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- In this video, you will learn how to use

LinkedIn video to grow your business.

LinkedIn came to video relatively late,

but as of 2017, they've been developing

and launching some great new features,

like LinkedIn native videos,

and will soon be launching their LinkedIn live videos.

And video has already become their fastest-growing format,

getting on average three times the engagement

of text-based articles.

Like most other social media platforms,

LinkedIn really want to push video content on their platform

to get people to stay on it for as long as possible.

In other words, anyone posting quality videos

on their platform at the moment

is sure to reap the benefits,

especially since video is currently not over-saturated

on the platform, making it a great opportunity

for savvy marketers to get in early.

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Let's get started by going through

the three different options that you have

to publish video content on LinkedIn.

The first is LinkedIn shared videos.

LinkedIn shared videos are videos that are published

by simply copying and pasting an external video link

into a LinkedIn post.

For example, if you share your YouTube videos on LinkedIn,

these would be referred to as a shared videos.

But since the introduction of native video,

we don't recommend uploading shared videos

because they simply don't perform as well as videos

that are uploaded directly to LinkedIn's own platform.

For this reason, shared videos are restricted

from playing automatically on viewers' feeds.

Because people have to go out of their way

and click the play button to watch them,

the engagement levels of shared videos

are dramatically reduced.

Now, onto LinkedIn native videos.

LinkedIn native videos are videos that are uploaded

to LinkedIn directly, rather than videos

that are shared from another platform.

As they're published directly on LinkedIn,

they tend to win much better engagement,

interaction, and shares than shared videos.

When viewed side by side, the only noticeable difference

is that LinkedIn native videos will begin playing

automatically when in view on your feed.

Now, this sounds like a small factor,

but LinkedIn themselves report that it makes native videos

five times more likely to start

a conversation among members.

To upload a native video to your LinkedIn page,

first click the video icon

next to Start a post at the top of your home page.

Then, select the video you want to post and add any text

and hashtags you want to accompany it

before hitting the Post to publish.

They only allow you to upload native videos

which have a maximum duration of 10 minutes,

so make sure you keep within this time limit.

And finally, we have LinkedIn video ads.

LinkedIn video ads are sponsored videos for business

that appear on user feeds just like native videos.

There are two main types of sponsored ads

you can choose from.

The first option is pay-per-video-view,

more commonly known as CPV.

This works by you specifying the maximum amount

you're willing to pay per video view

and then, each time your video is viewed,

you are charged for it.

The second option is pay-per-1,000-impressions,

more commonly known as CPM.

How this basically works is that you specify a set cost

for each 1,000 times your ad is shown,

no matter how many clicks you receive.

CPM can be a really good option if you are getting

high click through rates as it can lower the cost per view

if lots of people are viewing your videos

from the video impressions.

To launch a LinkedIn video ad,

you will need to create a free campaign manager account.

It's simple to do.

Just hit the Work icon in the top-right corner

of your LinkedIn account.

From the popup menu, select Advertise to open

the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions page.

Then click Create to get started.

So, now, here are my five best practices for LinkedIn video.

Number one, perfecting headlines and descriptions.

LinkedIn studies show that the most influential factor

in encouraging people to watch your videos on their platform

is the videos headline and description.

When it comes to your headlines on LinkedIn,

the three most effective things that get people watching

are its relevance to their job,

referencing their specific industry,

and its uniqueness in comparison to the competition.

As for the text descriptions, they should be concise,

engaging summaries of everything

that you'll cover in your video.

Make sure you give the reader a compelling reason

to watch it in the first sentence.

Two, encouraging interaction.

Comments, shares, and likes help improve the visibility

of your LinkedIn videos,

improving their chances of going viral.

To encourage this, try asking questions

in your videos, headlines, or descriptions.

These would be questions that the viewers would want

an answer to and inspires some discussion

within the comments.

Be informative or thought-provoking,

so people really want to share your content with others

and include a strong call to action

that's easy to understand

and follow in every one of your LinkedIn videos.

Three, keep videos short.

LinkedIn studies show that the sponsored brand ads

that do best on their platform

are less than 15 seconds long.

And for all other marketing videos,

they generally recommend keeping them under two minutes

for optimum engagement.

So, think up creative ways to get your message across

in such a short time.

Four, create content to have impact when muted.

If you want your videos to perform well on LinkedIn,

you need to make sure they're engaging

with the sound turned off.

This is because your videos will initially be on mute

when they start automatically playing on someone's feed.

If they're interested, they'll have to manually unmute it.

So therefore, it's not surprising that most videos

on LinkedIn are actually seen with the sound turned off.

And here's how you can manage it.

Firstly, and most importantly, if you have dialogue

or narration in your video,

you should definitely include subtitles.

Secondly, try opt for presenters or actors

to keep the viewers engaged whilst the sound is muted.

Another effective way to avoid boring your audience

is to add interrupters, such as varying the backgrounds,

adding text, screenshots,

and other visuals to mix things up.

Five, keyword tagging.

When writing your video description,

make sure you broaden the reach of your videos

by tagging them with all the relevant keywords.

These should be added as hashtags

at the bottom of your video's description.

Now, here are five great LinkedIn video strategies.

Number one, be educational.

Creating videos that educate your viewers

and offers them actionable insights into their industry

and interests is probably the greatest LinkedIn strategy

for engaging people with your business in 2019 and beyond.

It really cements you as an up-to-date expert in their minds

and keeps them coming back to learn more.

Number two, sneak peaks.

A relatively quick and easy way to generate content

that builds excitement and buzz around your business

is to reveal sneak peeks of products, launches, events,

latest work, or anything that you've got coming up.

Three, moments.

Working on new, exciting, and fun projects every day?

Let the LinkedIn community know about it

and keep your audience engaged with short

day-to-day goings on and behind the scenes videos.

They're great way to keep your audience

engaged quickly and easily.

Four, influencer interviews.

The benefits of having a well-respected influencer,

for example, an industry expert,

speak highly about your business goes without saying.

Five, testimonials.

There aren't many better strategies than case studies

and testimonials to prove how great your offering is.

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