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Hello Host family!

My name is Mustika, just call me Muz, I'm 21 years old from Bogor, Indonesia.

I made this video to make you get to know more about me

So here it is!

My family

This is my Dad, Eddy, He is an Engineer

This is my Mom, Euis, She is a teacher in High School

This is my Sister, Carissa, She's still in middle school

And this is me

I graduated from University in Indonesia

And i have a lot of interest to work with children

This is us

And this is me with my friends

And i love to hangout with them

I love cooking

I like to cook for my family in every weekend

And prepare for my sister's lunch box almost everyday

And i love to decorate my meal

to make it look cuter

Besides cooking, i also like crafting

And travelling to cool places in Indonesia or another countries

I used to being around kids and i really love to play with them


Meet new people

Travel, living and study abroad also sharing cultures

Are very interesting for me

So that's why i want to be an au pair


your Au Pair!

My family running a kindergarten since 1989

In 2017, we have 40 students

Since in High School, i used to help the teacher to teaching and playing with students

This is Aisya

She is the daughter of my neighbor

Her parents often very busy with work

and they trust me to take care of her

I usually came to see her 3 times a week

I'm babysitting her from 7 months ago

And we do a lot of fun things

From play with bubbles, balloons, read some fables, cooking, crafting and many more

And that's why i'm very confident to be an Au Pair

And i can't wait to play with your children too

I have driving license since 2013

And i can drive both Manual or Automatic

I hope you enjoy my video

can't wait to hear from you!

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