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Veer has gone blind in that girl's love.

Now we just have one way left.


You will go in alone? - I am the 'Aadinaagin'.

The most superior 'Aadinaagin'.

Don't forget it.

And don't forget that...

...we are those serpents...

...who have been protecting the serpent clan since ages.

We have always taken the right path.

We have taught everyone a lesson...

...who have wronged their family, clan...

...or a common man.

And I am telling you this just because... remember it.

That our justice is not just reserved for the serpent clan.

We know what we are doing.

And when it comes to revenge, Jay.

A lot of our serpents had died due to those eagles in that age.

Due to that... died in that age.

I was cursed by Lord Shiva.

Then what do you think?

That I will forgive all of them just like that?

Never! Never at all!

Everyone will have to pay for their deeds.

And the wrongs deeds that they are doing even in this age.

They will be punished for the same.

And Veeranshu?

Will he be punished or not?

No. - See! I knew about it.

I knew it that you'll say this. You are in... - There's nothing.

How many times should I tell you this, Jay?

I don't understand what has happened to you.

You are just asking me one question again and again.

Because I'm not getting a right answer.

Why don't you want to kill that Veeranshu?

Because I am a 'Aadinaagin'.

And I don't do injustice to anyone.

Jay, try to understand.

In Satyuga it was written that...

...I will kill Veeranshu which I did.

But the writing of 'Kalyuga' shows me...

...that if we are alive today...

...then it is due to Veeranshu.

Oh! So, it means that you trust that Veeranshu so much? Yes?


I don't trust him but...

...I don't doubt him too for everything.

And you heard it right.

Veeranshu is not a part of my revenge.

The punishment that will be meted out to all these eagles...

...will not be given to Veeranshu.

Bani... - This is my last decision.

I don't want any other questions after this.

Now I am going in.


Have you gone insane? You are doing wrong.

Even after knowing that she is a 'Aadinaagin'.

How can you think about keeping her in this house? - Dad.

This is true that...

...serpents are the arch enemies of eagles.

But even this thing is true and is going on since 'Satyuga'...

...that I have loved Bani...

I mean, I have loved 'Aadinaagin' the most.

That's why I was thinking why was I so attracted... Bani.

Even after knowing this. I mean I was...

...not aware of my past still...

...I was linking my future with her.

Because my relation with Bani was for numerous lifetimes.

It still is. - This is nonsense. There is no relation.

In 'Satyuga' she had killed you. - No, uncle.

This time it didn't happen.

This time I got married.

Even after knowing.

I mean, without even knowing about... past, who is she, who am I, nothing.

I just listened to my heart and she too...

...felt that connection.

Dad, this time...

...the story has been changed.

Just that 'Aadinaag' has to die.

He comes hissing every time, coward!

He is a burden on earth.

Tell me, was he so irritating in 'Satyuga' too?

I don't know.

But if that 'Aadinaagin' is more powerful than him...

...then it might be possible.

She is powerful, dad.

Because she is a 'Aadinaagin.'

She is 'Aadishakti.'

But you are not her Lord Shiva.

And don't try to be one.

Listen to me carefully.

This 'Aadinaagin' can't stay here. Come what may.

Dad, this is her husband's home.

Yes, this is my husband's place, dad. - Don't call me dad.

Don't you dare to do so.

And you. - Oh! - Have you lost your mind?

You are putting everyone's life in danger including you.

Don't forget...

...that she is a 'Aadinaagin', our arch enemy.

She hates us.

No, she doesn't hate me, dad.

Veer. - Yes.

Sweetheart, look I'm getting scolded because of you.

You should've told me earlier that you are an 'Aadinaagin.'

Then, I would've convinced my dad. - Veer. - Oh!

Cool, dad.

Use your brain.

If this arch enemy...

...stay at home...

...then it will be easier to keep a watch on her every move.

Just think about it. Okay? Relax.

Why, am I right?

Oh, dad. You should worry about Ponky...

...and Mayuri's wedding instead of...

...worrying about 'Aadinaagin' and that coward 'Aadinaag.'

'No, now they will know about Mayuri's death.'

I have an amazing idea. Oh!

Double reception. On one side there will be Ponky and Mayuri.

While on the other this handsome, smart eagle...

...and the beautiful 'Aadinaagin.'

But where is Mayuri?


I wonder where did she go. She was dancing here right now.

