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'Behind every mind-blowing story...'

'...are some pretty bad decisions.'

'I must have heard Grandpa say this.'

'He keeps saying these things.'

'I guess this is how it looks from there.'

'And from here...'

'Look at all of them charging towards me.'

'Now if I turn around and start running in the same direction...'

'...they would probably not even remember that they were charging towards me.'

'I don't understand their emergency.'

'I am right here.'

'What if they trip and fall?'

"This was bound to happen."

'Let's begin.'

"Break it... Break it..."

"Break it... Break it..."

"Break a leg, break an arm, break a jaw."

"Break a head. Break it."

"I am the man who feels no pain."

"Haven't I told you this?"

"I am the man who feels no pain."

"Break it."

"Shatter it."

"Break it."

"Shatter it."


' should keep drinking water.'

'If not?'

'I can get dehydrated.'

'And if you get dehydrated?'

'Easy Surya, easy.'

"Break it... Break it..."

"Break it... Break it..."

"Haven't I told you this?"

"I am the man who feels no pain."

'I wanted a normal child.'

'Why did you come back?'

'You must train. You must train very hard.'

'One day you'll become the Karate Man.'

'The Destroyer of Evil!'

'Life recap.'

'Oh, shit! I am dying.'

'I am dying of dehydration.'

'I shouldn't have stopped drinking water.'

'But why are my brain cells replaying my life... some stale 90's music video?'

'I think they can do better.'

'And, from the very beginning.'

"It's a challenge"

"It's a challenge"

'What place is this?'

'I've never been here before.'

'This boy isn't me.'




'And me? Aah, there I am.'

Is It time? Shall we head to the hospital?

Fritters. - Huh!


Can I get it in at Intermission? - No, right now.

Since you're getting fritters for her, get me an egg sandwich.

Don't you want me to watch the movie?

I'll tell you the story later.

And Sosyo. - Sosyo?

Me too.

I clearly asked you two before the movie started.

Why didn't you speak up then? - Shut up, man!

Sorry. Sorry.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Sorry.

Hey... Buzz off!

You shut up.

"I am not going to spare anyone."

"I will break everyone's pride."

Hey... - It's all right, she will handle it.

"I am not going to spare anyone."

"I will break everyone's..."

"It's a challenge"

"It's a challenge"

'I think that was too dramatic. That's not how it happened.'

'Fine, no cheating in the flashback.'

"I will break everyone's pride."

"It's a challenge"

Hey... - It's all right, she will handle it.

"It's a challenge"

'How dare you abuse my mother? Stay there, here I come!'

Fritter? Sosyo? - Hospital!

Turn on the lights!

'A Terminator was sent from the future to kill me.'

'Because in the future when the machines take over...'

'...I am the one who saves the world.'

'Well, my mom terminated the Terminator.'

'It should've been like this. Sorry, this never happened either.'

"I'm going to sing my song."

"Make the whole world listen."

"I am going to cast my spell."

"Make everyone dance to my tunes."

"Wherever I go..."

"...I spread my zest everywhere."

"Wherever I go..."

"...I spread my zest everywhere."

"Whoever dares to challenge me."

"Won't live to the day."

'And then we lived happily ever after.'

"No one's like me..."

"It's a challenge."

Let go of her. Hey...

Let go of her. - What are you doing?

Let go!

Let go. - Hurry up, Jimmy.

Let go. - Hurry up.

Father! - Father!

Pull it, Jimmy, quickly.

Hurry up. Hurry up. - Let go. Let go.

'I wish I could say this never happened.'

'But this is how it happened.'

'In the next few years, the city witnessed riots and bomb blasts.'

'And everyone forgot about those petty chain-snatchers.'

No, sir. I am not sleeping. My son is sleeping.

That's why I am talking slowly. Okay.

I'll be there on time. Okay, bye.

'Hands and legs tied up, and goggles on my face.'


'Well, I can explain, why?'

'But it does sound better when a doctor explains it.'

See, most kids don't even survive post four years...

...with Congenital Insensitivity to Pain.

It's a medical miracle.

He's alive.

'It's a rare medical condition. You can Google it later.'

You people should be looking happy.


Doctor, I wanted a normal child.

But I got this 'Mowgli' instead?

Leave that alone.

Does he call you 'Bagheera'?

Then why do you call him 'Mowgli'?

See, doctor. My father-in-law.

He's spoiling my kid by getting him addicted to movies.

It's important to explain it to him, the meaning of pain.

But instead you give him orders like sit down, don't get up, close your eyes...

...don't move your legs, don't move your hands.

Is he a robot?

You don't have to control him.

You have to care for him. Tell him.

In fact, this condition is being studied in the US as well.

But there's been no breakthrough.


Look Surya, when you get hurt like this... must react by saying 'Ouch'!

What? - Ouch.

Ouch! - Ouch!

Take that. - Ouch!

Ouch! - Ouch.

'Like they say, 'Men don't feel pain!'

'They don't know.'

'But insensitivity to pain is not a superpower.'

'In fact, it's a medical condition.'

One ouch.

Two ouch.

Three ouch.


'If I end up with a broken leg, head, eye, nose, or ear.'

'Whatever breaks, I'll never know.'

'In fact, not even low BP, high BP or even a heart attack.'

'I feel nothing.'

'Grandpa made sure that I was never ruffled because of my condition.'

'And he trained me in such a way...'

' I would know every bone, muscle and nerve in my body.'

'And I could fix anything that's broken.'

'Find a solution to any situation.'

'At an age when kids were trying to deal with puberty...'

'...I was trying to understand the concept of 'Ouch.'

Surya is a loser. Surya is a loser.

I've heard that you don't feel pain.

'Children are pure at heart. The apple of everyone's eye.'

'Anyone who believed this, I am sure, had never been to school.'

Hit him. Hit him. Catch him.

Catch him.

Ouch! - You're done for today.

"I am not scared of tigers."

"But cockroaches do send a shiver down my spine."

"You're not Mr. India."

Supri is here. - Supri!

'My best friend.'

'If I am Fire!'

'She's a Tornado!'

Why are you crying?

You saved my life.


Don't hit anyone with a bat the next time.

Use your hands instead.

'Supri was actually a very timid kid.'

'But if anyone tried to mess with me... She would turn into the Hulk!'

"Here we come..."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"In dark alleys and deserted streets."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"You be ready with your laser."

Look at this drunkard!

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"With dragons stashed away."

'We were thrown out of school...'

'...but they still wouldn't leave us alone.'

Supri, jump. - 'It was us against the world.'

Watch me.


Supri, you don't know your own strength.

You're 100 times stronger than me.


'Supri felt pain.'

'But she never said Ouch.'

Supri's drunk father is here. - Let's run away.

You need to be wacked.

Move. - Papa.

'My Supri...' - Let's go.

Surya... - 'She always stood up for others...'


'...but never for herself.' - Surya.

'And I never understood why.' - Supri...

