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Alina Dadelus

The Wife's secret

Episode 33

Elder brother

You busy?

Is there anything?

Have you heard of Old Mike?

The famous Mike Tang?

Right, him

He is the big brother in this industry

No matter it's domestic or international

If we can be some partner with him

It will definitely help us

He is so famous

Will he see us?

Nothing is impossible

Only if you find the chance or not

Call this number

Actually, we had some business with him

But he doesn't know us two brothers

He knows our dad

So when you see him

Tell him, you're Li Dachuan's son

He will see you

So this time you have another purpose in Shanghai

What's that?

You know what?

Now the most professional doctor

Who treats autism is in Shanghai


Lily loves Yunduo so much

She will definitely go there

I know you miss Lily a lot

Some people shoot this days ago in Shanghai

See if you have the fortune to find her

- Morning -Morning

Let's warm up

Then go running, okay?

Do it with me, twist your waist

You don't have to run with us everyday

The villagers here are so nice

And I know the route

It's okay

I'm free anyway

We go running together, it won't be boring

I have you two running with me, that's great

But we need to stick with it

So it will help Yunduo gets better

See, the air is so fresh

Consider this as our bonus here

Come on, you ready?

If you're ready, let's set off

Okay, let's begin

Come on

Let's go

I can't run anymore, take a break

Okay, let's take a break

Let's go


Do you get used to the life here?


The kids are quite obedient

Here is different from the city life

Now people can't live without cell phone and network

But here, communication is poor

You can live with that?

Why you're talking like you're an old man?

Right, old mind with young age

You know what? Since I'm a child


Morning, teacher Lily

Why you come here?


What for?

What's it to you

I have legs, I can run when I want to

Don't always mess with teacher Lily, will you?


Teacher Lily

I will go running with you

You should go back to school

You're too thin for this

I'm too thin for this?


Let's see if you can win me

Want a contest?

- Come on -Come on

- Now? -Now

Go, run

What? Run!


Oh, no, let's go

Otherwise, we'll be late for class. Let's go


Come, gather up

Come here, come here

I will go shopping in the town

Do you want me to get something for you?

Teacher, teacher

I want a triangle ruler


Teacher Lily

I want a two-color pen

My cousin has one, so amazing

Okay, no problem

I want a doll

I want a toy

Okay, I get it, I get it

Go and have fun


We will have new toys!

Shanwa, do you want anything?

No, I don't want anything

Shanwa is always so happy

Recently, why he is so weird?

Shanwa is also a poor kid

Why you said that?

Because his parents are all dead

But he doesn't know it yet

They died in a mine accident

But his uncle is afraid it will hurt him

So he didn't tell him

So Shanwa thought his parents abandoned him

I see

It's part of my fault

I haven't found a way to tell Shanwa

I could break his heart

You know

These unhappy childhood

can effect their future life a lot

But we can't let things go on like this

We must find a way

Why don't you find a solution for me?

Woman are more sensitive

Maybe he will listen to you

President Li, you want to see me?

Where's that phone?

Send Minglang a message

What are you gonna do?

I said send him a message

Why do you have so many questions?

Why you're so nervous

Minglang has just showed up, you're worried?

His mind isn't on the business

You know that

Why you know him so well?

Besides, don't forget mom

Send it

Send what?

Minglang, I have found the best doctor for Yunduo

I hope everything is alright with you

Don't worry about us

- Hello -Hello, brother

I'll set off to Shanghai right away

Don't tell mom

I will call you when I got there. Okay

Lily is in Shanghai?

When Minglang got back

You will see

President Li, that's all I want to say

Okay, thank you

President Qian's report is very good

Any questions?

If there's nothing

I have an announcement to make

President Li Minglang has applied to leave

for some personal issues

If anyone has any questions

You can report it to me

Okay, meeting is over today

What do you want to do to him?

What do I want to do to him?

It's for his own good

So he can grow up

Zhuangqi, you can start now

Lily, Lily

Yuxuan, what's that?

Yunduo sleep yet?

Just fall asleep

Right, this is wormwood

Put it on your window

It will keep the mosquito away


Thank you

Where did you get this?

I want put some in our classroom

I have already did that

Right, and this is mothproof ointment

It's very effective

People here all use this

Just put some on your skin

Keep this Just put some on your skin

Keep this

Thank you

Where do you find these things?

Don't tell anyone

Actually, I steal it from some villager's house


Go the give it back

I'm joking

Even I say I'm a thief

You'll buy that?

I'll believe whatever you say


If I tell you I'm...

Yuxuan, we'll wake her up

It's late, you should go back

You sleep early

Thank you

Excuse me

Have you seen them?

Sorry, I didn't see them

Thank you

Hi, please check it out

If there's an adult called Jiang Lily

With a child called Yunduo come

Okay, I'll look it up

Thank you

Jiang Lily

No Jiang Lily

No Yunduo

No record of them

- Thank you- You're welcome

Teacher Lily

Teacher Lily

Teacher Lily


Li...teacher Lily

Who is that?

I'm Digua

What's wrong?

