Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nan&HongYok AF10, Week8 D6 -- NHY&Tangmo: Let's make up!

Difficulty: 0

Nan: Look at my face, I feel like I shouldn't get up yet.

Do you know how long should I warm the spaghetti? Hongyok: It smells like it is burned.

Nan: Forget to press "stop" button. Hongyok: Which type of spaghetti? Will you have it since the early morning?

Nan: Because it's delicious. I won't have it then.

Hongyok: Have it! Nan: Hmm...that's great!

Nan: I don't think it's already done. I press "8". Actually, it'd be "9",

Hongyok: Was it already timed when you set? Nan: Not yet. It may have .. Hongyok: Why did you stop it?

Nan: Cos you said it'll get burned Hongyok: Cos I smell it.

Nan: Let's make up. Hongyok: What's on your face?

Nan: Let's make up. Hongyok: I'm not angry with

Nan: Ohooo.... Hongyok: Not angry really Nan: Your face couldn't hide it Hongyok: Not angry. Well, my face was

Nan: Mo, do you know when I had massage last night, listen story from my part.

Tangmo: Could you tear it for me? Nan: I asked Toey to do massage for me. So Toey massaged me at the sofa.

Then this girl came out of nowhere and did this to me. Like you're sore here and she did this Tangmo: Oii..that's hurt.

Nan: Oops...sorry Tangmo: I'm still hurt. That's enough.

Nan: Then she kept doing like this non-stop. With her legs and hands...on me. I feel very painful

Tangmo: Why did you do like that, Hongyok? Hongyok: I teased her. Want to tell her to put on medicine. Nan: So I turned around and said "Are you funny?".

Nan: Kind of shouting at her...then she cried.

Nan: I'm guilty. Guilty of it. Tangmo: You played very non-sense. If I were her, I would scold at you.

Tangmo: That's very childish. Very childish. Nan: That's hurt. Really really painful.

Tangmo: Like your legs hurt so much that you couldn't get up, and someone jumped on you.

Nan: Last night she even did like this.

Nan: So painful. Tangmo: You're still lucky. Nan: Feel very tight.

Hongyok: After I did that, I felt guilty as well. Tangmo: Don't need to feel guilty, cos you are guilty.

Nan: (chuckle) Tangmo: That's the end.

Tangmo: I'm very neutral on this.Very neutral indeed. Nan: Love Mo so much. Group O (blood type) is the most cuteness one!

Tangmo: Everyone will tell you the way you played is so childish. Very childish.

Nan: Ah...What? Nan: I'm fine, can't feel any pain now.

Nan: Who said their legs hurt? No! Feel so comfortable when changing posture, right?

Nan: Is it done now? Hongyok: Wait a sec

Nan: (Singing "Kreng Jai", guys' medley song for this week)

Nan: Don't you want any breakfast? Belle: No, I don't want Nan: Wow......such an eagerness (to lose weight)

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