Shoot lasers from your eyes and blow him up!

"For you..."

"For you..."

Good evening.

Young Master.

We'll have to fix this now. Get this out first.

Here. Now wear this.

What is this?


It's magic.

Like Drunken Master's wine.

Samurai's Sword.

Jedi's Lightsaber.

Bruce Lee's Nunchaku.

This is your Water-Backpack.


You must keep drinking water.

If not?

I will get dehydrated.

And if you get dehydrated?

Then what should you do?


Surya, did you complete the homework your father gave you?

First, I must save Supri from her evil father.

Look, your studies are more important than Supri.


When you're not around. And, father's not around.

Supri protects me...

...from the whole world.

Just like your mother.

Was mother just like me?

Did she train in Kung Fu too?

Then who killed her?

Look, Surya...

...if you want to defeat Supri's father, then you must train harder.

You're not ready yet.

First, finish your homework, and then I'll teach you.

I know what to do.

Give me all the action movies you have.

Yes, of course. Take all the VHS away.

And anyway, it's a time for DVDs.

'I thought I'll train by watching all the action movies.'

'It will help me defeat Supri's evil father.'


Surya, I am going to get angry now. Enough.

Grandpa, this is the last one. Mother promise.

100-Man Fight?


What's a 100-Man Fight?


'That one-legged karate man was knocking out every fighter.'

'Bam! Wham! Pow!'

'I had seen every action movie there was.'

'But had never seen anything like this.'

'Every time he punched, I am sure there would have been a loud OUCH!'

Hey... stop!


Okay. - Go!

Ready. Go!


What happened?

What happened?

I want to be the 100-Man Fighter.

Now, I'm going to save Supri.

'Behind every mind-blowing story...'

'...are some pretty bad decisions.'



Supri! What are you doing there?

I thought the door is closed.

Yes, but what are you doing here?

My mom's in danger.

My dad stole her gold chain.

Don't worry, now I can fight 100 men.

Dad said that...

...if she doesn't give him the gold chain, he will kill her...

...just like those chain-snatchers killed your mom.

'Supri's father was no longer just an evil father.'

'He was a chain-snatcher.'

'And because my mother was killed by a chain-snatcher.'

'Supri and I swore...'

' rid the city of chain-snatchers un, dos, tres, kaboom!'

Supri, wear it.

Hey, chain-snatcher!

Uncle... Uncle...

Hey, chain-snatcher!

Should we jump, or should we wait for that thief?

I don't want to jump.

Hey, I am coming. Stay there.

He called me a thief.

He called me a thief. - Get lost.

What is it?

He is such a slowpoke.


Come down. Come down.

'I am the Destroyer of Evil.'

'Flames of Justice.'

'Arrest him.'


Hey, what's going on?

Apologize. Apologize now.

This is an attempt to murder. Someone call the police.

'According to our neighbors...'

'...I was a beast, a killer, a terrorist.'

'Danger to everyone.'

'They said if we didn't leave they would call the police.'

'I would have to do time in jail.'

'But there was a bit of confusion here, I was the hero in this situation...'

' how did I become a villain?'

Are you trying to be a hero?

Want to be jailed?

Not a hero, Karate Man.



Why don't you feel anything?

Do you understand? Do you understand murder?

Someone could've died today.

Why did you let Mom's killers escape?



'Am I wrong about everything, Grandpa?'

'I even broke the promise I made to Supri.'

'What about Supri now?'

'She must be waiting for me.'

'Look, Surya, you must fulfill your father's wishes first...'

'...and then your promise.'

Your father's not wrong.

If anything happens to you...

...then you won't be able to keep your promise anyway.

So am I wrong?

'At your age, there is no right or wrong.'

'When I was your age, I wanted to fight the British.'

'I was obsessed about meeting Netaji, my Leader.'

'Joining the Indian National Army. Defeating the British.'

'I ran away from home.'

'But in spite of all my efforts, I couldn't find Netaji.'

'One day I found out that Netaji was in Japan.'

'So I went to Japan.'

'Then he went to Germany. And I followed him to Germany.'

Ouch! - 'On foot, or by bus.'

'Or by sneaking in cargo ships.'

'I made it there.'

'Finally, when I met Netaji.'

'He looked at me, I looked at him.'

'He embraced me, heard my story.'

'And said...'

'...Give this idiot some food or he will die.'

'I looked at myself.'

'I had reduced to a bag of bones.'

'I had spent all my energy trying to find Netaji.'

'Completely wasted.'

Grandpa, I thought I'll become the 100 man fighter.

But I couldn't even beat four.

'It takes 15-20 years to learn martial arts.'

A couple of weeks is not good enough.

Today you lost to a couple of guys.

But don't worry.

You must train. You must train hard.

One day you'll become the Karate Man.

And you will catch the chain-snatcher.

Does the chain-snatcher's gang have more than 100 people?

How does it matter? Be it 100 or 200.

You must train.

But you must train in secrecy.

No one must know.

Code word; Stealth Ninja Cat.

Stealth Ninja Cat? - Yes. Code word.

Stealth Ninja Cat.

Here you go.


Surya! - Yes.

He's sleeping.

Why did you let him go out? - He's resting.

Where were you? How did he go out? - I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

But... - Come with me.

Surya... - Come on. Come with me.

How did he go out? - Let me explain.

How could you let him go out? - Slowly... slowly...

He's scared.


I had told you to stop your hippie and pop philosophies.

Let him settle down. - Settle.

You know what... Just leave us. You leave us.

Leave? - Yes.

But this is my house.


You raised your daughter on your philosophies.

Even I liked her the way she was.

But it's not possible to live like that practically.

Which is why...

...she is no longer with us.

I have lost her, and now I don't want to lose Surya.

A person can't live the way he thinks...

...certain rules and laws have to be followed.

One has to live within these boundaries.

And Surya must follow them too, or else my son will die.

He will die...

Surya, did you cut your nails?

Very good.

Surya, breakfast?


Surya, geometry test in 15 minutes.


Very good. No maintenance for this month.

Surya, sleep.

Get up!

'Grandpa once said.'

'Bruce Lee neither knew how to swim nor drive a car properly.'

'He even had poor eyesight.'

'In fact, he used to get epileptic seizures as a kid.'

'But he became what he was destined to be.'

'Karate Man had only one leg.'

'But still, he knocked out 100 men.'

'Most people have trouble starting out.'

'Some have to start from a complete breakdown.'

'But that's just the beginning.'

'You've to write your own story after that.'

'And I am already writing mine, and it's absolutely mind-blowing.'

'But I am doing it like a Ninja Cat.'

"Shaolin sky..."

"Shaolin sky..."

"I can take you like a Ninja when the lights are dim."

"You'll fall to your face before I count to ten."

"I can slice you on the side when it's enterin'"

"you'll be too busy choosing words of Mandarin."

"And if you're playing a game like a Samurai"

"you'll be in the dust before you ask why."

