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alright guys this is Acer of Spades team BLA state 268 we are number one this is my

last shelter survival s two heroes the complete breakdown I'm super excited

I've wrote everything out I'm gonna give you guys the best possible information

but first I want to go ahead and send out an invitation guys xxx gaming is

really evolving we got a lot going on I'm actually looking for additional

content creators I'm gonna put all my contact information down from Instagram

to Facebook to the absolute website please contact me if you're interested

whether you do ke videos or whether you do an entirely different game we are

evolving and expanding we would love to hear from you next I just want to let

you know guys that I own a couple apps now - there's a few things going on man

we got a lot coming up so please like I said just make sure you shout out and

put things in the comment section below if you have any questions on this video

especially let's go ahead and get started so obviously continuing the hero

series I will present to you with doomsday season 2 heroes what you need

to know who or what to avoid and how these heroes will help you benefit in

the game as season 2 starts guys you will see that they add six additional

heroes from your normal list and you see I got a list of almost everything now

because we're in Eden you're going to have on that list are two for shooters

two heroes for fighters two heroes for vehicles now I'm gonna go ahead and go

through all of these but the vehicle heroes take a major lead with these next

few seasons so hopefully through the efforts of coz and the united state you

are hopefully base 25 at this point we're really really close to it and with

that you're getting a lot of super tickets and from the clash of Zone

victories so why does all this matter well you're gonna get season two like

with season 1 Limited recruitment guys huge way to get duplicates only place

outside of a you know only reliable sources gold tickets and obviously only

on hero day because you want to maximize your points all this I say like with

season 1 heroes your best s two heroes are the ones that you unlock so let's go

ahead and deep dive into these heroes one by one

and let's get the on that hopefully you've seen my s1 breakdown that'll put

me in the description below and like I said with s1 heroes I called them active

augmentis right because of their active skills that they introduced in the game

well with season 2 heroes I call them status effectors so these

heroes truly start to change the battle as we know it and s2 and s3 can give

some serious combos so let's go ahead and introduce the next six one by one

with the vehicles you're going to have the option of having the Panther as well

as Captain I enough with shooters you gain the Inquisitor as well as the

executioner and with fighters you gain the night and Viscount both incredible

this is major major upgrade for all three but the greatest change is with

vehicles with fighters the least and shooters right in between so let's go

ahead and start with fighters first up of course we have the night and the

highlights is the first stackable skill gets introduced that's called Ocelot

blade and will increase their power or their damage rather once every turn by

10% that's huge then you have Def Lotus which is going to give you 40% but will

attack six times to one enemy squad but selects a random one dealing 162 percent

damage not bad at all and then finally of course that wonderful attack will be

a chance of dealing 160 percent to two random squads and dealing 80 percent

damage every time you cast combat skills 14 turns now that's really really good

but you'll notice the percentages are exceptionally low and unfortunately Def

Lotus also only has a 40% but also when they prep I mean effectively making it

20% when you really look at it that way so what you'll start to see now is curse

status that she alone has started to bring into the game the night in my

opinion is definitely not a bad addition but then we have Viscount all right now

Viscount in my opinion he looks really really cool but here's what we got going

on you'll notice that he is only going to give you a

percent chance of buffing every turn which means he kind of does it every

other turn and if that happens it says that you're going to take 50% fewer

damage these turns but the Hero Squad has a 35% chance to

counter-attack when attacked and deal a hundred and ninety percent damage you

see all of that sounds really fancy but ultimately the real issue is it's only a

35% chance to counter-attack one basic attack that's really not that often and

then even then it's only a 50% chance to even be in that state in other words

even though it works it kind of doesn't then he seems to debuff your entire

squad by minus 45 percent damage for the first three turns but then you take a

reduction of only 20% and starting on the fourth turn you can increase the

combat skill by 20% until the end of the battle that 20% increase isn't going to

really do it and by the time you get there especially going up against the

vehicles or shooters you're probably in trouble now with unyielding will I mean

it's not the worst thing in the world and it says it's gonna do three random

enemy skills in the effective range but again you're down to that 30% mark again

and even so you only do 203 percent damage and even if you get that

vulnerable status that they're talking about again had a 30% active skill rate

you're only gonna get an additional 20% damage and it only lasts for one round

which means he may or may not even do it in battle and if he does he's only going