Then... - Then what?

'Somebody would've seen her leaving.'

Hey, call her once.


She... She must have done something for sure.

She must have kidnapped Mayuri.

Serpent, what did you do with her? - She is a serpent, fool.

Not a genie.


Mayuri! - Mayuri baby.

What are you waiting for? Find her.

Mayuri baby.

Mayuri! - Mayuri!

Who is there?


I wonder where did she go.

What's wrong over here? Where is Mayuri?

Oh! Surprise!

This is shocking. - I know you all will be shocked.

'But I wanted to go, Veer.'

'I am not feeling good at all.'

I couldn't believe it, that Ponky and me...

Baby. I'm here.

'Where are you, baby?'

Hi, Ponky. Please forgive me.

But I want some time to think about all this.

I think we were rushing.

No, baby. You were only adamant on this wedding.

Dear, you can't...

You are running away like this. This is cheating!

'Awe, dear!'

'Please don't cry like a baby.'

'How can someone marry a guy like this?'

Anyway, dear. I am returning to the US to my parents.


Veer, I don't think it's Mayuri.

These 'Aadinaag' and 'Aadinaagin' can take any form.

What if it is them?

I will...

Mayuri, did you tell your... friend that you are leaving?

'Don't you know who I am talking about? Yes?'

'Who is it?'

'Oh, God! Jay doesn't know their names.'

'Of course I do know.'

Dolly, Kinjal, Keerti, Rahul and Kunal.

'Aren't you talking about them?'

'Yes! I'm talking about them.'

Good. Mayuri go and love someone else inside the flight.

Yes. Of course, Veer.

No, dear! No! You know I love you, right?


Dear! What happened? - She hung up!

Very nicely, Poyuri!

Don't cry. You will find another. - Enough of your drama!

Stop this act now!

I don't care if he gets a girl or not. In fact I'm worried...

...about the presence of this 'Aadinaagin' in this house.

She will not live here alone.

Bani, you will never live...

...amongst these cheater eagles!

Jay! - No, Bani!

I can agree with you over everything else...

...but I will not fret from this decision.

Not there, look at me!

I will be where...

...Bani would be.

What did you say? - You heard me.

'Aadinaag' will be where 'Aadinaagin' will be.

For the sake of her protection.

'Oh! This is great.'

'But no one will allow him.'


You, uninvited guest!

You don't need to protect my wife.

I'm there for her. I will... her from all the threats.

All kind of threats.

You! Will you save her?

Who itself is a danger of her?

Bani and me know well about your intentions.

What do you say, Bani? - What, Bani! What are you up to?

Why are you looking at Bani? Talk to me!

You worthless bistro owner!

You will be 'Aadinaag' somewhere else.

I don't care.

This is my house!

Can you see eagle mansion over there?

I will not like to have my...

...wife's lover in... - Will you be quiet?

There's nothing between me and Jay!


I meant to say...

...who are you to give him...

...a name? And Veeranshu Singhania... keep giving lectures over marriage all the time.

You did it by force.

You married me forcibly.

And I will do what I want now.

Jay, you want to live here, right?

Then you will stay here!

What is happening in my house?

And we are there to decide...

...who lives in this house. Who is she?

Actually, dad, I agree with you.

Even I don't want this blood sucker... stay in this house. Because he is the real enemy.

Mine and someone else's too.

Yes, I agree...

...that she doesn't...

...believe me. - Yes, I don't believe you.

Because I trust Jay.

Please do, he is from your tribe.

You should trust him. - I will.

And this is why I hate you.

Because you eagles are our clan's biggest enemies.

We have been their enemies for generations.

We don't intend to do things otherwise.

And do you think an eagle...

...can make a 'Aadinaagin' to marry him...

...and she will fall for it? Never!

It was my decision to marry you.

I wanted to complete my revenge that's why...

...I married you.

And you didn't have any idea.

Veeranshu Singhania, you have no idea that you made a big mistake... marrying me.

And until...

...I don't achieve what I want to...

...until then your life is at stake.

For life. Promise me.

I don't care.

If ones life is not at stake...

...then who will want to live...


You don't trust me...

...or anything, I don't care.

If you trust him...

...then that bothers me.

It bothers me a lot.

I told you, not over there.

Look over here.

Everything is here, Veer Singhania.

Yes, believe me.

Bani, show me my room.

