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Today I wanted to talk about the general organization of the kitchen.

Like most French people, I love to eat and cook, and talk about food while Im eating!

When friends swing by, no matter the size of the living room, they always end up in the kitchen.

And because its a room that has a lot of activity, it requires serious organization.

So here are a few tricks years of impromptu hosting have taught me about how to make your

kitchen more efficient, no matter the size of the room.

On y va?

You may have heard of themagic triangle”.

Which is Cooker, Fridge and Sink.

And actually, my kitchen is a good example of what not to do, because the fridge is too

far away from that region.

It should be here, in the place of the hole, but I kept it so that the light could seep through.

So if you look at this picture here, this is the ideal situation you are looking for.

Its the most efficient to cook, clean and use on a daily basis.

Ideally, you want to have the tableware and cutlery that you use every day closest to

the dishwasher, and then all the things you use rarely, on special occasions, like decorative

items: put those in an area that is a little further.

If you dont have room in your kitchen, you can even put them in the living room,

on a credenza or a corridor...

So in terms of what to actually put next to your stove, I found that the ideal setup is this:

have a drawer with all your oils, the ones that you use most often when youre cooking,

another drawer with all your dry vegetables, all the stuff you dont refrigerate

-garlic, onion, potatoes...

And then a really nice drawer with all your utensils, and your spices.

And then a large drawer with all your pots and pans.

And that actually covers absolutely everything you need to actually cook.

The second thing I love to do, which I think brings clarity to closets, is to have things

in clear containers.

It stores them better, and avoids moths but also allows you to buy bulk and reduce the

insane amount of packaging we waste on a daily basis.

You can even have it in plain sight, or on a shelf and free more closet space for things less pretty.

It makes your closets so attractive, helps you improvise dishes, gives you unexpected ideas.

Besides, its so much more inspiring to see actual food rather than weird, aggressive packaging.

Separators are wonderful to organize drawers.

IKEA and so many companies make them now and I really recommend using lots of drawers.

I think they are way more handy than bottom closets; you dont have to bend over as much.

It makes grabbing and inserting easier.

I use drawers for food as much as I do for knives and forks.

My custom-made utensil drawer is my pride and joy.

I call it my serial-killer drawer.

So for those of you who have very small kitchens, orkitchenettes”, one way you can save

up space is by putting all your utensils on a curtain rod;

you hang them like that on a curtain rod.

Or you can put all your utensils in a vase, on the counter.

And then put your pots and pans on the curtain rod, attached with crochets.

It actually liberates a lot of room in your closets.

But if you do that, make sure that whatever you expose is of the same color or material.

Otherwise its too confusing to the eye and it kind of kills the effect.

Separating wood and metal elements is by the way a great tip if you want to improve the

esthetics of your kitchen and not spend any money.

I got the idea when I helped a friend move.

I put all the wooden cutting boards together with the wooden spoons and all the metal elements

-blender, metal utensils, water boiler and toaster- together.

And it immediately gave the space a certain look.

I also love to have artbooks in the kitchen.

Because its a place where we actually have time to enjoy them,

you know, when were cooking, with friends, over a glass of wine

And remember: the more beauty surrounds you, the more your will recognize beauty in ordinary things.


I hope this video has embellished your day.

If you have any questions or comments, by all means...

Id love to know what your experience in the kitchen has brought to light.

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