Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Antibody Reliability

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- Our lab trusts CST because we get pretty reliable

results from their antibodies,

so it lets us trust the data

that we're able to get from them.

- I can be confident that what I'm looking for

is actually what I'm getting out of it

and I can publish my results and be sure

that other people can reproduce what I've done

without having to start over and trial and trial again.

- Cell Signaling Technology, it means quality for me

and very good results, specific bands, specific results.

So you can always trust CST antibodies.

- I've been using Cell Signaling Technology

for years and they have very reliable products.

If they sell an antibody, we know that

it's either going to work, which is usually the case,

or the rare instance where it doesn't,

we always get a credit or a new lot or help using it.

- I think CST does a good job

producing antibodies that I can trust

and feel like are validated.

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The Description of Antibody Reliability