"I just hope that you're awake when I give you the taste"

"of 2000 fists from the Shaolin sky."

"Here we come..."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Here we come..."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Here we come..."

"Shaolin sky...

"Here we come..."

"Like a panther from the past unknown..."

"Too quick to be real, a hallucination."

"I can flick you off like a fly in a whisker."

"For one each punch from the animal kingdom."

"You got a kung fu hustle, I've got a five-point punch."

"So I could eat avocados in the Sunday brunch."

You only think of a few thousands fists from...

"Here we come..."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Here we come..."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Here we come..."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Here we come..."

"Shaolin sky..."

Surya, in this stage of life you should be interested in Mia Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa.

Not Bruce Lee.

Wait a minute.

I want this.

Cheap. - Look.

Shut up.

Grandpa, please.


"Shaolin sky..."

"Do everything in secrecy."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Do everything in secrecy."

"Do everything in secrecy."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Do everything in secrecy."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Do everything in secrecy."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Do everything in secrecy."

"Shaolin sky..."

"Shaolin sky..."

How long will you keep humming Ringa Ringa Roses?

You're a grownup now. Time to wake up.

Eww, Grandpa.

What 'eww'.

Guys who say 'eww' end up having 15 kids in a row.


You have a one-track mind.

Where to? - I can't...

Taking your car for a spin, huh!


Your son goes to the toilet 10 times every day.

His car is running at full throttle.

He's matured.

You should let him see the world.


...I wanted to talk to you.

Your car's running at full throttle too.


You know that.


She wants to meet Surya.

She's been chewing my brains.

So let them meet.

Won't he feel awkward?

I kept him locked up in here for so long, while I was...

Don't you think he will be...

No, no... Just tell him, he will understand.

But how do I explain it to him?

Surya, he wants to have a chat about your stepmother.


Why? Why are you doing this? - It's pretty simple.

When man and woman have agreed, who is Surya to poke his nose?


Do you think Surya will tell her that he has had a very good life?

Yes. Yes.

Be honest with me. Am I a bad person?

No, no. Not at all.


You knew about the circumstances. - Yes.

You don't get tense. Chill. Chill.

You know, I am not able to perform.

Thank you.

No problem. You're fine. No problem.

Dad... are we going to the market tomorrow?

Here, keep this.

Buy whatever you like, clothes, shoes, anything.

When you go to meet her tomorrow...

...choose some nice words.

Like 'mother-like mother'.

'Companion for your father'.

Don't use words like 'Romance' or 'Affair'.

It can have a negative influence on the child.

I know. I know.

I'll tell him, your father needs sex!

"One-two! Two-two! Three-two! Four-two!"

"Five-two! Six-two! Seven-two! Eight-two! Let's do it together..."

I don't want her to feel that I am a paranoid man.

'I guess I was waiting to be free for so long...'

'...that I completely forgot that I've been waiting for this day.'

'But now that I have this freedom, what do I do?'


'What did India do with 70 years of independence?'

What are you thinking about?

Grandpa, what did India achieve in 70 years since independence?

What did it achieve?

Sir, what did India achieve in 70 years?

I shouldn't say this probably...

...because I am just a cabby with an opinion...

but what I want to...

No, don't say it.

I don't like opinions, don't tell me.

Will you stay quiet for a minute?

Okay. - I want to make an urgent call.

Hello, I can't take Surya to meet Nandini.


Because he's not ready.

But you told me.

Then listen...

Stop calling me after every five minutes.

Where have I reached? Where have I reached?

Please, after two hours then.

Okay, okay, after two hours.

Okay. - Please, after two hours.

What happened?

Come, let's return to innocence.


Are they going to raze this building?

It's an old building. They will build a new one.

It's called redevelopment.

Come, sit.

Just a minute.

Even humans should undergo periodic redevelopment.

It's a good thing.

Listen, we must go meet Nandini after this.


She's the one Dad keeps chatting with all night.

Isn't she?

You know.

Your father is planning to marry her.


Your father is a nice man.

Are you angry?

Should I be?

I don't know.


Where are you going?


I brought you here so that you can vent your anger.


Listen... Just say whatever is on your mind.


Free your mind.

Where are you?

Whatever you want to say.

Say it from there.

Say it aloud.

Whatever is on your mind.

'Hey, chain-snatcher!'

'I don't want to jump.'

'I am the Destroyer of Evil.'

'Flames of Justice.'

'Arrest him.'

Catch those junkies!

You scum.

Get in, old man. You'll get your fix in prison.

Where do you think you're going? Go back upstairs.

To the terrace. Cops never climb stairs.

Who are you? You look new around here.

"If you rock the sky, you can swallow it whole."

"Skipped my fight and waiting to go."

"Cat's a bow! Cat's a bow!"

"I got these swings and I'm ready to blow!"

"Breakin' the circuit! Breakin' the circuit!"

'I now know which police station they took Grandpa to.'

'I might have to fight a few corrupt police officers to free him.'

'But I was prepared.'

"Breakin' the circuit!"

'Oh, shit.'

'They might even be torturing Grandpa.'

They call me Johnny.

'If they lay a finger on him...'

'...I'll just go un, dos, tres, kaboom! And break their bones.'


"One more fight, just sit tight!"

"One more fight, just sit tight!"

'I think this is just too insanely contrived.'

'But still...'

'To check whether is this the real life?'

'I can pinch myself, or even bite,...'

'...but that won't make any difference to me.'

'I think I should let gravity decide.'

"One more fight, just sit tight!"

"One more fight, just sit tight!"

"One more fight..."

'This is the real life! Not a fantasy.'


Hello. Yes, Atul.

I came to get the leaving certificate, like I said.


No, no. I'll come home early.

Okay, bye.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I am not a black belt, but I want to participate.



Don't let anyone see...

No need to worry. She's our friend.

She's wasted, we're taking her to the hospital.

What's her name?

Sh... Shivangi.

Her name is Shivangi.

Any problem?

Let's take her to the hospital, come on.

Shift a little, make space for me.

I cannot shift anymore, you shift.

Listen, this is not a seven-seater.

Get a cab.

Why should I always get a cab?

See you later. - You're such a dog.

Where are the keys? - He probably hid it.

I don't know.

Move out, guys.


Check her.

We're looking for the keys.

Not lipstick.


"O mercurial one..."


"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"They all look so naive..."

"Mysterious beauties..."

"...trying to work their charm on me."

"Mysterious beauties..."

"...trying to work their charm on me."

"An enchantress at heart."

"She was something else..."

"...who cast a spell on me."


Give me the keys.

"O steely one..."


"At least tell me where I can find you."

"O stormy one..."

"O beautiful..."

"My restlessness..."

"...keeps soaring, at least smile for me."

"O steely one..."

"She was something else..."

"...who cast a spell on me with her eyes."

"She was something else..."

"...who cast a spell on me with her eyes."

"O steely one..."


"At least tell me where I can find you."

"O stormy one..."

"O beautiful..."

