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He was killed because he did not look like a German.

Basically, I am being associated with Combat 18.

Evidence has been destroyed on the part of

the Domestic Intelligence, files have been shredded.

I came straight here and thought to myself,

"shit, this is basically an attack on me.

They used to have jumping boots, skinheads, bomber jackets,

but today they wear ties and sit in the parliament.

This is the second crime scene.

He walked here around the corner.

Then he goes into the kiosk

and kills my brother, Mercedes and Ferhat.

And then he runs into the Arena Bar and shoots everyone.

Nine people within twelve minutes.

The killing of nine people in Hanau, central Germany,

was one of the worst far-right attacks in recent years,

but it wasn't the only one.

Synagogues have been attacked, politicians assassinated,

and today, there are weekly press reports

of neo-Nazi cells in the police and military.

And the government says extreme-right terror

is the number-one-threat to Germany.

Right now we are at a point

where the insecurity has become very strong

and many are thinking about moving away.

Over the years, Nazi structures

have become stronger and stronger.

We are noticing it also, with the strengthening of the AfD.

The AfD, or Alternative fr Deutschland

is Germany's third largest political party.

They are openly anti-migrant and, since they were founded in 2013,

figures show that numbers involved in extreme-right groups

grew by more than a third, and far-right hate crimes doubled,

peaking at 27 every day in 2016,

and have remained higher than the pre-AfD levels.

One of the most notorious AfD politicians, Bjrn Hcke,

is known for paraphrasing Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels,

and can legally be described as a fascist,

according to German courts.

We dont need you here.

The Africanisation of Europe will not help Africa.

And thats why you wont find a home

in Europe, Germany or Brandenburg.

No Way!

It is a network of the extreme-right.

From the streets, to the authorities, to the parliaments.

This fascist network has been working away under the surface.

Germany has overslept, it is already too late.

Dozens of organisations form this fascist network.

They regularly meet at concerts and events like this one,

which are used to raise money for organisations

linked to the music scene.

Musicians sing their support for groups like Combat 18

and Blood & Honour who, aside from concerts,

have been involved in attacks and extreme violence,

including bombings and shootings around Europe.

Basically, I am being associated with Combat 18.

You know, Combat 18 was founded in the orbit of Blood & Honour.

And, many bands that are musically active or have been active

are part of Blood & Honour,

and I know many musicians because I'm a music producer.

Thorsten Heise styles himself as a music producer,

but in reality is someone who, for decades,

has been at the centre of Germanys neo-Nazi network,

and has been organising concerts and selling CDs to raise money

for extreme-right organisations.

He also has a long rap sheet

including assaults and weapons charges.

I'm not one to shy away when Im attacked, as I mentioned before,

I wont turn the other cheek, I am an active person in this case.

In addition to organising the Schild und Schwert or 'SS' festival,

held on Adolf Hitler's birthday,

Heise was involved in another festival in 2017

where the crowd was filmed doing Nazi salutes and shouting "heil",

while the police looked on.

The fact that today we are dealing with a new right-wing extremism

and fascism is closely related

to this atmosphere that's being created.

The attacks on politicians are one thing, they have increased,

but we must not forget that there is also an increased incidence

of attacks against migrants.

Not a hundred metres from my parents' house a car was on fire again.

I came straight here and thought to myself,

shit, this is basically an attack on me.

I am already a specialist for this.

That means that they put the barbeque lighter on here,

this tyre is completely burned out and the fire spread from here.

Thats how we know it was a Nazi.

Kocak has recorded more than a dozen cars burnt

in the same way in recent years, including his own car in 2018,

which he and a government anti-Nazi watchdog

believe to be the work of a local extreme-right group.

Attacks on migrant shelters by the far-right, including arson,

saw a huge rise across the country after 2014.

Nothing happens.

The attacks in the south of Neuklln

have not been solved for more than eleven years.

But to understand the origin of this police inaction, we must go back

to the period after the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification.

While the elites in Berlin talked about unity and hope,

Germany's migrants were targets for a reunified far-right.

The big wave of attacks that we have

at the beginning of the '90s, '91, '92, Rostock-Lichtenhagen

takes place exactly in this phase.

Where a militant extreme-right is organising.

The most violent of these attacks was in Rostock,

when known figures in the neo-Nazi network

firebombed a migrant hostel.

Making the Nazi salute sieg heil,

the rioters set fire to the shelter and then attacked police.

We tried to intervene by any means,

we took to the streets and stood up to the Nazis.

One of the leading anti-fascists of this period

would only speak to us anonymously,

due to the ongoing threat to his safety.

This baseball bat is a trophy from a fight with skinheads

from the Free German Workers Party or FAP,

who were a key group in the extreme-right network at this time.

This baseball bat was from a fight in Gttingen in front of the Juzi,

back in the 80s, taken from the FAP skinheads.

They carved into it: Skinhead Power, FAP Power.

That was the crew around Thorsten Heise, Jrg Latzkowiak and so on.

Thorsten Heise was known as a leading member of the FAP

but denied being at the Rostock riots.