I saw you worked very hard

Yunduo also studied very hard

So I brought you something good to eat

Game in the mountain

Just little token to show you my respect, look

Take it away

- It's very delicious -Take it away

Take it away

Take it away

This looks ugly

But it's very delicious

Take it away!

Okay, okay, I'll take it away

I'll cook it and bring it to you


Frog has many parasites in its body

You'll get sick

Besides they're useful insects

You should protect them

Let it go

Do you know how long it takes me?

It's very hard to catch so many frogs

Promise me, let them go

Okay, your call


Thank you

Your nose

Your nose is bleeding

I'm so hot, thank you


There's another one

I'll go then

- You're Li Minglang? -Hi, uncle Mike

- Hi -please sit

Uncle Mike

Dad always talk about you

It's my honor to meet you today

Right, I heard what happened to your dad

You must work hard

Help your dad and make your company prosper

Your dad is a diligent person

When I met him

He just started his factory

At that time, he is always dressed poorly

He eats and lives with his workers

You can't let him down

I know

I will do my best

You married yet?


Didn't bring your wife here?

Right, she needs to take care of your dad

Good wife

What's it?

You fight?


Recently, she...

She left


It's my fault

I didn't do well

I ignored her feelings a lot

It's your family, I shouldn't ask

But as your elder

I think if a man can't take good care of his own wife

He will never succeed in anything else

Woman are man's responsibility

Family is your career's supporter

Your dad is in bed

And you drove your wife away

Your mom will have a hard time

If things go on like this

Your family will be apart

I said so much things

You just nod and make a sound

Am I visiting you?

Or you're visiting me?

Look at you

Such a handsome man, so upset

Don't have any energy

This is not a man should be

Can you make a career?

I'm telling you

Young people with a career can't sacrifice their family

When your dad started with your mother

They're a great couple

They share hardship and happiness

Family harmony brings good fortune

Tell me

Why you come to see me?

I just want to talk with uncle

See if we can work together

Let me tell you

Since your father is not well

I was gonna visit you there

But now I don't have the mood to talk with you

Man I hate the most

Is a man who use work as an excuse

And ignore his family

Because I don't believe this kind of person

You should go and find your wife first

Then we will talk about the others

Uncle Mike, don't worry


I will find my wife

Do you have the confidence?


Right, that's right

Go. I'll leave first

Thank you

Miss, did you go into the wrong place?

No, I know it's men's lavatory

I want to ask you for a favor

A favor? What?

Help me escape from this hotel

Miss, did you get into some trouble?

Forget about that

Just tell me, you'll do it or not


Follow me, come

Come out

Okay, hurry, you should go

Before they see you

You helped me without even ask what I have done?

You're not afraid I might be a villain?

You don't like one

Okay, just for this

Let's be friends

- I'll go first- Okay

Hello, I want to see Li Minglang

Your president Li

Do you have an appointment?


No, just tell him I'm Lin Caocao, and he must see me

President Ning

- Miss Lin Caocao -Don't call me that

Okay, I know

Miss Liu, president Ning said you can go in there

President Ning? Is that Ning Xia?


I want to see Li Minglang, why I need to go through Ning Xia?



Minglang, Minglang


I came to see Minglang

We haven't seen each other for a while

I heard you're happy with Dahua

I'm happy for you too

Thank you

Please tell me where's Minglang

Here's the thing

I have announced to the board

Minglang will take a leave

But I don't know where he is right now

You don't know it either?

Why he won't answer my phone?

Maybe he is busy looking for Lily and Yunduo

Try again?

No impression. I don't think they have been here

Doctor, do me a favor

If you see them,

Call me instantly

This is my business card

The child need a doctor? What happened to her?

That child had autism

I heard you're the best doctor in this area

So I think she will take the child here

Actually, for this kind of disease

If it's not very serious, they don't need to see a doctor

Sometimes, just change her living environment

Or somewhere familiar to the patient will help

Somewhere familiar?

Like the place they used to live when they're young

It will be good for the patient

Okay, okay, I know, I know

Did you find Minglang?

No, I met Li Tian

He said he doesn't know where is Minglang either

What's going on?

First is Lily

Now Minglang?

Why weird things keep happening to Lis?

I also feel it's so weird

Minglang is missing

Why they're not worried?

Right. Just now

I got a call from Li Tian

Said he invited us to dinner tonight

Let's go and find out what's happening there

No way. Listen to me

I want to slap that evil third woman every time I see her

You go're sacrificing me alone?

Because we're a team

I won't choose anyone else

So you're saying

You have special feelings for me?


Hurry, hurry

Hey! Minglang, you finally show up!

Caocao, it's so strange

I can't find your number in my phone

Do you know where did sister's Zhou live?

Sister Zhou

Right, Yunduo's mother?

Er....I think it's...

Yunshan village in Yunshan town

I don't know the specific location

What? What happened?


Okay, thank you

Now you're worried! What did you do earlier?


Don't say special feelings or sort of

Tell me what exactly is feeling?

Lily and Minglang are together since they are young

They share hardship for years

Now what?