"My restlessness..."

"...keeps soaring, at least smile for me."

"O steely one..."

"She was something else..."

"...who cast a spell on me with her eyes."

"She was something else..." - Give me the keys.

"...who cast a spell on me, with her eyes."





There you are. - What are you doing?

They even sent a vehicle for you.

He's my grandson. Surya.

New to the city. Come.

Are you fine? - Mind-blowing.

It was just a misunderstanding. Come, sit.


"O mercurial one..."

"If I have to choose between night and day..."

"...I'll say it's night for me."

"The sound in the dark has always guided me."

"My wounds are sound asleep."

"But are ready for an awakening now."

"So many similar feelings have sprung up suddenly."

"Even you must feel what I felt when you lit up"

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

Sorry, we're late.

I am leaving, ma'am.



Here comes Alibaba.

Are you okay?

The first time we met...

I'm not interested.

She's nice.

Jatin told me about your condition.

But it's so hard to believe.

Are you okay?

"The things you do to me..."

"...even when my eyes are closed."

"At least let me differentiate between dreams and reality."

"My wounds sing a weird tune secretly."

"I am tired of hearing it..."

"...but thank God now you're here for me."

"No need to save your prayers for me."

"This party isn't going to stop..."

" can come over if you please."

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"If a broken star's lying on the ground..."

" one makes a wish."

"If the ocean's water is still..."

"...everyone hurls a stone at it."

"It's hard to find new words to tell the same old story."

"The part of me that's been lost forever can never be found again."

"O mercurial one..."

Please, handle Dad if he asks.

I am going.

Stealth Ninja Cat.

'Ideally I should have said this as soon as I see him...'

'Master. Sensei.'

'Karate Man.'

'I've always been your fan.'

'But I wonder why I only wanted to ask...'

'Master, where's the girl who was putting up the posters?'

Jimmy, return my locket.

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."

"O mercurial one..."


Careful... - Jimmy.

Jimmy... Jimmy is back.

What are you doing? Pick him up.

What happened? - Where were you?

I went to get some tea. - Didn't you hear...

Mani. - Jimmy is back.

I can only smell paint. Where's the blood?

Who is staying back?

Pablo. - Hey... What?

I can't stand hospitals. Makes me dizzy.

Dizzy! Seriously!

Please, Supri, let me go.

Will you stay?

Listen, please stay back.

Okay! I'll stay.

Stay for who?

Stay for what? - What happened?

Why doesn't she stay back if she's so concerned?

She will wink at you, look at someone else over your shoulder...

...and fly away with someone else.

I know this since I was this.

Okay. bye. - What?

What are you doing?

You know how he is. Please, let go of him.

No fighting in here.

Get out of here. - You know how he is.

That's how is. Please, let go of him.

I don't want to get involved with these warring brothers...

Why are we inviting trouble for ourselves?

Come. - Listen.

I am right here. I am not going anywhere.

Mother promise.


Where are you, Supri?

Actually, I was with my college friends.

My farewell dinner.

That's why I am late.


Do you know what these are?

Your mother's medicines, your father's medicines.

It costs me a bomb every month, you know that.

Sorry, Atul, I had to come over because it was an emergency.

You know I have left everything. - Supri, please, stop lying.

I just don't like it.


Enough of this. - Atul.

Where's your bindi? - Just one second...

Just listen to me, I...

"As I took a step towards you..."

" took a step back from me."

Shoot lasers from your eyes and blow him up!

"I took a step back..."

"...when I saw you smile."

"I wove a hundred excuses to myself."

"The world you knew is no more."

"It's just smoke all around."

"Even I haven't found my blue sky as yet."

Want to use the washroom?

Can you walk on your own?

Wait. I'll send someone over.



Wait a second.

Hello, sir.

One second.

Where are you going?

Just a second, listen to me.

I don't have any money. Someone must have brought me here.

Go ask him.

You guys will keep me here for a couple of weeks...

...and then say I need to go for a scan.

Then you'll say I have a block here, liver failure.

And overwhelm me with all that stupid stuff.


I am absolutely fine. Let me go.

Enough, I am absolutely fine. Let me go.

You need vitamin C.

Master... No!

Sensei. Shifu...

Karate Man.

It would be an honor to be a part of your 100-Man Kumite.

There he is, catch him.

Let it be. Let him go.

Where do you think you're going?

You, get lost.

And what have you knocked over from the hospital?

Nothing at all.

Are you all going to gang up on me for this cheap bandage?

Catch him.

Watch out!

Let's go.

Come on, let's get out of here.

'Before Karate Man knows who I am...'

'...I think it's more important to know who Karate Man is.'

"Show me the Mani."

"Give me the Jimmy."

'Hello. Mic testing... Hello.'

'The story starts now.'

"Once upon a time..."

" fellow Mani, and his twin brother Jimmy."

"And then what happened."

"Check it out."

"Who gets a fair chance in life."

"One takes whatever life throws at him."

"Mani got Karate, but Jimmy got swag too."

"One loves Bruce Lee. The other Scarface."

"Good gets Limp Bizkit." "And bad gets to be Brat Pitt."

"Who gets a fair chance in life."

"Head or tails... it's the same coin Brody."

But Michael you keep calling Heads."

"Since Nintendo 64, why has Michael been..."

" only Mani rides on Jimmy's cycle?"

"The world wants to know."

"But the answer's same old."

"Who gets a fair chance in life."

"Common sense!"

"Mani beats a hundred men"

"One incident tipped the triple beam."

"What happened to St. Mani?"

"With Jimmy's girlfriend in bed Mani made a Boo-Boo."

"One Boo-Boo turned the entire game on its head."

"Jimmy's vengeance against Mani..."

"Who gets a fair chance in life."

'Karate Mani's guilt turned him into a cliché drunk karate master.'

'And Jimmy's rage turned him into a cliché psychotic villain.'

'Since that day, whenever Jimmy met Mani, he took something from him.'

'If nothing else, his pride.'

"End of story."

Ever since I quit smoking...

...I've put on so much weight with all this overeating.

Look at my condition. Too much soda.

You put up huge posters, for the 100-Man Fight.

Even posted it on Facebook. 22 likes. I liked it too.

Even if you hold a small demonstration, I destroy it.

How could you even think about putting up such a big event?

If papa was alive, he would've turned 80 today.

I planned this 100-Man Kumite to celebrate his birthday.

Let me do it.

There's a saying in Mumbai...

"Eyes off the Hood... Nuts off the sack."

I failed to keep a tab on you for a second...

...and you came up with such a huge plan.

I am not doing it for myself, I am doing it for our father.

In fact, I was planning to ask you for some financial help.

Bloody beggar.

What kind of a man is he? Have some ego.

Where is she?

Hit Girl?

She's the only sight for sore eyes around here. And the rest are...

No, she isn't here.

I told her not to come here anymore.

Forget her. Don't harm her.

Hey, Coach Carter.

I don't need your permission to kill or spare anyone.