However, press reports from the 1990s show that Heise

was active in this wave of far-right attacks:

leading a gang of 100 skinheads to attack a youth centre

in Gttingen in 1990,

and also trying to run-over a Lebanese migrant with a truck.

And the authorities did very little

to stop this series of far-right attacks.

If we take Rostock-Lichtenhagen one can observe, in that case,

that state institutions including the police did not intervene,

they did not protect citizens but let the Nazi-mob do as they liked.

And that was for sure understood as a legitimation,

if not an invitation, to continue like that.

Police inaction against far-right violence has continued to this day,

and continues to legitimise far-right attacks.

During my speech here, probably somewhere in Germany

the next racist attack is being planned.

And authorities will register it, but will do nothing again.

He bought the murder weapon on the internet.

How is it possible that a racist like this could buy a weapon?

etin and the other Hanau victims' families

have set up this social centre to pressure the state

to ban far-right organisations and stop the terrorists

before it's too late,

as with the Hanau killer Tobias Rathjen.

Of course he didn't do it alone. You can't do that alone.

There is no punishment for being a racist.

You can be a racist today without fear.

Racism kills,

and he has done what racism demands

and that is why we want to disarm all racists in this country.

There are still hundreds of Tobias'.

And what are they going to do about it?

Except to keep telling us and making us afraid, but do nothing?

I have lost confidence in the police for a long time.

What shocks me again and again is that Nazis can terrorise people

and carry out their attacks with ease

and apparently the police are powerless.

I think that it is time to talk about the deep state in Germany,

about the deep right-wing state within the state.

You only have to look at the police or the security authorities.

They have a life of their own.

In recent decades, Germany has seen numerous deep-state cover-ups

of far-right terror, including neo-Nazi murders.

This video shows intelligence agent Andreas Temme

inside an internet cafe, re-enacting his movements for police

after they discovered he was present at the cafe

when a Turkish man was shot execution-style,

but covered-up his knowledge of the attack.

The police took no action against Temme, even after it was revealed

that the murderers were a group of notorious neo-Nazis

called the National Socialist Underground or NSU.

The NSU is, until today, the most brutal expression

of right-wing terrorism in the Federal Republic,

based on what we know so far.

Ten murders, two bomb attacks, a series of robberies.

The ringleaders of the NSU terrorists were uncovered in 2011,

after more than ten years 'underground',

and were all neo-Nazis known to the state.

The court case of the surviving member of the trio, Beate Zschpe,

revealed a wider network involved in the killings,

but documents detailing the state's role

were dismissed by the courts and hidden from public record.

The NSU files are kept secret for 120 years,

this is of course completely crazy.

But one must also say that evidence has been destroyed

on the part of the Domestic Intelligence,

files have been shredded,

and statements have been refused

for investigating committees all the time.

However, court documents reveal evidence

of the state's role in paying informants close to the trio,

and the involvement of other key figures in the neo-Nazi network.

The NSU for sure the absolute tip of an iceberg not ending there.

Nine accused people who have been declared

as supporters of the hard core trio,

but also a broader supporting environment

that was mainly structured by the network of Blood & Honour.

Thorsten Heise, for example,

is a central figure within these Blood & Honour structures.

You know, hearing the name NSU

creates a big question mark in my head.

Every second person was an informer for some commission.

And how long have they been underground?

Ten, twelve years? Seems strange to me.

Heise is attempting to distance himself from the NSU killers

by parroting a neo-Nazi conspiracy

that the killings were invented by German intelligence,

but the documents reveal his involvement.

In 1999 he was in contact with an informant

for Domestic Intelligence,

a close friend of the killers named Tino Brandt,

to whom Heise confirmed he could help the trio

find a safe address abroad" before their first killing.

The example of Tino Brandt,

he has been active there as an undercover informant for many years,

being provided six-digit amounts by the Domestic Intelligence Service,

which he put back in to the scene according to his own statements.

I have been in contact with Tino Brandt, yes,

we met from time to time.

Which kind of ignorant person

and bad leader of nationalist movement would I be

if I did not take the chance of talking to a top informer

of the Domestic Intelligence Service in Thuringia?

Now identifying himself as a 'fhrer of the nationalist movement',

and considering his links to Domestic Intelligence informants

and the NSU, Heise is clearly not the music producer

he claimed to be at first.

And the documents reveal his links go even deeper,

including details of a secretly recorded conversation

in which Heise and Brandt mention by name all of the NSU killers,

long before the names had gone public.

Why does this matter?

Police confiscated this tape in 2007, so it was not only Heise

that knew about the NSU before the public found out in 2011,

it was also the investigators who took the tape

and Domestic Intelligence through Brandt.

So did the intelligence services make the decision

to keep their informant

instead of stopping these murders much earlier,

perhaps altogether?

The Domestic Intelligence Office for sure did have co-responsibility

for the stabilisation of the Nazi scene.

Domestic Intelligence basically had so many informants

in Nazi organisations that one no longer knew who were the Nazis

and what was the state itself.

This is a thread running through the history

of attacks in West Germany.