Good night, guys. Happy Navratri.


Okay, Mr. Shukla. Good night.

Veer, what is happening over here?

And how can you tolerate all this?

Bani interfered, dad.

Or else...

Jay. Jay, hold on!

No, Bani. You have fought with me enough today.

Let me do....

You do what you want. But I am confused.

You were the one...

...who disguised as Mayuri and spoke with Veer and Ponky?

And you have also got rid of Mayuri's body, right?

I had to do that.

How could we let them know that we killed someone from their gang?

You are right...

...but when Veer spoke about Mayuri's best friends... do you know about that?

You only know...

...what I told you about Mayuri, right?

I don't remember if I ever...

...told you anything about Mayuri's best friend, or...

...mentioned it. Nothing!

Oh! When I disguised as her the first time...

...I knew them all.

They attended the party.

So, you remember all their names? Everyone's?

Are you...

Which room did you like?


This one. Now Mayuri is not here...

...I will make use of this room.

How do you know that this is Mayuri's room?

Were you spying?

Yes. We do spy.

We keep an eye on everything our enemy does.

But unfortunately you ended up being a fool.

Who didn't know this and got betrayed.


I have full faith in my feelings.

I can never be mistaken.

Shall we go, Bani?


I have some work downstairs.

I'll join you later.

Don't worry about me.

He will carry my luggage.

I will throw you and your luggage out.

We will see. - Yes, we will.

By the way, you are incapable of doing anything.

Will the two of you stop it, please?

You talk a lot. Stop it.

A bistro owner... - Hey! I'm a 'Aadinaag'.

Show me some respect!

Forgive me, cheapskate!

Why are you always so annoyed?

I called your name with respect.

And I didn't even call you a bistro owner.

I called you a cheapskate which you are.

You know about leeches who get stuck anywhere?

Thank God your name is not a leech.

Otherwise, you'd have become a joke.

I can see who's becoming a laughing stock.

Go ahead and see.

And drill into your mind the fact...

...that I love Bani a lot.

Whether Bani is a shape-shifting serpent or a rebel...

...I don't care. I forgive her.

But I won't forgive you.

Remember that. I really hate you.

If you try to do anything in this house...

...or make even a single mistake...

...then you will be...

...done for!

You are a rascal. - Absolutely.

A rascal.

He doesn't understand!

Veer has been blinded by his love for Bani!

He knows that she's a shape-shifting serpent!

Can he not see that?

Still why is he doing this?

And you are just yapping about something else!

You are just chanting Mayuri's name.

What can we do, Balwant?

I don't know. Veer remembers everything now.

He remembers everything.

He remembers about 'Satyuga' that she is a 'Aadinaagin'.

But he is still not doing anything.

He is, in fact, happy.

No matter what happens...

...he won't allow us to kill her.

But I want to kill her.

I want to kill not only Bani but that Jay as well!

I want to kill both of them!

But how will we do it?

Veer will kill us instead.

We have only once choice left.

Markat! - Markat!

We don't have any other choice.

We don't have any choice...

...except asking for Markat's help.

No, uncle! Please!

He is right, Balwant. Balwant, you know... dangerous Markat is.

He is also cruel. Balwant, we are ruling right now.

We have all the power.

But once if Markat... - Then he will rule us.

We will become helpless!

I know that! Do you think I don't know that?

I know everything...

...but what else can we do?

What else can we do?

There must be some other way, uncle. Just think.

Think with a cool head. Please.

How do we find a way out of this? How?

Is anyone here?

Please be by my side, Goddess. Help me... that I can keep my promise.

The story might have changed in this era...

...but the gist remains the same.

Now I believe...

...that I am the only serpent...

...who is living with her enemies...

...without hiding who I am.

Goddess, me, the 'Aadinaagin'... living with these eagles...

...and challenging them.

They know who I am.

What my agenda is.

But in spite of that...

...they will not be able to escape.

They will pay for every sin they've committed.

I will take revenge from them.

Revenge for Noor's death.

I will take revenge of everything harm they did in 'Satyuga'.

They will pay for ever murder they committed in this era.

Everyone will be destroyed!

They will be destroyed.

They will pay.

Please bless me.

Bless me so that...

...I can punish all these eagles.

So that I can kill them all.

Goddess, I want to take revenge.

But I don't want to leave the path of justice.

And I have told Jay as well...