Did you take my permission to dirty dance with my girlfriend?


Listen, they are here on a month's free trial.

If you beat them up, they won't come back next month.

Why don't you just beat me up?

Oh, my God!

Can't take it anymore.

Give me a cigarette.

Boss, your instructions were...

...if you asked for a cigarette more than three times a day...

...I should slap you.

Outside the airport.

Right after lunch.

And now.

I had asked for chewing gum outside the airport.

He's irritating me! Throw him out.

"Show me the Mani."

"Give me the Jimmy."

Attack! Attack!

Papa... Papa.

Leave my brother.

Jimmy! Return my locket.



I don't want to die like this.

I want to die a legend.

After the 100-Man Fight.

Sorry, boss.

You know 100-Man Kumite?

I've seen your 100-Man Fight.

I mean... on a video cassette.

Video recording?

Please, give me that cassette.

Jimmy broke my copy.

Will you?

Actually, it's completely phased out now.

Like me.

But you're the Karate Man.

You can defeat 100 men... why do you let Jimmy beat you up?

When my daughter was younger, she used to call me Karate Man.

She is your daughter!

I found her on the street.

You found your daughter on the street.

'Supri, you knew it was me, didn't you?'


'Then why didn't you say it? - Because I didn't want to meet you.'

'But why not?'

'You don't get to decide when it's time to disappear...'

'...or when to show up again.'

'Do you have any idea how I spent all these years?'

'I was only thinking about you.'

'You know what, you can still keep thinking about me.'

'But now I have found you. - I am leaving.'

'What do you mean you're leaving? - Get lost.'

'Why should I? - Just stay mute for a moment at least.'

'Why did Master run away from the hospital?'

'Are you asking me to leave or are you leaving yourself?'

'You have me confused... - Surya, will you keep quiet?'

'Don't irritate me.'

Inspector Kumar.

Un, dos, tres, kaboom!

Supri, I mean...

You're getting personally trained by Karate Man himself.

He's not Karate Man. He's just Master Mani.

He's a nice man.

He's the Karate Man. The real deal.

What are you saying?

How can you behave so casually?

I have so many questions for you, I mean...

I don't have any answers.

Let me ask them at least.

Your father.



And that guy?

Surya, I am leaving.



With that All Time Unhappy Lad. - Huh!

A-T-U-L. Atul.

I don't have the bandwidth to update the last 12 years.

The way I saw him drag you, it made me so angry,...

...I wanted to turn him to ashes with my laser beams.

You still talk like that?

Surya, grow up.

What? - Grow up?

What grow up?

You can beat me up twice...

...but it's okay for him to treat you like that.


Nothing has changed.

Someone's dragging you away, and you're doing nothing.

Why did you come back?

You know why I came back, Supri...

Supri, don't make me cry.

If I cry, I'll get dehydrated.

And one should always keep drinking water.

Look, Surya, please don't think your words will make me discover the real me.

I am leaving and we're not going to have an airport scene.

Get that straight.

Then why didn't you tell Karate Man?

He knows... He has clearly said I shouldn't come here anymore.

He'll scream at me when he gets up.

Why? Because he's scared of Jimmy.

And you are too?

Then why were you sticking those posters?

Supri. Supri.

Someone snatched Karate Man's locket, doesn't that mean anything?

His dream of a 100-Man Fight was shattered, doesn't that mean anything?

Remember we'd set out to nab the chain-snatchers.

And this chain-snatcher... - Are you crazy, Surya?

Do you know what you're saying?

Why did you fight for that girl? - That was different.

How is it different? You're a coward.

We're not in school anymore to play the "you are a coward" game.

This is how it is. This is life.

And I don't have an explanation, or any answers for you.

I am sorry.

I can't let another chain-snatcher escape my clutches...

...just so that I can be normal.

"For me, you're still..."

"...that story I used to hear as a kid."

"I've kept those stories safe... forever."

Hey... Tender Marlon Brando.

She said she's leaving.

Let her go. Get lost from here.

Very soon you'll read in the news...

...that a masked Ninja has cleansed this city of all evil...

Hey, Indie Avenger, don't make me angry.

Stop irritating me, I'll curse you.

"Forever seems like too much to ask for."

"I am sorry, I don't dream at all now."

"Yet your eyes somehow find a way to peek into mine."

"Gradually... my world's entered a void."

"And my voyage has asked for a time-out."

As per Canadian child benefit program...

...families with children under the age group of six...

...will receive as much as 6400 dollars per child, per year.

And listen...

For kids between six... and seventeen.

Where are you going? - There's been an accident.

They might need some help. - Have your food first.

Have your food.

Why are you the only one to see all this?

Supri, why do you trouble everyone?

Atul, if you feel like, you can slap her.

That's how I fixed her when she was a kid.

Finish your food.


Why are you doing all this?

Shut up.

You can ask me to shut up.

Did you ever tell your husband to shut up?

When he was fine, he abused you.

When he was sick, you nursed him back to health.

Made him fit enough to stand again.


You can't be the only one to make sacrifices.

That was a different time. That time has passed.

But you can be a little selfish, dear. Honestly.

You should run away.

Later, you would never know where to stop or say no.

Come on, two more rounds to go... - No, I don't want to go anywhere.

What? Let's go.

Mom, I don't earn a penny.

And, I don't know what to do with my life.

Well, that's still in the future.

But we need the money right now.

Do we need it or not?

You know, guys my age are so smart.

Everybody knows what they want to do with their lives and...

...I have no idea.


And it's not like I didn't give it a thought.

But I don't have any clue. I am blank.

Everybody knows.

Someone's studying to be a doctor, or going to the US...

...or building an app, but...

Or maybe I am just dumb. I don't know.


I am nobody.

You sound like a Grandma.

You're just 21, you have your whole life ahead of you.

Let's go.

You know people become millionaires at the age of 21.

So what?

That too from scratch, okay. That too from scratch.

I mean people my age...

...have 20 million followers on Twitter.


Did you notice my look?

It's the Iron Man look. Her choice.

The goggles, and everything. Even the beard.

I was thinking about Johnny Depp, like Jack Sparrow.


Are you really going to wander out donning a mask?

I don't like bad jokes.

What happened? Aren't you excited?

Are you scared? - Why will I be scared?

When the doctors said you wouldn't survive for more than four years...

...I wasn't scared then. - Where's that Sampat and that foreigner?

It's our turn. We're next.

Surya, come.

We're next.


The Karate Man's brother stole his locket.

So those two should settle it between themselves.

Why are you so excited?

Let them handle it.


Weren't you going to fight for the country with Netaji?

That's between Netaji and me.

This is different.

That's different, this is different.

Different? - Yes.

Is that why you let Mom's chain-snatcher go?


That's different, this is different.

Surya. Father. What are you two doing there?

Come on, it's our turn now.

I, Jatin Sampat,

take Bridget von Hammersmark/Nandini as my lawfully wedded wife.