to be effective on that on one hit now in the defense of these fighters I do

need to say fighters whole strategy is to work late game and in most cases they

have enough resistance to do that but the issue is with these beastly shooters

and vehicles it might be too late by that time and sadly the percentages are

way too low to depend on it with these 2's to heroes

therefore I put fighters increase in the least place and I also give this count

the least effective s to hero for this video so personally please please

comment down below if you think another hero is somehow worse oh if I'm looking

at this wrong but the fact is he's not gonna be as effective as we would like

him to be all in all you can definitely go ahead and pair them

with either militant which I'm a huge fan of of course light of the past never

goes wrong and again I'm a huge fan of the Janissary too so if you get those

you put any of those in the front row dare and let them do what they do and

hopefully you'll do pretty well so things get a lot more exciting with

shooters so I'm really excited about talking about them they were early on

considered these strongest of the three groups see s2 and s3 dramatically start

to change this and even worse once you get to s3 so as to shooter heroes the

Inquisitor and the executioner really doing really really good job so let's

start with the Inquisitor the gentleman you see before you guys is an absolute

beast let's go ahead and start talking about what exactly he does see when it

comes to judgment of justice you do have a prep and it's only a 30% chance so you

know I'm not a fan of low chances but whenever he does he's gonna attack all

three squads he's gonna do 246 percent of that damage and he's also going to

get a 1.5 percent increase for his hero level so you obviously want to max him

out by using XP or killing zombies but then they will enter into a disarm

status and at that point they are unable to perform normal attacks lasting for

two turns now though prep and the 30% chance really ruined that but again that

is absolutely exceptional especially going against vehicles right so clearly

that really hurts vehicles who clearly lean on normal attacks and we're gonna

go over them next when we're done now the next one it says that he's going to

take care of three enemy squads on this and for the first three turns he's gonna

increase the damage that is caused by shooters about 50% now that's really

really big cuz shooters are already super strong so doing that and having

consistency without any percentages it's going to happen is absolutely incredible

and then finally and this is one of the most important things with this he is

going to perform the suppress status now this is absolutely incredible they do

have to be flammable but if that happens they are unable to

take actions for two terms we're not talking about stopping normal attacks

we're not talking about stopping only combat skills we're talking about them

not being able to move period and there is no prep on it so even though 35% he

at least has that really good option of doing that and he's gonna do exceptional

damage while he's doing it so by himself lackluster because he

needs somebody to create the flammable status for him but that's where his

partner-in-crime comes in the executioner and she kind of cute too

looking like a little decked out moulin or something like that man but yes up to

y'all to decide the executioner still clearly is made to help the Inquisitor

see she signs because she has two skills that will ignite the enemy making them

flammable this has been confirmed to be one in the same so you guys know as well

as burning status as well and you'll see that in additional heroes in future

videos so she can attack all three squads with her first skill if there is

a prep in only 30% but when that happens she will go ahead and inflict ignite to

the enemy and that's gonna last two turns obviously helping the Inquisitor

next up terrifying presence now this is absolutely credible because this is

gonna cause major damage see what she's gonna do and she's gonna dramatically

reduce two enemy squads damage 75% guys it's like they're not even hurting you

anymore and has a 90% chance to put the enemy in silent status which means they

can't use combat skills now combat skills are huge and heavy for fighters

and even vehicles somewhat lean on that but that means she's almost always going

to do it at 90 percent rate this is way higher rates than the fighter combos

that we saw earlier then of course last but not least who's got a 35% chance to

attack all squads during 135 percent damage and also given that ignite status

guys receiving on another 142 percent damage outside of what the inquisitors

on top of that going to do again this is absolutely incredible you're gonna want

to do them in the first I mean second and third row because of their ranges

and you would if it were me I'd pair them with a professional and of course

if you have this Cincinnatus glow guys and you obviously want to do that so now

finally guys the MVP of this video of my personal opinion for this season will be

