Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mom Eating KFC Chicken & Burger For First Time | Diwali Shopping at Salem | Family Outing Vlog - 1

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Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman

It's a normal vlog. we are going for Diwali shopping

mom asked me for a shopping so we are going to Salem for shopping

i wish you guys also want to travel with us. Come on guys! Let's Go!

Mom are you ready? can we go?

Mom: yes

We reached Shevapet, Salem

Kums: escaped from traffic jam

Sabari: yes, we escaped from traffic jam and reached Shevapet

why we came here means, to buy vessels and groceries for mom's new channel - Mrs.Saapattu Raman

Sabari: What is this mom?

Mom: Measurement cup for ingredients

Sabari: ohh i see

Mom: is this Good

Sabari: Give it to me

Sabari: yes it is good mom

Mom: Dear, Is this good for video? Because it is tiny and cute

Sabari: yes mom it is cute

Sabari: Can we buy this?

Mom: yes

Sabari: See the traffic because of Diwali shopping

we are moving inch by inch

first we done vessels shopping

finally we came for cloth shopping

Let's see how mom will select the cloths

Kums: Bro, if we too get like this it will nice for video.

Beating sound

Sabari: why you beat me?

Mom: see the packet size

Sabari: pick big size packet shirt

Kums: this is big one

Mom: Take your mobile out

Laughing for mom's words

Sabari: then try it with mobile

yes it is perfect

Kums: bro and mom waiting for billing section

Sabari: we done shopping

Sabari: they ask me to get gift, let's see what they are going to give.

Sabari: we done shopping for us

we are super tired

they are going to buy sarees

we feel hungry so we said to mom we will buy something for eat

so we planned to buy burger for mom

mom didn't ate burger before, let's see her reaction

let's go

how long do we need to wait?

Kums: do no, they will call by token number

our's is 1578

Sabari: why mom you so dull?

Mom: after shopping i feel hungry but you asked me to wait, that's why

Sabari: don't worry mom i brought food for you

we brought KFC for you because you never tasted before na that's why

try it once mom

Kums: wait, there is a tape

Sabari: remove that and give it too mom

Cousin Sister: sabari, there is no spicy

Mom: guys give me bread?

Sabari: mom wait

that's it

catch it like this

take it out first

i didn't know how to take it out

use your both hands

leave that box

it's time to eat

tell me how it is?

Kums: mom don't know where to start

Sabari: how is it?

Sabari: i think you don't feel anything because you are hungry right?

What is that white thing?

kums: mom doing research in burger

Kums: bite it well

Sabari: i thing still you are feeling hungry

Mom: i feel it is good and i feel it is not good(funny way)

There is no spicy in it

Sabari: better you eat chinthamani chicken mom, that give more spicy

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