I, Bridget Von Hammersmark, take Jatin Y Sampat

as my lawfully wedded husband.

Ma'am. One selfie.

Brother, take one with me.

I am a foreigner too.

I am Jatin Stark! Come on.

What is your focus in life? What is your focus?

You want to be like Karate Man, then go ahead.

Become a Karate Master.

Grand Master Surya.

Surya, you make your documentary.

Take it to film festivals.

Be adventurous. Adventurous.

Go to Germany, go to Japan.

Grandpa, you were born in 1941.

Netaji died in 1945.

At least officially.

So at the age of four, you traveled to Japan, Germany, etcetera.

You didn't, did you?

I am not dumb.

They might be some stories for you...

...but those were facts for me.

Like you always said...

Behind every mind-blowing story are some pretty bad decision.

When did I ever say that? - You must have said it.

I speak too much.

You are right.

I told you that I don't want to see Supri around.

Then how did she come here?

Who told her that I am organizing a 100-Man Fight?

She keeps a tab on you. She knows.

Stupid girl.

The important point is... the first four years we don't have to show...

...that we're earning more than 25,000 dollars.

"Drink less. Stay away from Pablo."

We'll have to observe a little restraint.

Did you break it?

Who are you waiting for, Mani?

If at least 20 people show up, we can organize a small event.

20 people?

They will come.

Hello, where's your bindi?

And, take your shades off. We're inside now.



Excuse me, ma'am. - Go, go, they are calling you.

Come forward. - Go, go.

Will you stick around when they bury me?

Of course. I'll perform your final rites.

Okay... please request Jimmy and get my locket back.

And tie it around my neck when they put me in the coffin.

When I meet father in heaven...

...I'll have this feeling that I saved one of his legacies.

Is it really that expensive?

We'll get a duplicate made.

It will look exactly like the original.

Father will be happy too.

Someone's here.

Use the back door.

After all someone did come.

I have seen you somewhere.

Indie Avenger!

Let's go.

Let's go and get your locket back.

You can come if you feel like, or stay here.

Give me Jimmy's address.

Give it.

Fine, I'll find it myself.

"I see!"



Where's my shoe? - There.

"Now hear me."

'Ground floor.'

"Hello, friends. Jimmy from Jimmy Security Services."

"Our Security firm has handpicked fighters from Vietnam."

"We have boxers from Rome."

"All 100 percent genuine fighters."

"All very flexible."

"My fighter, they move like a cat."

"They listen like a dog, they pull like a bull."

"Think like a fox and they attack like a tiger."

"We have really deadly fighters from North Korea, Georgia."

Did you hurt your head when you were a kid...

...or maybe you have some other medical issue?

You have some kind of problem.

"Supri, don't worry. We are at Jimmy's to get Master's chain back."


Run away.



Look, you're worried because...

...if you're not around Atul won't pay for my treatment.

Isn't it?

What? - Yes.

I am not going anywhere, please.

Supri, this is your best chance to escape.

Look, soon they will announce boarding...

...we'll all go in and you can escape.

What are you saying, Mom?

Shut up and listen to me.

We will all go inside.

If anyone asks me, where's Supri, I'll say you're in the toilet.

Toilet. - Soon the plane will take off

and we'll be in Canada.

What are you saying? - Listen to me.

Once we land, I'll take a big dose of insulin.


I am carrying insulin. Listen to me.

Once I take insulin, my sugar level will drop drastically.

And we'll have to go straight to the hospital.

Once we're at the hospital, they'll have to get me treated.

I have figured it out, don't worry, Supri.

What are you saying? - Supri!

You keep asking me why I take care of that man who always abused me.

I don't know why I am like this.

I don't believe in this whole 'my husband's my god' concept.

But it's etched in our minds...

And I am not trying to make a sacrifice. This is how I am.

Now do you understand?

Mom, insulin, big dose... what are you talking about...

Hold on.


Sir, I am almost there.

Listen up.

I have a spot free for a night-watchman. You can take it up if you like.

Return my locket.

Who is that next to you?


I don't talk to people with monkey caps and sweaters in the Mumbai heat.

This is not a monkey cap.

Please, tell him...

Why are you toying with my feelings?

Father's locket... Father gave that locket to me.

You're a Tom Hank's fan, that's why you are always crying.

With this beard and all. You should've been a Vin Diesel fan.

Father didn't give it to you, he gave it to me.

Why are you humiliating me?

"It's such a bad plan, Mom. You can write for TV soaps now."

Supri, don't think too hard.

If you think too hard, you'll start seeing the logic in the plan.




Supri. Give me your phone.

Give me your phone.

I'm so sorry... sorry. - What are you doing?

I'll go get some tissues. - It's fine.

Get it quickly.

That must be hot. - No, no, I am fine.

12th floor.

Where's the spelling mistake? Show me.

Conveyance starts with a 'C'.

You tell me the spelling of 'Conveyance'.

Tell me.


Five times...

Five times I had to fill the conveyance invoice form.

Now you tell me the spelling of 'Conveyance'.

It wasn't me.

Tell me the spelling of 'Conveyance'.

It wasn't me, it was them.

Hey, what is all this nonsense?

Get out.

Are they really going to start a fight inside?

Cheap furniture. Don't buy from there again.

I had warned them.

Blood Ouch!


Useless fellow.

'12th floor.'

What the hell is happening? - Come on, hurry up.

What are you doing here?

You're the security guy. Go and fight.

I have diabetes.

Give me the gun. - No.

Give it. - Do you have an approval?

Give me the gun.

Do you have authorization? - Please, give me the gun.


Let's go. I admit you're a good fighter.

Let's go.

Sir, please come down quickly.

A mob is creating a ruckus here.

I beat up the rest, only two remain.

But they are very dangerous.

What's going on?

'12th floor.'

Here comes the shooter.

See, Old Man is not giving the gun.

If there was a mob attack here, why didn't you give them the gun?

Only two.

One-Legged Mani, and a kid.

Colonel, give me the gun.

Vendor registration, and an advance check.

Madam, sign here please.

Madam... Madam...

Colonel, give me the gun, please.

Fill out the form and take it.

Page 33, article THX 1138 4EB.

Give me the gun.

Okay, you're right.

"Who labeled you a superstar?"

"Who labeled you a superstar?"

"Do you know who my father is?"

"Neither long coat, nor a big car."

"The commotion is always on the opposite side of where you are."

"Even the hits are tired of being missed."

"Who labeled you a superstar?"

What are you doing?

"Who labeled you a superstar?"

I would have never missed.

'12th floor.'

Do we have insurance?

Yes. - "Who labeled you a superstar?"

"Who labeled you a superstar?"


"Do you know who my father is?"


The other lift.

Sir, the lift's shut.

The fire exit's that way.

'12th floor.'

"I took a step towards you..."

"Whether you come to me or not."

"But my arms are open for you, forever."

Hey, you two run away.

Get out. Run.

Are you okay? - I am okay.

