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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Express Yourself in English (Writing) - Part 1

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if you have a good story you have to

tell it in any way that you can many

famous people that I know don't do

writing when they have to share the

story to a wider audience be it a book

or a blog nowadays you can do many

things online to express yourself

through writing you can create blogs

websites comment on articles videos

forums etc and to do all of these you

need not only some basic English writing

skills but also you need to know how to

make sentences in a cohesive way so that

anyone who reads it can understand what

you're trying to convey so writing in

English properly is an important skill

to acquire if you truly want to

experience everything that the Internet

has to offer and also to improve where

writing is involved in your personal

life like exams or writing emails or

even your personal journals but first

and foremost the most important skill

that you need to acquire even before

putting your pen to paper is being able

to express your thoughts properly in

words and sentences that's the only way

to make your pen move seamlessly as your

thoughts flow from your head seamlessly

here means smoothly and continuously

with no gaps and spaces I - we are and

welcome dear people to this lesson on

how to express yourself through writing

so what makes a good writer I have come

up with some points for you on what is

needed for you to be a good writer the

first point is you must have good

grammar skills by that I don't mean you

should memorize every grammar lesson

that you can find but what I mean is if

you are able to think of sentence and

convey the same in your writing with the

same meaning

then you are a good writer your goal

should be to get the right message

across and sometimes when you miss a

comma or miss a word the entire meaning

of a sentence could change so this is an

important skill to acquire to be a good

writer the second point is you need to

be able to put relevant sentences

together so that they form a meaningful

paragraph for a passage if you are

writing about a particular topic this

rule applies there always convey the

matter in a way that is understandable

understandable make it as easy as

possible without using jargon or

complicated words I think I've already

covered the third point we'll explaining

the second point just now the fact that

you need to have some knowledge about

the subject matter if you're going to

write about it in your own words

actually you can try and exercise where

you can read or watch something and then

try writing it in your own words for

example if you witnessed an incident

today like you saw a cool bird or an

insect or a flower anything you can take

a picture and write about it and share

it somewhere online or you can write

about your views on a news article to

the editor of your favorite newspaper

there are a ton of ways how you can

share your knowledge and improve your

writing so to be a good writer know the

subject matter to a certain level the

final point is to keep in mind who you

are writing for the person or the group

of people who will be reading your

writing if you are writing for yourself

like your journal or diary then it

doesn't matter how you write it

but when you're writing for a particular

group of people and it's a formal

setting then make sure you don't sound

really casual like how you would write

to a friend make sure you do your

homework by editing and proofreading

your work before published

you're writing but if you ask me in one

sentence I would say as long as you are

able to get your thoughts down on the

paper in proper sentences and as long as

the other person is able to understand

it without having to decipher it like

cracking a code then you are already

doing a fairly good job at writing

decipher here means they are trying to

interpret or decode what you're written

and some people never tell you this but

when you're writing on a paper do mind

your handwriting else even if you have

managed to do a good job at writing the

sentences down perfectly nobody is going

to be able to read it unless your

handwriting is illegible so mine the way

you write your individual letters the

more you write in practice the better

your handwriting is going to be let's

look at the common mistakes people make

when writing before I tell you how you

can avoid them and improve your writing

so I have noticed these five common

mistakes I have noticed spelling

mistakes using the wrong words not using

a comma or using comma in the wrong

place ignoring these silent letters and

using really long sentences let's first

look at the common spelling mistakes

which are quite prominent when writing

oftentimes I have seen people get

confused with the words that have

multiple M's multiple R's multiple C's

and any word that has the same letter

occurring in succession by that I mean

one after the other I used to get

confused myself but make sure you're

careful when writing such words for

example the word tomorrow where people

are often confused with how many M's and

R's need to be in there the correct word

only 1m and two R's some other examples

of words where letters occur in

succession are embarrassed beginning

business disappear generally grammar

necessary occasion and success I am

reading from this box where I have

numbered it as one I hope you can see it

it's on the right side and then we have

the words that either have IE + e i in

their spelling an example is believe

where we have IE and another example is

deceived where we have e i and receive

where we also have yay i hope you can

see that in box number 2 which is also

on the right so keep in mind that

whenever you have words which sound like

c in the middle such as conceive

perceive or receive deceive it's always

e I and other words that don't have C in

the middle usually have the spelling ie

in the middle such as hygiene to leave

achieve then we have words where we

often get confused with whether we need

to put an A or an E in them for example

this word confident I used to always get

confused with the word confident and I

just get frustrated with the fact that

every time I wrote this word I put an A

instead of an e then what I did was I

took the dent out of confident and

related that to a dentist and then I

could remember it perfectly whenever I

wanted to write the word confident in my

sentences here confident with an e means

to be assured positive having confidence

in all of that while the word confident

with an A

he has a whole another meaning confidant

means a person whom you trust very much

and who is like a close friend who never

shares your secrets with others so

confident and confidant should never be

confused with each other while writing

so you can try to make up some story

just so that you can remember the

spelling of a particular word while

writing if you just can't remember the

spelling of a word i suggest you google

it and check it out and then try to

practice saying it out loud and then

find a way to remember the spelling

correctly but I know it can sometimes be

challenging to remove the spelling

because I have been there myself and

making funny stories out of the words

can actually help you initially to

remember their spelling another example

would be the word beginning where there

is one G and two ends so one way to

remember is using this sentence beg for

an inning where beg obviously has one G

and inning is something related to

cricket with two ends so hopefully you

can remember it that we can come up with

some interesting stories yourself next

we have the words where we often get

confused with between s and C or s and Z

sometimes this can get really really

confusing even for me

in the word criticize the correct

spelling is with a C in the middle and

not an S that's how criticize needs to

be spelled

similarly exercise has size in the end

and not size

I hope you can see in the box number

four where I have spelled exercise for

you some

exceptions are the words fantasize

realize sanitize optimize agonize wear

either as or Z can be used to spell it

and both are correct S or Z in these

words it has something to do with the

way the people in the US and Canada

spell it differently from the British

and vice versa so you can use either ze

or s in such cases and that's perfectly

fine then we have the words where we

miss the letters while writing just

because they are silent one example is

the word government where a letter n is


similarly we sometimes fail to include

the letter D in knowledge and in the

word receipt the letter P is silent

hence it's pronounced as receipt then

while writing truly never include and

e'en there it's not T ru e ly but truly

trul why I have given all the words in

box number five then we have lying where

often there is a confusion whether it is

a Y or an IE in the spelling there's no

word lying with an IE like Li e ing is

is wrong similarly dying is always with

a Y and not ie di e ing dying with an IE

is commonly used when you're referring

to cutting something a die cut is

usually done by a machine that is used

for cutting something so when referring

to death it should always be dy ing with

a Y so be careful with your spellings

while writing to be a good writer we

will continue with our common mistakes

in writing in

next lesson be sure to stick around and

learn with me how you can express better

through your writing thank you and see

you around

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