Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE DITTO - Movie Trailer

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-The sequel is way more sucky than the original movie.

-Shut up!

[wind whistling]

-We found something in the ice.

We think it's been here for over 100,000 years.

-Like a really old Popsicle?


-What flavor?

-I'm gonna take a tissue sample.

-You sure that's a good idea?


[drill whirring]

Congratulations, everybody.

This new discovery is gonna make us all very rich and famous.

-I'm going to spend all my money to learn how to speak English.

-(voice) Ditto!

-You guys hear that noise?

-Yeah, why don't you go check it out by yourself?

Don't take any sort of weapon, though.

Here, just take this.



Come on, guys. This isn't funny.

[squishing sounds]



-Someone was attacked last night,

so either one of us magically healed ourselves with a hyper-potion,

or one of us isn't who they say they are.

-This thing copies its prey.

It could be any one of us.

It could be you... or you...

or you...

or me!

I hope it's not me.

I think there's something different about Ian, man.

-No, there's not.

Watch, let me ask him a question only he would know.

Hey Ian, who's your favorite Pokemon?



-We can't let this thing escape.

If it does, millions could die.



Oh, please stop! Ahh...

[sobbing, groaning]

-I guess I never told you this, but...

I think you're pretty hot.


-You think I'm hot, too?

Sweet! I knew there was gonna be a sex scene in this movie.


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-Oh, oh!

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-Ditto! -Hey there, little guy.

Wha-what, what are you... -Ditto!

[crunching sounds, announcer yells]

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