Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Just Freerun - Gedanken eines Freerunners

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My name is Maik Müller, I am 22 years old, at the moment I am living in Kiel and I am a Freerunner.

Freerunning means to play with your and envoirment for example to jump over obstacles, with tricks in the best case, free movement in every way.

Freerunning for me is passion, it is live, it is hapiness, but it is also sadness if something do not work as i expacted.

If I am feared of doing something or maybe to blush myself infront of other people or be introvated than i got nothing out of this situation. It dose not mather what other people thinks about me. It never gave me something to behave like people want it to.

The important thing is to feel totaly free, to open your mind your whole live. You do not have to hide yourself, for nothing.

The important thing is to feel totaly free, to open your mind your entire life. You do not have to hide yourself, for nothing.

You always have to trust in yourself, than you succeed in everything. If you have only 1% doubts than it went to a possiblity for me.

I maybe can succeed but my doubts steals me the trust in myself. If you realy convinced of something you will work out. That influenced me just from my sport to my attitude to life.

Fun has something to do with creativity and inspiration. If you accept this challange to jump over this bank in different ways and if you try different styles, than your progression of creativity growes as well.

To become adult means to looses the ability of playing. To move free and to find fun and happiness in the small things of life.

Freerunning gives me this ability back in every moment, in all the small things i do. In every little jump is one more happy expirience.

We are in the sports hall in Kiel. This is Phillipp my practise partner from the teamJust Freerun.“

The hall is used to be to try out some things, to learn new moves to do this new moves outdoor with more consistence.

It is not only jumping and fooling around. You always have to concentrate yourself 100%. You can not just start without beeing concentrated.

It is my aim to inspire other people and myself to be creative and everything is possibile if you realy want it. Be a part of everything. Go out and live.

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