The history of extreme-right violence being covered-up

at every level of the German state goes right back

to the creation of West Germany.

Shortly after World War 2,

the CIA created the first West German intelligence agency,

and not only did the Americans install

a former Nazi intelligence general as head of the agency,

they also named it after him: The Gehlen Organisation.

Reinhard Gehlen was a general of the Nazi Armed Forces,

and he was of course, like many from the Nazi era,

a made anti-Communist.

Declassified CIA files show Gehlen had doubts about a Nazi victory

as early as 1942, and by Spring 1944 he made the decision

to side with the West and work for the Americans.

Despite being a Third Reich general, they believed Gehlen

to be an ideal partner due to his: "hatred for Communism."

But who: "Unfortunately,

is sometimes taken in by

variations of fascism".

In retrospect one can see

that this anti-Communism played out in such a way

that it prevented a break with historic fascism.

Under the supervision of the allies, Nazi politicians,

generals and judges - who played a role in the extermination

of six million Jews - started to be incorporated

into the new West German state.

By 1957, three quarters of the judiciary

were from the Third Reich.

Bundestag documents show that a total of 25 cabinet ministers,

one president, and one chancellor were former Nazis,

as were many politicians of the CDU and SPD -

who are currently ruling Germany.

There has been no de facto denazification in the institutions

of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Of course, war criminals have been sentenced to death

but many were acquitted

by the denazification commission of that time.

By the mid-1960s, it was clear denazification had been a failure.

In this climate, where Nazi-era judges,

generals and politicians still held senior positions,

a new neo-Nazi party was formed in 1964,

the National Democratic Party or NPD.

The party which Thorsten Heise is vice-chairman of today.

Blossom, German fatherland!

It is important that we finally push for denazification

of the state apparatus.

In this section behind me,

the police computers here have sent death threats as NSU 2.0 directly

from the police station to affected people.

Investigations showed that these 'NSU 2.0' death threats

actually came from police officers,

claiming to be the next generation of NSU killers.

Threats were emailed to leftist politicians,

migrant-origin lawyers and more.

Nazis have established themselves in state structures.

For example the military where scandals have uncovered,

again and again, connections to Nazis.

The police, connections to neo-Nazis.

Intelligence figures from 2020 show that up to 320 cases

of far-right extremism within the German state

are being investigated, including:

A regional interior minister,

who bought a gun from an extreme-right group;

Army sergeant major found with weapons cache

and Nazi paraphernalia at home;

61KG of explosives and 48,000 rounds of ammunition

missing after special forces unit disbanded for links to far-right;

and, head of Domestic Intelligence sacked

after refusing to acknowledge far-right violence.

They used to have jumping boots, skinheads, bomber jackets,

but today they wear ties and sit in the parliament.

Today they are doctors, judges, they are everywhere, policemen.

Everything is connected to each other.

Hanau is not an isolated case.

Before Hanau we had Halle, before that we had Kassel.

It is a chain.

The killing of the district president of Kassel in central Germany

is being treated as a politically motivated terror attack.

It's understood he had been receiving death threats

in connection to his pro-migrant stance.

The assassination of politician Walter Lbcke in 2019,

is a brutal reminder of how this chain connects far-right terror,

the state apparatus, and the neo-Nazi network.

Stephan Ernst, the alleged killer,

is said to have had an official relationship

with Andreas Temme of Domestic Intelligence -

according to the Hessian interior minister -

and also a ten year relationship with the self-described

'leader of the nationalists' Thorsten Heise, through the NPD party,

as revealed by Domestic Intelligence files.

Im a member of the NPD only since 2004,

thats Hessen as well, hes from Kassel, which I read in the media,

and I think I dont know him personally.

Not only have journalists uncovered links between Stephan Ernst

and Thorsten Heise but also a link between Ernst

and terror group Combat 18.

A video threatening the journalist who exposed the link to Ernst

was later released by Combat 18.

Anti-fascist website Exif

say the man in the video is Robin Schmiemann,

who they believe is a key figure in Combat 18 Germany.

Schmiemann is also a central figure in the network,

a friend and pen-pal of NSU killer Beate Zschpe,

Exif say he is also close to Thorsten Heise,

for whom Schmiemann does concert security.

Considering Stephan Ernst's links to terrorist groups,

Domestic Intelligence and key players in the network,

the state must have been aware of him,

and yet he was able to plan

and carry out the murder of a politician without interference.

Despite the circle of perpetrators being known, nothing happens.

For nine years the NSU was able to continue killing,

exactly because they did not investigate the right.

But do we need such an act of terror, like in Hanau,

so that we finally wake-up the politicians

and the security authorities and do something about it.

Why don't they do something?

If you do not abolish the secret service

then it remains that you have secret institutions,

which are ultimately part of these neo-fascist organisations

through their informants.

My brother was a very good person.

He helped everyone.

I mean, the whole of Hanau knows my brother.

Everyone knew him as Gogo.

He was killed because he did not look like a German,

because he had black hair.

For remembrance, for justice, for:

The Description of The Enemy Within: Neo-Nazis & The German State