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Hello, My dear friends..and fellow Indians

So we are hearing a lot these days that Chowkidar Chor Hai (PM Modi is a Thief)..So I thought why not to expose all the thefts which PM Modi has done so far.

Modi donated 1.4 Crore Rs to Namami Gange project which he has recently won as Seoul Peace Prize

Again Modi auctioned his gifts recieved in Surat, Gujrat in Sep'2015 wherein he got 8.33 Crore rupees which he again donated to Namami Gange Project.

Same way he has auctioned his gifts earlier and donated 3.40 Crore rupees towards Namami Gange Project.

Modi donated his personal savings of Rs 21 Lakh to sanitation workers of Kumbh Mela recently as well.

This I am talking about his PM tenure and when he was a Gujrat CM then also he used to theft..

Post successful completion of 15 yrs of his CM role he again auctioned his gifts and received almost Rs 90 Crore in that which he again donated to a Girl Child education scheme of Gujrat called as Kanya Kelavani Yojna.

Apart from this, Modi has again earlier donated his personal savings of Rs 21 Lakh rupees for the education of Gujrat State Govt. employees daughters.

So in all you can calculate about 100 Crore Rs plus amount PM Modi has donated funds for the welfare of India and Indians. What a big thief he is. isn't it?

See the unfortunate fate of our country INDIA that still there are few people who seeks 15 Lakh Rs from him :)

Chowkidar is a Chor because every year he celebrates Diwali with Indian Soldiers instead of celebrating with his own family/relatives.

Modi is a thief because he got 9 Cr. plus toilets built in India wherein Panja party thinks doing poo in an open area is good for humans and for nature as well :)

I have worked in Singapore, US and Malaysia and trust me when I visited Indore, MP last year I stopped for a moment while walking and asked myself am I in INDIA?

I was stunned to see the cleanliness around and it gave me happiness and goosebumps. I am not lying it did happened with me.

Now if you want to erase my devoutness then please bring strength in your panja party!

Even we all want a good competitor for Modi Ji so that there happens a healthy political competition and leaders perform good work for the society & INDIA

And you know it very well, who leads your party and public is not a fool who will vote for a Pappu.. You must revisit your party leadership owners !

One more thing, it's been 72 years since independence but seems party and our very own good leaders haven't got free from G family :(

Till you clear the mess & GARA from your party, treat yourself as defeated by default !

Its a bitter truth, accept it and start working on proper measures please..

Now you are left with 2 options. Option 1 is to remove Modi and Option 2 is to make your party strong.

Option 1 is not in your hands as elections do happens and I do vote :) Basically its beyond your control..

Why not to focus on Option 2 then? Think what this nation demands? what the citizens are looking for?

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