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Those extra sags and vetted bags around your eyes can affect how you look and

feel as well as what your eyes see. Yeah there's a new procedure though that

promises to make that puffiness go away. Finally, Dr. Jo tonight's here with how

it's gonna work. Well that's right Mark. In some instances yes here in Florida,

the sunshine can accelerate the normal aging process.

Ultraviolet light damages elastic and collagen fibers. It's the glue that helps

keep our skin tight. While creams and non-invasive treatments can help reverse

early changes, some patients need surgery to fix the problem. 61 year old Pam

Tucker says over the past 10 years the droop in her eyelids kept getting worse.

But I noticed that I when I was reading at night, I would hold my eye open with

my hand. To hide it, she even wore sunglasses in her Facebook picture. And I

started noticing that every time I had a picture, if I smiled my eyes were shut.

Then Pam noticed a suspicious spot beneath her left eye. It wasn't skin

cancer at least not yet. But even more noticeable were the bags

under her eyes. And what you hate is somebody to come up and say well you

look tired and you're not. And all of this is really severe sun damage. Those puffy

areas are called festoons. Ophthalmologist, Dr. Adam Scheiner,

specializes in correcting problems like Pam's. I know the way that the

subconscious brain sees the face. And I think about that and so I want to put

this in areas that that match very naturally for her. The process begins

with surgery to remove excess tissue on the upper lids. These purple bruises are

from the procedure. The next step is to flatten the festoons. And all this loose

tissue here almost like a little bit of water

underneath the tissue here. Dr. Scheiner uses a laser basically removing the top

layer of skin. What I'm doing now is I'm putting extra energy into the laser to

tighten the skin. He then adjusts the lasers heat until the festoon disappears.

Remember how loose this was and now when I move this, this is really tight.

It'll take Pam's skin two or three weeks to heal. About a month later. I can't

believe they're gone. I still look at myself in the mirror and I mean I'm

amazed that it's my skin . Remember here's what Pam looked like before and here's

her after. But Pam's noticed something else. First thing is when I first drove a

car, I didn't realize how my upper lids had covered my vision. And I mean the

light was everywhere. I could just see so well. She also says the procedure is giving

her peace of mind. The first thing I felt for was this lesion I had here and

before I could even see it, I put my hand up there and it was gone . And I was



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