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Aruba is a tale of two sides.

This caribbean island sits in the direct path of the trade wind. Over 300 days a year it

is buffeted by wind, and waves, from the east. The east coast takes the brunt of the punishment,

while the west coast is sheltered.

Not surprisingly, the sheltered west coast is where you find the hotels, and where visitors

to Aruba flock. Its easy, safe, convenient, the water is calm, and the activities are

laid on.

This fisherman's huts, on the west coast, is where kiting is taught in Aruba.

The best part of this spot is the amount of wind. Only a handful of spots on the entire

planet, have this many hours of wind, which gives you the best shot at completing a kitesurf


And walking distance from the main hotels, are a couple of experienced schools, with

boats, radios, and new kite gear.

The downside of the spot is the off-shore wind. Because the wind passes over the tip

of the island, it becomes gusty. This means that learning to ride here takes longer, as

you need to develop excellent kite control and safety understanding before getting on

the board.

For experienced kiters, looking for gust-free practice, you need to look along the east


Now, most of the east coast is a rocky jumble. But right at the far south of the island,

is a yawning mouth of sand. Boca Grandi beach.

Its about an hour from the hotels, and youll need a decent car to get here. But

if youre looking for a place to practice, its well worth the trip.

At 12 degrees latitude, and with open ocean to the East, Aruba is perfectly placed to

receive the trade winds.

These winds blow between 15 and 22 knots from the East, and often wont change for months.

The most likely time for the wind to stop, is in Autumn. When warm ocean temperatures

fuel tropical storms hundreds of miles away. These storms dont hit Aruba, but they can

block the trade winds for a few days or even weeks.

If youre looking for a spot, where you can get lots of kiting experience, or you

need to entertain non-kiting friends or family, then you should consider Aruba and the surrounding


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