Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SO ARIANA GRANDE-ING IS A THING

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Hey guys, what's up? It's Ryan and welcome to HelloxRyan, that's what you're watching cool

Hey hi everyone

What's up?

So Ariana Grande-ing is a thing - Oh Wow - first of all I don't know if I pronounced that right let me explain

So if you're not aware this tweet surfaced into the world

It was birthed into the great thing that is the internet and oh my god

Oh, my this tweet is so iconic because I feel like most of us have listened to ariana grande's album. We enjoyed it

It's a bop, but none of us ever commented on the fact that the way. She's sitting on the stool is so

Skillful like I know that hand on her face makes her look like soft angel of the Lord

But like what is going on with her legs like she's literally about to fall off someone help her

It's just like not normal so then this guy the guy was like alright. Imma try it and I mean

I just chuckle so hard at this so now. I am going to attempt to ariana grande. Is that a verb?

I'm gonna attempt to become ariana grande. I don't know

So yeah, I'm just gonna try to recreate her iconic album art alrighty. Let's do this

I have my stool, and I have my reference photo of how I'm gonna

Just try to recreate this iconic moment okay, so her left hand is like holding her head up. I don't know like a little baby

Okay, so somehow. I'm supposed to get my legs up on the stool and balance

I don't know is she sitting on her knees or I don't I have so many questions to ask ariana grande

Okay, here we go. I'm just gonna. I guess we're just gonna go for it. I guess we can oh

Okay, step one. I gotta be able to just sit on the stool without falling

okay, so I got to get my legs in in this position and

I am an egg, I am a dinosaur offspring. problem is

Is that my butt and my knees can't fit on the stool because it's so small

So I'm gonna have to pick one my knees are my butt

I don't know. She's sitting like this and then how does how did she get it? I can't get my leg up here oh


All right, okay, okay? Okay? Let's let's start with this, and then we'll see there's no room

I can't my butt is gonna fall like there's my butt is off the stool like there's no room for

No room and see if I don't put my knees down, then I'm just left with some like floating legs

I am just not okay, okay. We'll try it again, okay

I think I can get my right cheek plus my right knee to get a nice algorithm going. Okay, okay?

I kind of look like a baby deer that doesn't know what's going on

But we're close okay now that we're here grab my foot oh

No, oh okay, I got it for like four seconds, can we freeze-frame now?

I mean

I guess I did it like I'm confused like could she stay in that position for more than like four seconds because I don't know

If I could like who sits on their stool like this not me See if I had album art

I would do something more realistic. I would do something more like this. I would just chill I would just chill on

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