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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [韓国旅行]韓国ドラマに出そうな活気がある釜山ローカル市場[東菜市場-トンネシジャン] Korean Traditional Market Tour [Busan Dongnae Market]

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Today is the third day of our trip to Korea!

Time flies...

But I feel like second day of our trip to Korea! (Wasting a day because of a cold...)

Are you okay now?

I still have a sore throat.

He woke up this morning and said he had a sore throat.

But I don't have a fever and I have an appetite. No problem!

Do you have an appetite?

It's okay!

(I'm sorry that there is no Pusan Subscriber Meeting shooting video.) You really enjoyed the subscription meeting yesterday. How was it?

I had a lot of fun...

Thank you so much for coming yesterday.

I think it fits well with Korea.

Yeah, I think so, too.

Let's go sign a house!


Akagi Buy a House in Korea!

Today, we're going to shoot just one film!


Akagi Buy a House in Korea!

I don't rent it. I have to buy it. LOL

There is a very fancy place to travel in Busan today.

You said Busan is wide, right?

Yes, it's wide!

Is it too wide for Tokyo?

No! Busan is small!

What are you talking about?

Anyway, Busan is big, so let's go by subway!

Yes! That's where we're leaving from Busan Station!


Let's go!

Let go!

KTX is not moving. Because of on strike again today.

It's real.

Is this like Shinkansen?

Yes~ I can say it's.

I think it also would be fun to normal train.


There's food on the train.

Yes, there is Japan too.

What is Japan?

Japan is a lunch box, alcohol, etc.

In Korea, when I was young, I took a train. I used to buy boiled eggs and cider.

Boiled eggs and cider?


I used to eat a Franks sausage.

I don't think there's one in Japan.

I used to eat when I was a kid on the train.

I remember having so much fun.

Let's try it next time!

Okay! Next time!


It's a huge station.


Is that all right?

It's moving automatically.

Is that automatic?

No, kidding.

Oh no~

Busan Dongnae Station Arrival!

I'm not familiar with this place. I think you should be traveling with me.

Is Okun also first time here?



So I don't have any information...


No problem!

But I've been looking into the restaurants around here!

Ah~ You got the information about the restaurant!


Do any of the viewers know about here?

Dongnae Market in Busan

We're at Dongnae Market!

Dongnae Market~

Dongnae Market in Busan!

Let's take a look at what's there.

It's a real market.

It's a traditional market.

That's the best.

I think it will be in Korean drama.

Isn't this the drama set?

Can you act?

My clothes don't go well with this place.. LOL

My style is like a person who came to buy land.

Is it a long time since Okun came?

Yes! it is Nostalgic!

Is that right?


I see...

What kind of store is this?

This is~

Temple goods?

Yes~! Like that!

I've seen it in Japan, too

I see~



I've never seen anything like this before.

It's a work made with old backgrounds!

I think this mom bought two chickens! Because of Samgyetang.

Oh, I see.

Now go home, twist the chicken's neck and...

In the old days, did you kill the chicken yourself?

That's right. They'll pull out the chicken's hair.

OMG... I want to show viewers okun`s expression.

You pull out chicken hair with such a fierce look?

Like that??

What's he thinking?

I think he is crying because he is so hungry...

Maybe his mom didn't buy him any snacks at the market.


What do you think?

Um...He is smiling.

Ah! I get it!

His mom's going to the market to sell chickens. I think He is crying not to go!

[Why do you like her so much?] I think he's laughing while teasing.

What does it say?

The day we go to the market.

I bought two chickens and... Wait a minute!

There is one more baby!

There it is!

OMG! The hidden character...

Oh, you really like it.

I didn't know...

This mother looks really tired.

There was one more...

Good job, mom!

Good luck!

This is the old market, isn't it?


That's why there's such a thing. I'm studying now.

Korean people used to use this market a lot. But there are many large supermarkets now...

We will go to a big supermarket later. Let's compare the differences!

All right!

They sell snacks like this.

Is it the same as Japan [Okowa]?

I don't know what an [okowa] is...

It's a snack that sells to Asakusa in Japan.

It's also for a holiday ritual.

Oh, I see.

(She gave this for free...)

Thank you.

Thank you!

Try it~


Is it delicious?


Ah! It is the same as Japan!

What does it taste like?

It's like Caminari Okoshi.


They look the same.

It is yakgwa!

Oh! That's right!

It's made by dipping it in sauce.

First, fry it in oil and mix it with the sauce.

It looks a little different from what we bought and ate at the last station.

I think so~ This looks more luxurious.

She made it!

They sell chicken like this.

Is that what you just said?

Chicken for Samgyetang!

This is how they sell it!


Do you usually sell it at supermarkets like this?


Like this?


Isn't it better to sell at a market?

I think it's not different.

Oh? Really? LOL

This is the place where they sell many kinds of mixed grains!


Let's mix it together when we're making rice~

This is sesame oil!

I've seen this in Korean dramas!

They were angry like this, "Did you spill it on this expensive item?"?"

Mountain vegetables we ate on our first day? No! Seaweed!

Yes! Seaweed!

This is a loach!

I don't know what a loach is in Japanese...

Is there one in Japan?


Looking carefully

Don't be surprised.

Don't scare me.

I'm surprised...

This place is awesome... I feel like I am in a Korean drama.

I guess you can find a house to live in Korea while doing part time job here!

That's right! In order to adapt to Korea well, i have to work in that country, too!

Is this where the general public comes to shop?


Ah~ I love this market!

There's the green onions!




(Akagi is hungry now......) Is there any interesting store here?

interesting store?

I mean, we haven't eaten anything yet.

We're not eating anything today, are you?

It's not a concept that shows delicious food and doesn't let you eat it, right?

That's right~ Today's concept is Diet!

No way.

I'm hungry!

I'm very, very hungry

(Actually, I'm looking for a store...) Where is the store?

How did you feel when you saw the Korean market in Korean dramas?

I thought it was very energetic. It's true when i am actually here.

It's so big here...

It's wide.

There's still one over there.


It's really fun!

This is Yakult, right?

Yes. How about your part time job?

I've seen that in Korean dramas, too!

Is that right?

I'm a little touched. LOL

Should I do a part-time job?

In the old days, They used to drive their own hand car.

Oh, really? It's been changed recently?

Fashion center!

Fashion center!

This is a men's clothing store!


Wasn't that a woman's dress?

500 yen...

To better adapt to this, I think i should buy and wear clothes here.

I don't think this kind of outfit is appropriate.

That's right~!

I guess this is hot style!

This style...

Let's go!

I was thinking a little bit about what to do...


I don't know if I'm gonna buy it and you dress it.

But it's better to buy clothes that you can really wear.


But I want to buy a style of clothes that is not in Japan.

As a cultural experience of the another country...

Isn't it embarrassing to buy something weird?

Not at all.

You're going to buy it and throw it away without wearing it.

I'm not going to throw it away. I'm really going to wear it!


The Description of [韓国旅行]韓国ドラマに出そうな活気がある釜山ローカル市場[東菜市場-トンネシジャン] Korean Traditional Market Tour [Busan Dongnae Market]