...that I don't trust Veeranshu.

But if he is genuine...

...and has not done anything wrong...

...then he will not pay for what he has not done.

Not everyone in the society is bad.

There are a few who choose the wrong path.

And it is the same with eagles too.

Everyone chose the wrong path but Veer...

'No one will touch Bani!'

'She cannot stay in this house no matter what.'

'Dad this is her in-laws house.'

'There is no need to be scared, I am here.'

'You are safe when you are with me.'

'No one will hurt you...

...I promise you that.'

'For life.'

'Promise me, I don't care.'

But if that was all a facade...

...and Veeranshu is a cheat... the rest of the eagles...

...then he will have to face the brunt... the other eagles.

He will also pay for what he has done.

And it starts from today.

From this instance.

Before doing anything...

...I need to find out...

...what is behind this door.

Who is crying?

Who is it?

Who is inside?

Poisonous serpent!

You will not learn!

How dare you come here?

How did you come here?

This place is not for you.

Get out of here. - Why?

Why? Because there is treasure her.

Our treasure.

Which you have obtained by cheating and lying.

In ever possible wrong manner.

Enough now!

Get out of here.

If you try to come here again...

...then I will ruin you.

Even Veer won't be able to save you.

I was not sure...

...but now I am sure...

...that you are hiding something for sure.

Not only from me.

But from everyone in the house.

Even from Veer.

You find that out.

But leave from here!

'Balwant had an empty plate.'

'And he left from that secret door and...

...I had heard someone cry too.'

'I am sure about that.'

'This means I'm right.'

'I'm sure there is someone behind that closed door.'

'Some alive human being.'

'The one that Balwant is hiding.'

But I will find that person at any cost.

You won't be able to know that ever.

And if you love your life then stop spying or...

Enough of your threats.

I agree that I'm your daughter-in-law...

...but before that, I'm an 'Aadinaagin.'

So, don't you dare to angry me.

Whatever it is.

I have told you not to enter that room and that's final.

Get it?

Bani, please come in. I want to speak to you.

Not at all, you clingy clown.

Bani is going with me.

And I promise you, we will not talk.

We will do many other things.

Will you stop your nonsense?

Hey, I'm talking about sleeping. I am...

...extremely sleepy. Come. Lets go. - You go and sleep.

Will Bani sing a lullaby for you?

Why do you care about what husband and wife do?

First of all, you are unmarried.

And you are interfering in our married life, cheapskate clown.

Hey! Watch your words.

Don't call me by that name.

What should I call you, cheapskate clown?

These kind of names suit you.

We can't call losers... the name of Jay.

The name Veer doesn't suit losers either.

Will you both please be quiet?

Exactly, that's why your name isn't Veer.

You... - Bistro owner.

Aren't you getting it? - Explain it to him!

He needs some sense.

He keeps fighting like a child every now and then.

The thing is you are unable to think of a name for me.

Jealous. That's a good name. Jealous!

Why don't you keep this name then?

Anyway, you get jealous when Bani is with me.

Oh God. - Bani was mine.

And she will always be mine.

She chose my room and my company too.


Good night, children.

Now fight as much as you want.

Do all the nonsense stuff.

And enjoy each other's company. I'm going to sleep now.

Good night. - Bani... Sweetheart...


You will spend your night with mosquitoes now.

Here! Loser.

Just like you were unable to talk to Bani.


Good morning, dad. - Good morning, uncle.

What's for breakfast?

What is all this?

Where are my eggs? - And my chicken.

My food? - What is all this? - Snacks.

The festival of 'Navratri' is there for some days, right?

So, everyone has to eat...

...pure food for some days.

No non-vegetarian food.

Have you lost your mind?

You starve yourself.

But I want my meat.

You will get that after 'Navratri' festival.

I'll get something from the deep freeze right away.

That is useless.

Because I have thrown everything out from there too.

Hey. I'm here.

Hey, did you spend a sleepless night, wifey?

Why? Was she scared of the eagles?


My next plan.

How to seek my revenge?

I was unable to sleep thinking about this.

I'm full.

Good morning, Bani.

Hey, Ponky. Where are you?

You should've been seated here.

Then this cheapskate clown would've had to stand near me.

No fizz at all!

This is the difference between an eagle and a serpent.

I'll go and check on Ponky.

Bani, please pass the juice.