Quote Li Tian's words

Man are all wolves

Even that's true, I will be the Grey Wolf

But I'm lazy sheep

Fine, listen

Since you said that

I will go there alone

I will go up the mountain

Even I know it has tiger in there

I'm not afraid of you

Aunt Ding

When you cook the fish

Use less salt

Especially the Weever

Elder people should eat light food, got it?


Some people is sick, can't eat salty food

Caused all of us suffered with her

Who is sick?

You're not sick?

Why you fake sick and make us suffered?


Eat or not, whatever

Aunt Ding

She is in menopause, don't listen to her

Right, I want the steak medium-rare


President Liu, let's drink this one

Mom, I didn't mean you

I mean Dahua

He is president Liu now

No,no, first one I want to toast to aunt

Aunt, after I became a boss

I finally realized who hard you and uncle were

Although your president Liu can't compare to this president Liu

But congratulations anyway

It's a success

I'm really happy to have you back

We haven't had dinner with so many people around

Haven't got any news of Lily and Yunduo?

It has been a while

Right, they should had enough fun

And come back home by now

But haven't heard anything about them

Minglang is like a headless fly

Looking for them all over the world

Dahua, I remember Caocao and Lily are good friends

Ask her maybe she knows?

We don't know it either

To be honest

I thought you hide them

Where did Minglang go?

Li Tian, call Minglang again

I called

He said he will come back in two days

Madam, your steak

Aunt Ding, when do you come back?

President Ning hired me back

Dahua, you have worked hard here for so many years

Her scold had made cocoon in your ears, right?

- Aunt Ding -Yes, madam

Take this away

Give me something else


I just can't understand

Why Chinese also eat steak?

It's awful

Our old lady doesn't like western food?

Is that because you're too old

You can't eat that anymore?

What are you saying?

Who is old lady?

Call me mom will kill you?

Now you want me call me mom

I called you aunt and got scolded


You're such a ill-bred woman

You're doing this on purpose, right?

I'm telling you

Jiang Lily never disobedient me for even once

You should learn how to be a daughter-in-law

I don't know

You have droven away that obedient daughter-in-law

How hard it is to get alone with you? You have droven away that obedient daughter-in-law

How hard it is to get alone with you?

I can't anyway

Li Tian, do you hear what she said to me?

You should teach her the way

to be a good daughter-in-law

Mom, she just came

She doesn't know anything

She needs some time to fit in

I'm full

Aunt, aunt


When can you wake up

Talk with me

I really want you talk with me

I want you say something to comfort me

Such a nice daughter-in-law

I drove her away

What a nice family

It's becoming a madhouse

I'm...I'm such a jerk

I really shouldn't do that

Dachuan, wake up

Lily, Yunduo, come back

I know I'm wrong

I'll never treat you that way


I invited you here

So you can see how Lis are

Look, everything is in the place where it should ne

You will make the best judge

Because you use to live here

Your words will be the most impartial judgment

Quite good, quite good

It's all my wife's doing

I just need to pay her the money

Right? Sweetie?

Clean and tidy. Indeed


I always want to ask you something


Why you like Minglang?

You, her, her

Why you care about where Minglang is so much?

What did he give you?

I can give you the same thing as well

Tell me

I really admire you

Minglang loves you as his big brother

Don't lie to me

In your eyes, I'm just some rubbish

A loser, a defective good

You're just like my mother

Saying that you care about me, love me

You don't want me to do anything

In fact, you give Minglang everything

You think I'm a fool

You're drunk, drunk

Aunt Ding, aunt Ding, hurry,

Make...make some tea for Li Tian

He can use it as a hangover cure, come

- Mr. Li- I'm not drunk

I have never be this wake

I said it. No matter who is unkind to me

I will redouble it and pay you back

I will redouble it and pay you back

A man can live a life with full of failures

As long as he succeed one thing

He can die in peace

That is he educated his children right

If a man live a life full of success

If he failed in one thing

He won't close his eyes when he died

That is he failed in children's education


We didn't teach Li Tian well

Lily, Yunduo, where are you?

Come back, I miss you

I didn't know you are also a carpenter

This harsh living environment

We need to rely on ourselves

To be honest, the condition for learning here is really bad

Their textbooks are all recycled

They are all kids

But if they compare with those kids in town

The condition here is so harsh

They're so poor

So I'll do my best to help them

I wish there're more people can think like you

Don't worry

I have wrote some article about our school

And put it online

I hope that can draw more people's attention

Good idea

What happened?

- It's okay, just superficial- You're bleeding

Do you have a first-aid kit?

Yes, I have one in my dormitory

On the shelf, it's a white case

I'll get it

Thank you

You can play guitar, why you didn't say it earlier?

So we can teach them music

But the strings are broken

I will buy some new strings in town

My hand is injured, I can't play

You can play it when you're alright

No, forget it

If the kids know you can teach them to play guitar and sing

They'll be thrilled

I haven't played for years

I don't know if I can play it now

Why you stopped?

Seems I didn't tell you

Why I'm here teaching the kids here

You said you want to help those kids

That's not all

Actually, I grew up in a charity house're an orphan?

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