh, I know. I think he is from Jharkhand. He bowls a bit of off-spin.

Correct. But I dont know the independence fighter Bhagat Singh that CSK bought.

Bhagat Verma, you mean?

I know. But I tried comedy there. I dont know who he is.

Even I googled him since I didnt know.

They bought a Reddy who is a fast bowler. He is from Andhra and he is a newbie.

Apparently, he had done well this year despite having a high economy rate. But he strikes pretty well at the death, I guess.

RR bought Shivam Dube. Your thoughts on that?

I know Shivam Dube will be bought. But I didnt expect him to go for such high amount.

So, RR needed a backup for Riyan Parag. They picked a guy who can score those 12-ball-20 knocks and havent really worried about bowling.

If we need, we will give you 2-3 overs. You make sure that you improve your power hitting capabilities.

We need a 12-ball-20 in the last 4 or 5 overs like that. So, that might have been the idea behind his buy. But he is a smart pick, particularly being a left-hander.

I have a feeling that Shivam Dube and Chris Morris both might be their first-choice players and start given the way they went for him.

Time will tell. Both will start the season for him. Anyway, we will take few questions from the audience.

But before that, we will look into few players who we might have missed.

There was a player called Tanveer Ul-Haq. Do you know him?


I am talking about local player Tanveer-Ul-Haq. I know you were shocked that Naveen-Ul-Haq and Rassie Van der Dussen were unsold and tweeted about it.

Are you talking about the fast-bowler Tanveer Ul-Haq? Yesterday, we discussed about it.

This is the fourth time you are having the same team. They had only 61 slots in total to fill.

Therefore, even good talents might get missed out because of that.

I am also following IPL auctions for sometime now. Some people tweet asking why few people went for a crazy sum and everything.

The understanding is still not evident. They need to understand that this a supply-demand issue.

Most of the teams have already assembled their squad. There are just few positions to be filled.

Since they have more money to fill those gaps, they are going and getting that also fixed.

Audience isnt understanding that. At the same time, lot of cricketers life gets changed and I am very pleased for everyone that got selected.

I am just sad on only two players getting missed out.

One is Rassie Van der Dussen. He has shown marked improvements in all formats. He played really well in those three T20s against England.

Who is the smartest buy and who will be the surprise of the auction, PDogg? Question from Balaji Ravichandran.

Smartest buy. You might laugh if I say.

In last two-three years, so many expectations and he has been trolled heavily and despite everything, Maxwell has gone for a high price.

So, I will tell him as the smartest buy. Not many people are expecting him to perform. He is going to set the stage on fire, this year. I believe in it.

You did that in Raghuvaran voice. I agree with you. Having Maxy in that team at 5 gives a completely different look to that side.

And he is a fine player. Sometimes, as a cricketer, you might not be in form and because of that, you might be judged differently.

But its only a matter of time before people correct it.

Sakthivel has asked, Is Malan the smartest buy?

I wont call it as the smartest buy. He was expected to go. I should rather say that Kings XI Punjab are fortunate to buy him for a less price.

Because I thought many teams would go for him. Because he is the like-to-like replacement for Chris Gayle.

If he doesnt start, it is going to be Malan. So, there is no surprise at all. So, its not a smart buy. It is an expected buy.

But buying him for 1.5 crores is an absolute steal. Because the number of performances what he has made.

Not only in Vitality Blast, but also for England, over a period of time.

Do you think any new players that have been bought will be in the playing XI this season? And will also turn out to be the find?

See, Shahrukh Khan has to play. To be honest, with the amount of money they have put in.

It doesnt make any sense if you buy a player for that sum of money only to bench him.

And I have seen his power hitting capabilities. I saw it in TNPL as well. He might not have scored an 80 or 100.

But I saw the flow. A six over cow-corner. And I guess against Rajasthan, he played a stunning innings he finished the game from nowhere.

So, I am expecting him to do well actually.

So, he will be the find of the season? Ok.

Kings XI Punjab have found their find of the season in Shahrukh Khan according to PDogg.

Before the next question, do you know about Rajat Patidar?

Who will play among them?

See, first preference will go to Jagadeesan, to be honest with you. He is a top run-getter in the recently concluded SMAT.

And in the one game that he got opportunity, he showed some glimpse.

Even though, he couldnt play with a big strike-rate. He stitched a partnership with Rayudu against SRH.

RCB, right?

RCB? I thought it was SRH.

So, this guy will get the first chance. I am a big fan of Sai Kishore. He bowls beautifully.

I dont know how soon Hari Nishanth will get his chance.

Because they have got Ruturaj Gaikwad, they have got Robin Uthappa and they have just got Cheteshwar Pujara as well.

So, I am not sure when Hari Nishanth will get a chance. I hope there isnt a situation where he gets a chance.

Because if that situation comes, that shows that CSK is not doing well after 7 or 8 games.

As a die-hard fan of CSK, I dont want that to happen at all even though I want these guys to get a chance.