Are you hurt here? - I am okay!

'Before I get dehydrated and fall like a log...'

'...I thought I'd drink some water first.'

'Supri was shocked.'

'But this man took the most mind-blowing advantage of the water break.'

"Who labeled you a superstar?"

"Who labeled you a superstar?"

'Then we rented a sports car.'

'And went to the nearest hill station.'

'But nothing like that happened either.'

'We had to crawl down.'

'Get on a truck and escape.'

Hey... Shooter!

'Will Jimmy and the police be after us?'

Jimmy won't go to the police.

He will come after us by himself.

Then why aren't we going to the police?

And what will we tell them?

That we burned down that office.

But why are we running?

He still has the locket. Let's go get him.

Hey, Mumblecore Justice League. Let's go get him!

I want to see my entire staff here, tomorrow.

Anyone who doesn't show up will never be seen again, anywhere.

I hope you won't miss that.

Jimmy. - Run!

Good Lord!

I can't believe my brother did this.

Now we can kill him. I'll kill him.

You don't interfere. I will kill him.

I won't... I am hanging up.

Stop crying. I am switching it off.


Pablo is crying over the phone because he left us.

Why did you text me?

It was sent automatically.

Did your comic fantasy come true?

Was it amazing?

When you were a kid... kicked a man off our building's terrace...

...because of this Karate Man.

This time you burned down an entire building.

Look, man... Sorry. Sorry.

You've had quite an impact on our lives even before he met you.

Leave it, Grandpa... you're just...

What did you tell Dad?

What will I tell him? I told him jack squat.

Look... your father.

He's playing karate... with Nandini.

Drink it.

Stop it. Stop hamming it up now.

And you finally learned to shoot laser beams.

How else do you think Jimmy's office burned down?

Supri, where are you going?

Grandpa asked us to sleep upstairs.

But there's a lot of room downstairs.

Come on.

Supri... did you meet Karate Man?

On the street. I told you earlier.

And that Atul? - In a mall.

They were having a singing contest, and he sang for me.

Fine. Judge me...

So what?

What did he sing?

"I try not to fall in love with you"

He didn't just sing a song, he bulldozed us over.

He came home, met my parents.

Gradually he paid for our expenses.

He became the son, and me, the daughter-in-law.

In my own home.

And anyway, Mom is...

Forget it.

What now?


Now my life is...

So this is all my fault?

No, sir, this isn't your fault. This is my fault.

Like you said, I have superpowers.

100 times more than you.

You said "Supri, jump," and Supri jumped, and...

You're the same old Supri.

I swear, Surya, if we survive this time...

...then your plan to catch all the chain-snatchers...

I swear we'll do just that.

Promise. - Mother promise.

Come here.


So now the scene is...'s all messed up like it's been bitten by Itch mites.

I mean the itch feels strangely nice, but it's also painful.

But I don't feel itchy, ever.

You have no idea what you're missing?

I mean when it happens, you feel restless.

And when you find the right spot, it's like...

Just scratch me once.

How? - Like this.

Do it... just a little.

Little to the left...

Left, left, left.

Down... a little further.


What did you do those 12 years?

I used to wonder...

...we had wings when we were kids.

So, why do we crawl when we grow up?

Please. Don't go all 'Rumi' on me now.

I am not in the mood.

Who is Rumi?

Thank God, you don't know who Rumi is.

I mean, if people even sneeze today, they are like...

By Rumi. - Who are they?


What does he say?

He said, Surya,...

...from this moment you're no longer just a man...'re going to be a legend.


"In a very silent way..."

"...through the games we lovers play..."

" have found a way to reach out with your soul."

"Drown me in a shade of blue..."

"...for I can't imagine you."

I do get orgasms.

I mean I don't feel the pain...

I feel everything else.

"Drown me in a shade of blue..." - Shit.

"...for I can't imagine you."

"Floating in between the believe so..."

"Flying through the clouds."

"Dream time... Fill the world with dream time."

"As we dance beneath the images..."

"...of all we wish to do."

"Star light... Fill the world with star light."

"As we float across the moonlit sea..."

"...on waves of déjà."

I-pill and water.

Thank you.

"Dream time... Fill the world with dream time."

"In a very silent way..."

"...through the games we lovers play..."

" have found a way to reach out with your soul."

You're a real hero. You didn't run.

They tried to warn you, but you didn't leave...


But now I have to repeat the rules and regulations of the tournament...

...all over again.

Because you came in late.

So the tournament is 'All Against One'.

And the first contender is "Karate Mani".

Since you're my brother.

Go and fulfill your dream of celebrating our father's birthday.

I don't have 100... but you'll have to settle with 20.

Who taped his leg?

Who taped that one leg? Who is this genius?

If he falls, you'll go next. No. 2.

If she falls, you'll go after her. No. 3.

If you fall, then our senior citizen. No. 4.

Uncle, you can fight, can you?

If my staff wins...

...they won't get their jobs back, but I will spare their lives.

That's the deal.

And I am the referee.

Referee's decision is final, okay.


Okay, ready, start.


Why are you all screaming? This is a residential area.

We can be a bit subtle.

First, untie his hands and legs.

And make him stand in the middle.

Make it look like a tournament.


'And thus started the Vidya Bhavan Royal Rumble.'

'Like Jimmy said, Round 1 Karate Man.'

'And when the Karate Man is knocked out, Round 2'


'Because I was in Round 3.'

'So I was sitting on the bench for a long time chewing on my kerchief.'

'I had this desire to get in the game and break everyone's bones.'

'And then came a statutory warning.'

People always get caught farting when everything else goes silent.

No matter how hard you try to cover it with ambient noise.

At that precise moment the entire universe becomes silent.

I don't know how, but it is like a law.

Don't try anything stupid, okay.

I'll catch you.

Don't step outside the tournament line.

If you do, this senior citizen will be no more.

No more meaning...


Be quiet, I cannot concentrate here.

'But out of nowhere,'

'steps in this guy.'

'Do you know why? How would I know?'

'Jimmy got a little irritated.'

'And after a couple of knocks...'

'...he decided to run.'

'Jimmy told his shooter, kill him.'

'The shooter told Jimmy...'

...boss, he's just a peon.

He's not security. Let him go.

'Jimmy's feelings were hurt.'

'So he stabbed the shooter too.'

'After all Jimmy was a cliché psychotic villain.'

Hey, Bill and Ted.

'If Dad hadn't found Nandini...'

'...and if I hadn't stepped out of the house.'

'Then Supri might have been in Canada.'

'And Karate Man...'

'...might be drinking with Pablo.'

'But behind every mind-blowing story...'

'...are some pretty bad decisions.'

'Grandpa said that some day.'

Skinny Boy.

Boss, he doesn't feel any pain.

Do we have to go one by one?

Why don't we just all kill him together?

'Oh, it ended so soon.'

'I thought I was fighting forever.'

'If I had died at 27, then I could've attained legitimate legend status.'