the vehicles my boy captain iron off right here right see he starts dealing

with what we talked about with those normal attacks which you know normal

attacks are happening every single round therefore creating a lot of consistency

see his first skill after any normal attack happens there's going to be a 40%

chance to cause two attacks on a random enemy squad within range which

everything is in his range by the way and they're gonna do a whopping 348

percent damage by the way times two for the hero levels max him out he's gonna

do some serious damage and each one of them is independent calculation that's

important because some of them only affect the first attack right and some

of them have a reduction on that first attack and he counters that by doing it

independently next also right after a normal attack there's a 34% chance to do

465 percent damage to a random enemy squad and you're gonna get that silent

status again which the means they can't do combat skills for one turn huge now

this is where it gets interesting he just passively automatically takes a

friendly squad meaning the one he's in and simply increases their damage by 80%

not about twenty thirty fifty percent eighty percent all the time it's

ridiculous now for some people all of that might seem underwhelming at first

but then enters our good friend Panther to further enhance this combo with

normal attacks so the first thing he's gonna do in that very first round is all

our squad normal attacks again right that's our highlight as a passive scope

are increased by eighty percent so that's I mean come on you guys get it

right now that doesn't decrease by a quarter meaning drops down by twenty

percent each round further but again vehicles are going first they're going

fast and that is HUGE right up front so then right after that as you can see

they are going to do with Stampede the first three turns they're gonna have a

seventy percent chance to go into the sputtering state and

this is really really huge this is two different squads that are gonna have a

normal attack that deal one hundred and sixty percent damage hopefully I enough

by the way and they are going to do that to any enemy targets behind the original

target now that's a huge huge point why the Panther needs to be in the second

row so that's going to maximize his effect cuz he'll always hit the first

row because he has a range of two therefore allowing him to have a

sputtering state hit the two back rows behind that first row alright now this

is going to have a major major effect on the last skill that he asked for combat

see that first three turns of battle the front row of vehicles again also telling

you why he needs to be in second row so he can affect the front row are also

going to have a 70% chance to enter into counter-attack state much higher than a

counter-attack states given by the fighters and he's going to deal 250

percent returned damage from the source of the basic attack that's absolutely

huge now there's more than one reason why they become the MVP because clearly

if you can execute a fully decked out shooter pair you're going to have no

problem at all but why did I choose vehicles there are several of several

reasons you have a higher chance of success with almost everything they do

and they're way more consistent with working together all day long even

starting from their first skills alright so that's a really big deal second

vehicles go first guys what we didn't talk about so far is what happens when

you're awakening them you're gonna increase vehicle speed by a

hundred and if you take that along with the buildings along with other

technology you're going to have a unrivaled combat speed along with those

vehicle speeds which means if vehicles growing first any status effect that

they can do they have a much higher chance of doing it because they get the

first opportunity to perform that so if you get hit with the vehicles first then

you get that status effect it completely destroys any plan you might have had so

combat speed now becomes a very very huge difference in battle and most

things are balanced but the major difference really does become in

whoever is disabled Silas or suppressed first so that's really how you lose at

higher levels finally guys s3 heroes obviously that video is coming soon and

those combos will get absolutely ugly so if you pair these two major major guys

with either razor the Falcon or the flash if you have them you will

absolutely start succeeding in a jingly with your vehicles guys I hope this

information is even remotely helpful please comment a section below if you

feel like I didn't talk about something misspoke about something or if I'm

completely wrong about this count I'm just not a fan of them I really think

the Panther and I not really kick butt so please do that and like I promised in

my s1 video I'm gonna go ahead now and open up my seasonal tickets I haven't

done this let's see what s2 heroes Ace of Spades is gonna get so I'll go to

recruit I'm gonna go over here I can obviously go for season X heroes but it

ain't here all day sorry you do it and this is season 2 let's see what we get

all right first that's war hound this is just a regular recruitments and

destroyeth cool now I got four of these tickets come on Who am I getting I got

the Panther that's my boy there we go all right Forsaken 1 come on Captain

idled haha yes and executioner I did not get miss cow I did not get the night I

didn't wanna and I got a duplicate for the executioner now we're frickin

talking and I'm gonna go into s2 legendary recruitment now that was

incredible let's see what we got ah fuck this gown excuse my lips and the night

horrible and duplicate Panther I'll take that I can't believe I just curse I

don't have to bleep that out alright guys as you can see that was exciting

for me man I'm really excited to go ahead and open Panther up get the

executioner really going and yeah now I have some s two heroes to play with man

so we're gonna see what we got going on here guys like and subscribe ace of

spades and I'm signing up

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