Firstly, we are Delhi Capitals and not DD anymore. Actually, since all of us are professionals, and this is a professional sport.

When it comes to IPL, we try to help each other out. There wont be any hostility in the environment.

Even if there are players, where things can get hostile, we find ways to mix together.

So, in a sport, there wont be any scope for such animosity or enmity. Thats why I try to convey such things in my show.

In sports, things like animosity, enmity, differences or religious differences or differences due to being from different countries, never exist.

There is no such thing in sport. And players are never confined to those.

I am so happy. People who perform well in first class cricket and in SMAT.

And Lukman Meriwala has been playing consistently well for so many years for Baroda.

In fact, if Kedar Devdhar got picked also, I would have been so happy. Lukman Meriwala bowled beautifully.

Thats why I was adamant when PDogg said he will go unsold. I am so happy that he has been bought.

PDogg, your thoughts?

His strike rate in powerplay is good and he is a genuine wicket-taking bowler. He swings the new-ball and has got a nice and smooth action.

So, I dont know what are his chances of playing in DC. Ishant Sharma is going to be the one who is going to start.

Then, they have Umesh Yadav, who is playing for India. He has got 121 IPL wickets and has played close to 119 matches.

So, I dont know how quickly he will get his chances. I always want to see new players.

Because that is a talent pool that India has got. Many are emerging from IPL to play for Team India.

So, I will be really looking forward to see a talent like Meriwala get in there. Hopefully, he gets a chance quickly.

Just like how Natarajan got a chance in 29-30, he has got a chance now.

Your thoughts on Adam Milne?

I think the guy who asked the question knows his game. He is correct. Two years prior to his injury, he was clocking 150 kph comfortably.

Even when he was playing for RCB. And he has a leg-cutter which cant be called as a back-of-the-hand slower delivery and also, not even a leg-cutter.

More like a leg-spin with his pace.

I didnt see his recent performances. He didnt play many games I guess since he is just recovering from injury.

He played few games in Super Smash. How fit he is going to be and how much you are going to get out of him is going to be the big question.

Talentwise, he is very good. I am not denying that at all.

Is he going to be on the same track where he was couple of years before? Only time will tell.

In fact, I would like to tell few things on Arjun Tendulkar. One of the most hardworking, young kids that I know.

The general tendency on how the public sees these types of players, the expectation just because he is Sachin Tendulkars son,

that might turn out to be extreme pressure and obstacle for them.

But I have seen Arjun Tendulkar and he is NOT a pampered kid by any means. In fact, he does volunteer work during England test matches.

I have seen him sell radios during a Lords test match and helps coming to the MCC club to generate revenue for them.

He has been there as a net bowler as well. He spends close to 5-6 hours in gym. One of the most hardworking boys.

And lot of people are saying that he bowls really quick with his left arm and has striking abilities with the bat lower down the order.

Like a fan just said, Mumbai Indians gets a player before he becomes a superstar. So, you will never know.

I wish him all the very best. He made his debut for Mumbai this year and I really hope he goes on to do some wonderful things. What, PDogg? Am I correct?

You were right in one point. He has lot of contact with England players.

When he is not playing cricket, his dad sends him to England and makes him go to every county and every venue and he has bowled non-stop for four hours.

In T10 league, one of the players, Joe Clarke, who is my friend

I have played with him. He played with me in Worcestershire as well as Nottinghamshire.

He told me, He is a son of stalwart. He will come and ask me whether he can bowl to me. He looks really sharp. He has got a sharp bouncer.

So, he is a hardworking cricketer. Like you said, I dont want people to see who his father is and what his surname is.

If someone is working so hard, they deserve to get their due.

Give that boy a chance and see what he can perform rather than talking about other things.

I am also someone who want to wish him all the very best and I hope he does well.

Thank you, Pranav, for asking that question.

Who is Marco Jansen, PDogg? Because he is from South Africa, you must know him, right?

His action will be similar to Mitchell Starcs and he will look like him as well. He is skiddy and real quick.

He nails those Yorkers. And he hits some big sixes at the end. I dont know how Mumbai Indians talent scout found him.

He was there as a part of South Africa A team which toured India last year.

And they played 5 ODIs there which eventually India won comfortably.

He bowled few quick deliveries in that series. He might not have performed exceptionally well.

What few talent scouts do is that, some of them will create impression on the first look.

He is a go-to bowler, we must get him type. I am glad that Mumbai Indians picked him.

He is a very good talent. And particularly, under the guidance of Zaheer Khan, who himself is a left-arm seamer.

He can only grow from there. I dont know whether he is going to get a chance. But he is a very good aspect.

Who is foreign uncapped player Meredith? How will he play? For 8 crores? WOW.

He played for Hobart Hurricanes with his big moustache. The intro song from the movie Dhool that Vikram sings suits perfectly for him.

If you score a boundary off his 150 clicks, the next delivery will be 154 clicks. Thats the problem.