'Then on, Grandpa kept begging for some water like a thespian.'

'Jimmy and his men just watched.'

'Then I died and Jimmy killed Grandpa.'

'It could have happened...'

'But my mother didn't let it happen.'

Go finish them.

Go kill them.

Fair fighting, huh.

Mr. Samurai, best of luck.

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Stop. Just a minute. I am the referee, just listen to me.

This tournament is no fun. Right?

Let's make the rules and regulations clearer.

10 points, if you score first.

Then you can leave with these three.

And Samurai, if you don't justify your salary now.

Go commit Hara-kiri. Okay.

Absolutely simple. No complication.

No points for blocking. Points only for a hit.

Wait. Wait, man.

Very simple, like Hollywood.

Okay, ready?



One point, Samurai.

Maroon suit 0, Samurai 2.

Good shot, Samurai 3.



Maroon suit 0, Samurai 6.

No need to get up. Just watch lying down.


Did you hit him very hard on the liver?

Cheap Liquor Connoisseur.

He's gone!

Lie down. Lie down. Rest.

'If Grandpa had sung some motivational song when I was a kid...'

'...then I could've hummed it now.'

'But he was out of tune.'

'Doesn't matter.'

'Come on, Surya. Come on.'

'Come on, Surya. Come on.'

'I'll have to do with this.' - Ready? Ready?


'Surya! Surya!'

'Surya! Surya!'

'Surya! Surya!'


Okay, okay.


Okay, okay. Maroon suit 5, Samurai 7.

Is it broken?

Mind-blowing. You did the right thing, but...

I counted it.

7 blocks. So you get 0 points.

He broke your leg, so he gets one point.

Maroon suit 5, Samurai 8.

Fair fighting. Everything fair.

The Samurai really gave you a good beating.

He's out. Out...

Two points, take it.

Hurry up, I am getting bored.

Finish this quickly.


'Easy, Surya, easy.'

'Don't put pressure on the foot, just limp.'

'Remember, no pressure on the leg.'

'Or the bones will never join.'

Come on, only two more points to go.

'Watching Bruce Lee taught me...'

'Mid fight, when the opponent's kicking your ass...'

'...take your shirt off.'

'It's good distraction!'

And, one should keep drinking water.

Come on, fulfill your master's dream.

Come on, come on.

Sentimental boy.

'Un, dos, tres, kaboom!'

'I shall avenge Grandpa, Supri...'

'Karate Man's pride... I take a solemn oath...'

'Hey, wait, I haven't finished my monologue. Hey!'

Point. Point.

9 - 5!

'Sorry, Samurai, but this is about me saving my childhood.'

'I'll have to break some rules.'

'It's time to be awesome.'



Are you crazy?

Get lost. Don't irritate me.

Hey... Hey, you...

Why are you so stubborn? Why are you so stressed about the chain?

Is that Mani your God?

Hey, you...


I will shoot you... Shoot...


Get up. Get up and hit him.

I will shoot.

Move, move.

I will shoot.

This is a residential area. Don't force me to shoot you.

I will shoot... Shoot.


"I took a step towards you..."

" took a step back from me."


"I took a step towards you..."

" took a step back from me."


"For you..."

"For you..."

Karate Man...

'No one will be seen saluting the national flag.'

'Nor will anyone hear the national anthem being played.'

'Nor will anyone shed tears of joy to celebrate my fight.'

'Don't worry.'

'To hell with those endings.'

'I still feel like Rocky Balboa.'

'Life recap.'

'This time I am definitely going to die.'


Hey, Surya... you're up.

Even I am alive. I am alive too.

Don't worry.

Don't move, Grandpa. Lie down and shut up.

You guys have grown up to become criminals.

Bullets. Fractures.

From next time, don't expect me to treat you...

...nor expect to survive?

Supri, stay away from this family. You guys will send me to jail as well.

Yeah, okay, okay. - Stupid door!

Get me a bottle of whiskey!

Karate Man...

Sit down. Relax.

Grandpa. - Yes.

We vanquished evil.

Don't tell your father that, he'll fall very ill.

Are you out of your mind?

Do you even know what happened?

Vanquished evil nonsense!

Supri, from now on...

...don't use a gun.

Only use your hands.

'Karate Man took the entire blame on himself.'

'And became a legend.'

'When Dad returned from his honeymoon...'

'...his blood pressure dropped.'

'But it's all under control now.'

'Supri's mother's master plan worked too.'

'And I fulfilled my destiny according to my father.'

'I became an accountant.'

"You're not Mr. India. Here we come."

'Even Supri mended her ways.'

'Like the rest of the crowd.'

'She went looking for a job.'

"Hop on my spaceship."

"Here we come. Back to the future."

'And this...'

'What is this?'

'This is a story for some other time.'

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"In dark alleys and deserted streets."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"You be ready with your laser."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"With dragons stashed away."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"It's a bond forged in love."

"I am the destroyer of evil, I'll feed 30 till it turns 60."

"Well, 30 can never turn to 60. 30, 40, 50, 60!"

"Big trouble, little China, Karate chop. Enter the dragon for a few dollars more."

"I don't have change."

"Here we come... To save Mowgli from Sharekhan."

"Here we come... Defeat me in the dragon stage."

"Here we come..."

"Here come the worms to kill Pac-Man..."

"Here we come... Hema, Rekha, Jaya, Sushma!"

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"In dark alleys and deserted streets."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"You be ready with your laser."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"With goblins stashed away."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"It's a bond forged in love."

"Crime Master Gogo playing marbles!"

"Watch Chota Chetan in 3D!"

"I am a tiger. You better don't roar at me!"

"I curse the ones who put a jinx on me!"

"You can kiss my boots."

"Don't laugh at me..."

"...or don't even think I am lying!"

"Here... we... come..."

"I am on the verge of becoming Bruce Lee."

"Here I come..."

"Got to catch them all at once."

"Here we come... From Eternia to Igatpuri."

"Here we come... Un, dos, tres, hey!"

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"In dark alleys and deserted streets."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"You be ready with your laser."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"With dragons stashed away."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"It's a bond forged in love."

"Here we come..."

"Here we come..."

"Here we come..."

"I am the destroyer of evil, I'll feed 30 till it turns 60."

"Well, 30 can never turn to 60. 30, 40, 50, 60!"

"Big trouble, little China, Karate chop. Enter the dragon for a few dollars more."

"I don't have change."

"Here we come... To save Mowgli from Sharekhan."

"Here we come... Defeat me in the dragon stage."

"Here we come..."

"Here come the worms to kill Pac-Man..."

"Here we come... Hema, Rekha, Jaya, Sushma!"

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"In dark alleys and deserted streets."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"You be ready with your laser."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"With goblins stashed away."

"Rappan Rappi Rap!"

"It's a bond forged in love."

"Here we come... From Eternia to Igatpuri."

"Here we come... Everybody rock your body!"

The Description of Mard Ko Dard Nahin Hota