Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Part 1 • Paraview Hilversum • Omata's SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTERS

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Nice is not it? It's really nice, it should be.

To help the people.

It is also important give love to anyone.

If your love is great, than the people received you love.

That is the most important.

Yes, and to be honest with the people.

It's not about the money, it's going to help the people.

But how many people do you talk with on such a day?

Today is quiet but usually it is about 20 people per day.

Sometimes more.

Sometimes even 40 people in two days.

Is it tiring?

Yes, but you must ensure that you very good breakfast.

A good breakfast and drink plenty of water is very important.

When you're done you should keep the cards in your hands.

You may wish three I do not hear it.

And make four piles.

Which stack should I open for you?

Thank You.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.

The last eleven years have been very intense, until now.

But the worst is over now.

Between now and eleven months, there will be a positive change in your life.

What you want, what you want, will succeed.

And here, is that you?

You are a very wise woman.

You are loved by people here on earth and by the children.

You are very spiritual.

You're a little skeptical, that goes with it.

The clock is ticking now, the clock wait to bring happiness to you.

The energy of the moon is very important for you,

the moon also cost energy to you.

But also brings energy to you.

Nice is not it? Beautiful cards for her. Really nice.

She is loved by the people in the world.

Therefore I want to give her love because she needs it.

The question is, I'm on the right track.

He is going to be waged. Yes.

He moves well my hand.

If you look what hand line experts see. This is this the so-called hearth line.

This is the main line. Then you will see a cross. That cross means, the mystical cross.

And that indicates that there is the gift of psychic ability.

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