Express quick. He is a great talent. Impressed me in the first match that I watched him.

Raw pace, real pace. 150, 152, 154. Boy, he was quick!

I guess you quote tweeted recently saying that you already hyped about him.

Yes, the same guy. Many thought he wouldnt be sold. He can give real competition to Anrich Nortje.

Riley Meredith can clock 100 miles per hour in future. He is worth every penny. The only thing is that, in T20 cricket in India, all are high scoring venues.

It is all about how he is going to get nurtured here as a bowler. BBL is different to what he will get here.

You know the conditions. You can tempt the batsmen using square boundaries there.

Whereas, in Chinnawamy if he tries that, before he could turn to Point region, the ball would have been deposited into the stands.

So, it is all about how he is going to get nurtured along with the coaching staff.

They have got Charl Langeveldt, who is a very good coach. We rate him. So, this guy will really, really come good.

PDogg got that alone right. That he wont be sold.

You got this alone correct, PDogg.

PDogg won this one alone, Kapil. He rarely won one or two and this is one of them.

Wait, what? Loose-bus-change? He is Labuschagne, guys!

Since he is unsold, he is actually Loss-bus-change.

Lee Murali has asked this. Even I thought about this a lot. An uncapped foreign player who doesnt have a track record here in IPL.

And we are ready to invest heavily on them.

Whereas, an Indian, performing well in SMAT and playing test cricket as well, doesnt go for such huge amounts, why?

Our own owners find foreigners better or what?

Its all about ratio, Ash. Out of 25 people in the squad, how many foreigners you can pick?

8 foreigners.

How many Indians?

Remaining all will be Indians.

17 Indians and 8 foreigners.

So, 8 foreigners in 8 different teams comes to 64. So, the crowd is smaller and there is no rocket science in this.

Shall we understand it this way? Supply and demand issue, right?

8 players each for 8 different teams. So, 64 in total.

More than 64, there is no supply or what? If there are 150-200 players available, they wont go for huge price, right?

If it becomes 6 Indians and 5 foreigners in the XI and make the whole squad ratio of 25 as 14 Indians and 11 foreigners.

Then I will see which foreigner goes in excess of 10 crores.

If you need 4 foreigners in your team, how will you think?

You will ideally want all 4 to be match winners. You will never go for less impactful players. Look at every team.

RR, for example. Ben Stokes, Joffra Archer, Jos Buttler. All the teams will have such impactful foreign players.

So, as a backup, they will go for few lesser-known commodities. Thats how ratio works.

Particularly, this being the 4th year auction for the same team existing Tell me one Indian Superstar who was auctioned this year. Name one.

Dont ask me, dude. I just explained the question that a fan asked us. I get it. Its a supply and demand issue.

In every mini-auction, prices will be little skewed. Because, supply will be less and demand will be more.

Because all the teams can fill only one or two slots.

Will Jalaj Saxena get a game in Kings XI?

I am desperately praying that he gets a game. He is not my friend or close acquittance or anything.

What was the question?

Will Jalaj Saxena get a game or not?

Why are you bringing Lord Ganesh for this and why does coconut come into picture? Just say yes or no.

Thats why I gave an explanation. It is difficult, Ash. Their combination is such that Not many know his batting exploits.

He bats really well. If used properly, he is a 2 in 1 package and gives everything on the field as well.

But I still feel, he might not start. But you never know. Its going to be a difficult choice.

He is a player from a different team. So, I cant comment on that. PDogg, you go.

He has scored 400 runs almost every year. Few never perform in domestic games but come IPL, they get into different form altogether. I dont want to mention names.

There are many players like that. Raina is someone who wakes up from his sleep and if he wears yellow jersey, he becomes a lion.

So, I expect him to do well. Particularly, when he has got a very, very average SMAT.

The fire will be burning in him.

He knows the responsibility that he has got particularly with the team they have got. So, I expect him to do well.

Final words before we close the show. Thank you for joining us everyone. I am sure you would have enjoyed.

You might have enjoyed the auctions, as well. Highly entertaining. All teams were happy because they have got what they wanted.

But most happy has to be me. All the players I hyped up got sold. I am so happy.

Prasanna, I am also happy that you got most of your predictions wrong.

I am the winner of the Grand Master competition, right?

Obviously. To be honest, to get the domestic players like Ripal Patel right has to be top work.

And I have got to give it to you.

And I told Aaron Finch will go unsold and you never give me credit for those predictions. Matthew Wade as well.

I can only read the question as I play for a different team.

Thank you so much for joining us. Clearly, when it comes to Auction predictions, Ash is the winner.

You guys mention in the community whether you guys genuinely feel that I am the winner or whether it should be Prasanna.

Prasanna or Ashwin? That JIPPA guy (Rambo Rajkumar) or this white t-shirt guy?

You guys mention that in our community. Thank you so much for joining us. Hope you all enjoyed the show.

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