Look, she doesn't wish to eat in your company.

I guess she wants to be in my company and not your.

Perhaps she wants to bring sugar.

In order to get rid of the bitterness of the situation.


No one will follow me.

Just sit and pass the juice.

You cheapskate clown. I will make a juice out of you.

Listen, Ponky. Even I am afraid of Bani...

I mean around that serpent Bani.

I don't know when she will bite me.

Your life is under more threat around her.

Especially after what you did to her best friend.

Hey! What did I do?

You have done everything. It was your idea.

You said, Monil, let us follow Noor.

Yes, I said it. But I just asked to tease her mildly.

But you pounced over her.

And I didn't ask you to do all that.

It was your own idea.

'And I thought Nitin and Harnish did that.'

Fine. I agree that I forced her.

She was sensuous anyway.

Yes, dear! She was indeed sensuous.

Poor girl would be roaming around this house as a ghost.

If she had given in then she would have been alive today.

But, no! She wanted to save her honour.

She wanted to fight you. - That's why she died.

And we had to convince that Shukla's sons to agree...

...that Noor died by their hands.

And they believed it too.

Why would they not believe? They too were involved in it, right?

But now just imagine about Bani.

Think about our sister-in-law, Bani.

If sister-in-law Bani knows about it... - Call her Bani.

Yes! What if Bani knows about whatever we did to her friend?

She will kill us off!

Stop it. Don't scare me now.

I'm going to drink beer.

I have a message for you.

Come if you want. I am leaving!


Monil, please don't leave me alone over here.


What do you expect me to do.

First of all.

Get out of here!

Are you spying on me?

I am drinking my coffee, you silly!

Just get out of here!

Bani, do you...

Who are you?


What is this, Bani?

What are you planning to do disguised as Meera?

I want to kill an eagle.

Oh! Who is it?


Fine, then. But why are you killing him in Meera's appearance?

Because Monil will be afraid on Bani and not Meera.

He knows that Meera is an ordinary woman and not a serpent.

Will you kill him now?

Yes. Because Veeranshu...

...his dad and uncle. All are out.

This is the correct time to kill Monil!


'You said, Monil, let us follow Noor.'

'But you pounced over her. And I didn't ask you do all that.'

'It was your own idea.'

'She was sensuous anyway.'

'If she had given in then...

...she would have been alive today.'


Sensuous! Beautiful!

Sensuous, Meera you.

Hi! - Hi!

Where is Bani?

Bani. Bani, will be in her room.

May I tell you something?

You look great in this dress. I mean... look nice in this dress.

Wait, let me check. - Thank you!

You are most welcome.

By the way, were you listening to something. Are you busy? - No!

Not at all. Tell me, what is it?

Actually, my dress has got dirty. - Where is it?

Here. - Oh, yes!

It is tea stain. I should wash it.

Otherwise it will stay there permanently.

I'll go and... - No, my bathroom is there, right?

You can use it. No issues.

Thank you.


I wanted to show you...

I mean, I wanted to tell you... to open the tap.


I am not that naive.

I know how to use everything.

And I also know...

...that you're not here to help me.

You're here for something else.

And I'm so glad that you came.

I did not know that you...

...were so open-minded.

If I would have stayed introvert like that...

...then I would have remained single. - Correct.

Enjoy your life! - I think...

...I should take a shower.

What say? - Go ahead.

Come with me.

You are very naughty. You are joking with me!


Help me!

Let go of me!

Who will save you today?

Even your sins have...

...become full like this bathtub.

So you will pay for it today.

I will take revenge from you...

...and your entire family!

This is for Noor's murder!

I will take revenge for the crimes against women!

I will make you pay...

...for all your misdeeds today!

This is my revenge for all those things!

This is just the beginning of my revenge!

What happened? Are you trying to turn into an eagle?

You want to turn into an eagle!

But you won't be able to turn into an eagle.

Don't you know...

...that birds die when they enter water?

How will you manage to survive today?

Who will save you?

You will die!

What happened? - Call everyone back.

Right away. - Why?

Bani is going to get caught today.

She will be thrown out of here...

...and Veer won't be able to do anything.

Go. Call everyone back.

This sound...

What is this sound?

Who is panting? Who is crying?

Where is this sound coming from?

At last I have entered the secret chamber inside the treasure room.

And my guess was right!

Someone is being held captive here!

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